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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid Real World MPG



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Let's stick to the mileage and avoid the personal conflicts please.

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  • pootlepootle Posts: 6
    Second that.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    edited December 2012
    So far my MPG is rock solid right in the range, 36-41. During the Summer it finally broke its cherry and started getting really good FE, up to 43 MPG for a long time, and now that the cold is back its in the 37-39 range again. I never drive it over 70, wastes gas if I do, but if I can get it in a grove doing 65, I can easily crack 50 MPG in it. I surprised myself one day and got 50.2 over a 65 mile trip.

    I also have a 2013 FFH, and sadly the old 2010 gets better MPG than the new one, by at least 2 MPG. Not too thrilled with the new one right now.
  • That's weird because consumer reports got 25mpg city 40hwy 34combined in the 1st gen fusion hybrid but 35city 41hwy 39combined in the new one
  • podpod Posts: 176
    I have a 2010 MilanI4 (2.5L) automatic and have consistently recorded 31-33 mpg average (measured miles/ measured gallons) in mixed driving which only include 5-10% stop and go city but does include 60% residential (non-highway) driving. On the highway I estimate that I get about 36-37 mpg going 67 mph in mostly flat terrain (the computer says 37-39).
    I am not a hypermiler or slow driver but I am a realtively slow accelerater. From a light it may take me 8-10 secs to get up to 50-55 mph residential traffic which does not seem to bother the traffic patterns at all (people are not tailgating me and swearing at me). The car cost $18.8 new and I have put only 29,000 miles on it.
    It is a great handling, tight, quiet car. The only maintenance has been oil filter and oil change and tire rotation every 5000 miles ( a package at local ford dealer for $30 per service). I changed the air filter at 15,000.
    If economy is the principal reason that you are considering a hybrid, consider how many years or miles it would take to "pay off" the difference between a new hybrid and an outgoing 2012 fusion 4 cylinder ICE model without the (mainly unnecesary even stupid gismoes) say in the trim level just above base trim. Yes the 2013 looks different (better to most; meh to others) but how much is a pretty face worth? Going hybrid requires many many city miles to get pay back on the purchase price difference.
    My conclusion is that city driver who see lots of stop and go are the major beneficiaries of hybrids. Other drivers are unlikey to see a cost benefit for many many years if ever. There is no ICE that does well in stop and go traffic even with the newer stop/start technology which is obtrusive in its early execution.
    Fortunately the lower trim Fusions have all engineering excellence of the gussied up models and handle as well. In fact, I would not even consider buying a car with screens that need to be read and that would take my eyes off the road. Never. Ever. I expect that in time the NHTSB will ban such screens after they are proven to cause accidents. If economy is your aim consider the lower trim Fusion 2012s which are nicely incentivized and getting better all the time as they are fewer left on the lots.
  • ruralvoiceruralvoice Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    I have had my hybrid for about one and a half years now, and am quite satisfied with the mileage and performance. Year round, my long term mileage is 42.9 MPG and the short term is about 43.0. I do drive hybrid style to get that mileage as that was the purpose in me getting the car. I wanted to save money on gasoline. I don't drive fast, probably about 60MPH and ensure I am in the right lane so as to not block folks. In the city I drive about 47MPH, and do very well. I am cognizant of the energy saved up during breaking and try to ensure I use it to my advantage.

    I have tested both 87 and 93 octane in the tank, and 93 does give very slightly better mileage, but almost imperceptible. We have a gas station in town that has gasoline with no ethanol, and that does provide a noticeable, but small, improvement in mileage (but it is not always convenient to go there to fill up). I would use that gas all the time if I was close to the station.

    All on all this is one of the best vehicles I have ever had, so far.
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