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2011 Sonata Tire Problems



  • I ALWAYS take a car for a test ride befoe I spedn over $20K-and the tires were okay until they started to get broken in-alignment done after one year and no change but it isn't THAT bad-just they could have done better wiht a tire selection-the newer ones have Michelin's on them I saw at the dealer
  • Okay, time for me to chime in. I have a 2011 SE 2.0T, got it in May. I now have 52,200 miles on it with the original Hankook 431's. I have only rotated once. I have 8/32's remaining on the rears and 6/32's remaining on the fronts. Low profile 18's will be slightly harsher riding and noiser...that's the price you pay for PERFORMANCE. I do have nitrogen in the tires, that will help with tire wear and will be more consistent with ambient temp changes. My tires are wearing evenly all the way across with no probs. Tho I now drive for a living, using the car (and my Harley), I have been in the tire and auto service buisness in the past. Most oem tires are step or 2 below premium tires on the market, it's a way for car manufact. to keep costs down. My car has been aligned once, but you should check it twice a year. Driving condittions and driving style have a direct affect on your tires; I feel like I should'nt even have to mention this. when I was in the tire biz, I found most problems were due to operator failure to properly maintain vehicle. That is all.
  • I agree... You shouldn't have tp spend $600.00 on a good set of tires.... Also we had a problem with the paint coming off the steering wheel. I didn't feel the quality was there... We sold our 2011 Sonata for a new Toyota. :mad:
  • 2009 Hyndai Sonata driver who experienced the same bad tires and "pull left" affects that others on this site have reported, and not happy to have paid nearly $900 to buy better tires...though results are measurably beter with Michelin. Hyndai should be in many car owners' cross hairs...they're selling inferior equipment, know it, and deny it...based on my 3 visits to the deal since I bought my car 30 months ago. TJL
  • the dealer I have here in N.C> has been really good to me and fixed anything that went wrong-nothing major-horn didn't work-needed a new one, brake light swtich which is common on this car it seems so that pressing the start button had no effect-my daughter, who has a Honda and lives up in N.Y. has had horrible service and lots of problems-go figure-never buy a car made on Monday they say!!!
  • I'm a 2009 Hyundai Sonata driver who experienced the same bad tires and "pull left" affects that others on this site have reported, not to mention chronic low pressure warnings and utterly ineffective efforts on the part of two Huyndai dealers to identify or help resolved these irritating issues that had been occurring since the day I drove my new car off the lot in August 2009. Not at all happy to have paid nearly $900 last month to buy better (Michelin) tires after only 33,000 very troubling miles on same very bad factory-installed tires from Hyundai's national rubber-making partner. Results are measurably better with Michelin--which only affirms how poor the Korean tires were--but the car still does not hold the road as well as those old Ford SUVs I had been driving the previous 16 years. Hyundai rightfully belongs in the cross hairs of many of their car owners. Hyundai is deliberately selling inferior equipment, they know it, and based on my personal experience during three visits to two nearby Huyndai dealers in my neighborhood, Hyundai is deliberately "steering" their customers away from what they know to be true. Shameful, perhaps to the point of warranting a class action suit. I can't believe it took me this long to seek out this blog to learn the truth! Much obliged I'll take it from here. TJL
  • Understand you're happy with routine Hyundai repairs, but wouldn't you agree that bad "tires" are a serious safety hazard and any company (remember the problems Firestone a few years back) that knowingly permits its customers to drive on defective tires should be held accountable? TJL
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    I can totally understand the frustration with buying a new vehicle that has lousy, cheap-o tires on it, but I'll tell you that it's not just Hyundai. Even some of the models that come with tires from a big brand name turn out to be lousy - it's one of those areas that some manufacturers cheap out on because consumers aren't likely to notice when they're purchasing.

    If your tires were truly defective (rather than just cheap & lousy by design), then it's a shame your dealership didn't do more to help you out.

    Just be aware that when looking at purchasing vehicles, you should check out the tires & the reputation of that particular model of tires, because we see a LOT of complaints about poor quality tires. My vehicle came with Continentals, which you'd think would be OK, but they were hideously noisy. However, i knew that when I bought the vehicle and planned my budget to accommodate replacement ASAP.

