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1999 Chevrolet Silverado

danz28danz28 Posts: 19
edited March 1 in Chevrolet
What does anyone know about the new 1999 Chevy
I am interested in one and want to know such
things as if they are getting the LS1 V8 , etc.


  • I have heard a few things about the 99's.. The 5 liter is no more. It will be replaced by a 4.9 liter v-8.. The 4.3 liter is said to be replaced by a 215 hp 3.8 liter Generation IIII both are based on the new LS1 engine. And the cast iron LS1 will make an appearance and a big one at that... you will have to wait and see..
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    I heard that Chevy might be getting a Catapiller diesel engin for 1999. That would make thing more interesting in the big 3 competition.
  • deiseldeisel Posts: 16
    There is nothing wrong with the detroit deisel
    that they have now its their fuel injector pumps
    that they have to fix they are now on the fourth
    re-design when my truck is not in the shop nothing
    touches it on the road. Loaded down hauling a trailer over the mountains in Kentucky never overheated cruised past the big guys and still got
    16-18 mpg. Its everything else except the engine
    that falls apart!!
  • Does anyone know a location where I can view the 1999 Chevy truck? What does it look like? What features are different? When will it be offered?
  • MORE INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New engines-
    4.8L v-8 255 hp
    5.3L V-8 265 hp
    6.0L V-8 300 hp!!! 350 ft/lb of TORQUE!! equal to Dodge V-10!!

    Ive seen pictures and if you are thinking about a Ford or Dodge, WAIT!!!!! BELIEVE ME!! The GMC SIERRA is exceptionally great!
  • When will the new chevy and GMC be offered. I am in need of new truck but would like to wait.
  • I've seen sketches in Wards Auto World. The only thing that seems bad about this truck is that there is going to be NO option for a 4th door on extended cabs, only 3. The truck will make it's official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January , and it seems like it will be available for sale in early fall of 98.
  • maplemaple Posts: 16
    Get a copy of Motor Trends new magazine, Truck Trend. it has pictures and all kinds of data.
  • Food for thought:
    The C/K line will be all new, available this fall,
    however, dealers will NOT be dealing for at least
    6-9 months which brings you to about the 2000 model year.
    The advice of one:
    If your waiting, don't. Lease a RAM Quad Cab for
    two years and then investigate the '00 C/K series. It'll have a model year of refinement, which it will most definately need and offer four doors.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Well, let's see now. Better brakes, more power with better fuel economy, more cab room, and at last a decent set of back-up lights. Now if GM can get the price back down out of the stratosphere, the C/K and GMC's might be a really great group of trucks!!!
  • rite3rite3 Posts: 69
    If you want to see pictures of the 99 online,I have found them in a few places. The best ones are of course at the chevy spot, Which is chevrolets home page. There are a couple pics at microsofts carpoint site under the NAIAS feature. The only thing I really dislike about the new styling is that scalloped rocker panel. It would be nice to have the four doors, But not absolutely neccesary.
  • The pictures that I have seen of the new truck
    look like crap, what are they trying to do ?

    They have the best truck out there and now they
    are going to ruin the looks of it trying to get
    into that dodge/ford/s10/toyota look .. ... ..

    If they change it like that, I guarantee that myself and my family will never buy a chev or
    gmc again and we have been devoted followers all
    of our lives !
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    Actually, the knock from many people on the new Chevy is that they did not change the appearance enough. Chevy has countered this argument by saying that it was there intention to not make the drastic changes that Dodge and Ford made. It still intentionally maintains the boxiest look of the Big Three. I'm guessing you were being a little sarcastic that you would jump ship on Chevy and buy a Dodge, Ford, or foreign vehicle based on body style alone?

    I know you dislike Fords, but I am curious if you've seen the new 1999 Superduties that are replacing the 3/4 heavy duty and 1 ton models? The body style is significantly different from the new F-150 models. I'd be interested to get some constructive feedback from someone who would be starting off with a predisposed negative opinion rather than the typical Ford lover who is likely to favor Ford over Dodge or Chevy regardless of what changes are made to the truck. There is a good article with photos at that highlights some of the changes. The heavy duty line appears to be totally rebuilt for the first time in about 15 years.

    I noticed in your other posting in "Chevy/GMC owners" that Ford doesn't even make your list. I'm curious as to what particularly really turned you off and why? Towing? Gas engine? Diesel engine? Durability? Payload? Off road? I've been a satisfied Ford owner for years, but I've also got friends who are satisfied Chevy and Dodge owners. My dad pulls a 35 foot fifth wheeler with his Ford 1 ton diesel and has no complaints, although the consensus from a lot of people is that the Cummins is the best diesel for the long haul. I've heard that Chevy has had some problems with their diesel, but they may have worked them out in the 1999 model. As for durability, I've heard that a lot of fleet owners won't prefer not to use the Dodge trucks because of past problems with body sags when hauling heavy loads on a regular basis. I've also heard of some questions of durability on the Dodges in consistent "off road" use. As for the Chevy, the gas engines and the overall durability of the trucks have a strong reputation. Ford does seem to have quite a few of the "best or first in class" rankings when it comes to towing and payload. Let me know what you think about the Truckworld article on the new 1999 Ford Superduties.
  • dmjdmj Posts: 1
    I agree a lot with Iamstudent in regards to the new trucks in general; the new sloped look is coming out in every new truck it seems like. I will go for that sloped look for the medium style trucks, but for the big boys, I want the box-styled look. The sloped style seems to me that they look baby. They do not have that powerful look that I like in a big truck. I think that the new trucks are not as durable as the older style ones. They have 4X4 ability for driving in the snow, not through mud on the farm. I see the truck as becoming a show vehicle with all the comforts of a car for two people with a really big open trunk. I would like to hear some opinions on the durability of these new sloped looks with the older style boxy looks.
  • rite3rite3 Posts: 69
    Dont be fooled by what you think chevy is doing to their whole line of trucks this year.The F150 was a knod to the personal use market and the body lines and carlike ride and interior show that. The posts remind me of the the time on or about the F150's debut. People getting upset about having to face driving a truck they really didnt feel would suit their personal needs or taste. Chevy will be watching as they allways are and I cant help but wonder what is actually on the drawing board for the over 8600 GVW trucks. I dont think it will be the silverado though.
  • HP -- 300
    Torque 450 ftlb
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    According to various reports, the Chevy Silverado will NOT have a 4-door extended cab - just the 3 door. On the othet hand, the GMC Sierra will have 4 doors to maintain its "upmarket" image. This will make Chevy seem like a low-grade truck compared to the 1999 Ford 4-door SuperCabs and the 98 Dodge Quad Cabs, which are available on every weight class (Ford will add the 150 and light-250 this fall to the 4-door ranks).

    This, combined with the laclk of styling change, will cost Chevy some sales. And GMC used to sell twice as many pickups as Dodge, now they self half the humber of Rams. Add the fact there is no big block for at least a year (they discovered the 454 doesn't fit under the new shorter hood, so they have to make a new engine), and the 2500s and 3500s are delayed a year as well, and GM will have only the novelty sales of a new truck to sustain them this fall. Dodge and Ford will be limited only by their plant space in terms of full-speed production for people who need a full line of trucks and engines that are available "now".

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  • cho143cho143 Posts: 1
    I'm looking for one and wish I could see what they look like?
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    The Microsoft "Carpoint" sight has a few pictures of the 1999 Silverado from a January autoshow. I think there are only three pictures. Those are all that I could find.
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