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2012 Toyota Venza



  • juxtojuxto Posts: 16
    I believe it's an industry term. My 2002 Ford Taurus had puddle lamps.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    The 'puddle lamp/light' nomenclature is an industry term. The info I quoted regarding the 2013 Venza features was from the toyota pressroom website. I don't make things like that up and certainly wouldn't pass on erroneous information. That feature is not considered a luxury but is common on many mid-line vehicles. I had a 2005 Ford Freestyle Limited that had puddle lamps that illuminated when I pressed the unlock button on the remote.

    Of course you could always look up puddle lamp/light on the internet to get a more official explanation.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    I thought it was interesting that it was built into the mirror. The few I've seen were build into the doors.

    All this time I thought they were called that to illuminate puddles by the doors. :shades:

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  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Why are not the puddle/turn/marker lights ALL integrated into the BOTTOM of the side rear view mirrors such that turn signal can be seen from the front and/or back..?
  • josave50josave50 Posts: 5
    The recommended oil is synethic for the 2012 Toyota Venza v6. Will using non synthetic oil void the warranty?
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