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  • This is the second post you have made that excoriates (look it up) Hyundai due to "bad factory installed tires" You feel outraged about having to replace the tires on a 2009 car with "only 33,000 miles"? Not happy to have to spend $900 for what appear to be, given the price, upper end Michelins and are STILL not happy even with these? Still complaining that "the car does not hold the road as well" as the clumsy SUV's you drove for years? Couple that with the same chronic low tire pressure warning problems that all manufacturers have had to put up with since the good ole' US govmint mandated manufacturers install these on all vehicles since.... irony anybody?...the same Ford SUV's you seem to love rolled over frequently and caused extreme injury and death to their occupants. And the capper is that the dealer, no two dealers, couldn't eliminate the tire wear for you. Yeah lets initiate a class action suite. People generally have a valid complaint if major bad things happen, as they tend to do somtimes on things really complex like a car and if a really large number of owners tend to have that same major bad thing happen AND if the dealer can't/won't remedy it. Then possibly consider a class action suite. Save the threats of a class action suite for important things not tires that happen to wear out. Geeez!!
  • mikedef62mikedef62 Posts: 2
    edited February 2012
    Kumho's were unimpressive. First 15K on my 2011 Sonata GLS was fine, but the treading wore pretty quickly, considering the warranty is for somewhere along the lines of 50k miles. Be lucky to get anything near that. I had to replace after 30k miles because of a nice big crack in the rib on the front left tire. Ended up spending some extra money and sized up and got Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval AS tires. Highly recommend. Low Noise, great traction and great dry and wet braking.
  • My Sonata has had all the tires replaced. The noise is gone, however, the pull to the left remains. More pronounced on the left crown of the road but it sill does it on the right crown. The Goodyear's Assurance, I replaced the OE tires with, have been great. No noise, no uneven wear. No nitrogen in this set and I think my MPG have shown it, 32.5 mpg vs 33.25.
  • lorisolalorisola Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    My 2012 Sonata had a several recalls - now my car has bald tires - Hyundai claims the air pressure had nothing to do with it - Even though I am under 100% warranty thee claim it is not their fault - Air pressure light came on weekly, I put air in my tires weekly - Allen Laguna Niguel states it was just a sensor problem. They reset my sensor system and completed a recall on the alignment. Steve Blaker now refuses to work on my car. They ordered a new guard but decided I have to go elsewhere. I spent 28,000 on July 5, 2011 at Allen Hyundai in Laguna Niguel- what happened to 100% warranty? This is only the start.......
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    The 10/100,000 mile warranty is clearly labeled "Powertrain Protection". I'm not so sure the "what happened" comment should be applied to the Hyundai side of the equation here.

    If there's a problem with something else (other than wear items), your warranty is 5/60,000.

    Wear items like tires and brake pads are not warrantied. If you did, in fact, air your tires every week, I'd have to agree with the dealer that the air pressure had nothing to do with your tires wearing out. Most car manufacturers install whatever tires they can find at a good price on their new cars. That generally means the original equipment tires won't last a long time. You haven't said how many miles the tires lasted. Your driving style is very important in tire longevity along with the tire compound. Just as a guess, if you're not getting good gas mileage on the car, your driving style is probably affecting both the tire and gas mileage.

    I certainly don't agree with the dealership not wanting you as a customer unless, of course, there's been some unpleasantness in the relationship.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    dealers do not warranty the tires-the tire manufacturer does.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    In most cases, OEM tires (the tires that come installed from the factory) carry no treadwear warranty. They have a warranty that is different than the warranty for "replacement" tires.

    For example, Kumho and Hankook both have a specific warranty for "replacement" tires that you would purchase from a tire dealer. The warranty for their OEM tires is totally different (and is limited to what is in the Kumho or Hankook booklet that comes with the car when you buy it.)

    For tire issues, check out the booklet that the tire manufacturer included with the the vehicle and work directly with the tire manufacturer or one of their authorized tire dealers.

    As far as a Hyundai dealer refusing to work on your vehicle, that is something you should address with Hyundai Consumer Affairs. Call them and calmly explain your situation. They may be able to make a couple of calls on your behalf and help get the dealer issue resolved.
  • Yes - I just replaced mine up here in Canada at around the same mileage to the new Michelin MXV4's, V-Rated tires. No Problems at all. The Factory Michelin rubber is garbage. The suspension I was worried about as well, so I had the front brakes tightened up a year ago and have never had a problem. From what I've read on other forums you can swap out the suspension for a more sport tuned package, but this something that could ultimately cause traction issues. Ultimately this is a 50/50 shot unless you can find a reliable suspension place to deal with.

    Had this car on the highway yesterday trimming 190 km/hr with no problems at all. Had to test out the tires ... lol ... ;)
  • abdobabdob Posts: 2
    Same exact problem what did you end up doing?
  • skip1744skip1744 Posts: 6
    I had all 4 wheels aligned at the dealer and installed 4 new Michelin tires. Dealer actually had a deal with Hyundai and Michelin and he had the best price I could find. that was a year ago and no problems since.
  • lcevenlceven Posts: 4
    Dropped $600+ on four Goodyear Assurance, 20K miles on them and no issues to date.

    I will not take my vehicle to the dealership for any non-warranty service, ie oil change, alignments and such.

    Moreover, as I consider my next vehicle purchase, I will be putting Hyundai, towards the bottom of the list. :shades:
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    Hey targettunig, can you see now why I got out of the tire and auto service biz? I could not stand trying to educate the growing # of morons flooding the auto market. The more info there is out there for us, it seems, the less educated people seem to be.
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