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Lexus CT 200h Lease Questions



  • Hey is there anyway you can either PM me or email me? I am looking at the same car at the same dealership.

    thank you
  • bayoyongbayoyong Posts: 5
    How did you get it for that low? Purchase or lease?
  • bayoyongbayoyong Posts: 5
    You seem to know what you're talking about. Can you explain all the terms you used? Looking at a CT lease. Seems like you got a great deal...close to what we are trying for.
  • bayoyongbayoyong Posts: 5
    We are trying to find the best lease on the CT200 and have gone back and forth with one dealer. From what I read, it's best to negotiate the price before telling them you want to lease. But with the nationally advertised lease price going on right now, I went in telling them straight up that's why I came in. Does that hurt me?

    What's the best way to negotiate a lease?
  • bayoyongbayoyong Posts: 5
    Oh..and how did you negotiate that?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    No email addresses in the forums!

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ct200hownerct200howner Posts: 15
    edited July 2013
    He had to put $3,000.00 down on the lease... Not a good idea to put so much down on a lease. If the car gets stolen or wrecked beyond repair, your down payment is gone... I only put inceptions down when I got my lease... $1404 total to pickup car... includes $700 acq fee, $269 dealer ripoff doc fee, $325.00 NJ MV fee for 5 years, $114 for all weather lexus mats. MSRP was $37,509. My MF was 0.0001.. 27 months/15k/yr $287 per month it comes out to almost the same deal with mines being a little better as i got all weather mats and my msrp was a little higher with a lot lower down payment during pickup. I just pay a higher per montly lease fee and get to keep the down payment in my bank instead of giving it to the dealer...
  • cw30000cw30000 Posts: 9
    What was the price you negotiated the car to and what is the resident value used?

  • ct200hownerct200howner Posts: 15
    edited July 2013
    It was about $32,500 before rebates, plus I also got $1750.00 and $500.00 loyalty rebate on top.. The rebates are taxable in NJ... My residual is mid $25k... I forget the exact number as i am not home now... I also don't plan on buying the car so the residual is not very important to me.. The most important was getting the 15k miles per yr. and 27 months as I like to change cars every 2 years or so...
  • si1252000si1252000 Posts: 1
    Hi Bayoyong, are you getting your deals in the bay area? We would like to lease one too, for base model, dealer is advertising $299, $1000 drive off, 27 Mons, 10000 miles, can you please share the deal you got so far? Thank you
  • eric1032eric1032 Posts: 4
    I am in LA and got offered $270 before tax, 999 down, 27 month, 10k lease. This is for the base mode at 33750.

    haven't been told the drive off yet because I wasn't committing. but if I can get them to waive the acquisition fee and other crazy fee, only paying tax & license + 999 down. I think it's a good deal.

    I am really curious on the other poster's deal, 37000 msrp and got a 259 that for real?
  • eric1032eric1032 Posts: 4
    hi Car-Man,

    what's the MF and residual currently for CT200 on 27 month lease with 10K per year.

    thanks in advance.
  • eric1032eric1032 Posts: 4
    I am in southern California.
  • jayhawk93jayhawk93 Posts: 2
    CarMan, what are the july money factor and residual for a 27mo and 36mo lease for the Lexus CT200 in Cincinnati, OH?
  • bayoyongbayoyong Posts: 5
    Best deal I got on a Lexus CT 200h was 3500 down and 250/mo. Went to multiple dealers. Some wouldn't touch that. Others said they could only match it. Knew that was the best they could do. Ended up getting a loaded Civic for 1500 down and 230/mo. Kinda wish I had a hybrid, though. Civic is ok on gas mileage. But nowhere near 40-45.
  • What are the money factors and residuals in Ohio for. 27 and 36 month lease respectively? Thanks!
  • gusflogusflo Posts: 2
    Carman, would you please tell me the August money factor and residual for CA on a 36 mo. lease with 12k miles per year?
  • Hi CarMan,

    What are the Lease Money Factors and Residual Values for a 2013 Lexus CT200h in California for 12,000 miles per year and 36 months and 39 months? This is for some one who has 800+ credit.

  • just put a $500 deposit for a 2013 CT200 Base model, waiting for delivery mid-week.

    $999 out of the door (includes tax), $299 per month (includes tax) , 27 month (with option to extend 6 more month), 10k per year.

    Hope this helps.
  • I have not leased in the past until recently a Lexus dealer salesman mentioned it to me due to "special rebates" with leasing only ($1500 rebate on the new 2013 RX450h and $1750 PLUS first month lease payment "FREE" on the new 2013 CT200h).

    The "MANAGER" said I can get the additional REBATES ONLY if I LEASE. Then he said I can call up the Lexus Financial something like 6 months down the road and ask for a PAY OFF and I can then either pay off these two leases with cash or just refinance these two on my own. This way I will get the rebates noted above. I think there is a "CATCH" somewhere and I just don't know it yet. Anyone can enlighten me on this will be greatly appreciated !!!

    Here is what I have negotiated so far on the new 2013 RX450h (brand new and not a demonstrator or a loaner vehicle):

    2013 RX450h 4X2 with --------------------------------------------------- MRSP of $46310.00
    1. Sport Appearance Package with 19 inch F Sport Wheels ------- MRSP of $1100.00
    2. Comfort Package -------------------------------------------------------MRSP of $825.00
    3. 12 speaker Premium Audio Package (grouped in with other options)
    ------------------MRSP of $0.00
    4. Xenon High Intensity Discharge Headlamps -------------------------MRSP of $515.00
    5. Navg. System w/Voice Command, Backup Camera, Lexus Enform
    and etc...... ---------------------------------------------------------MRSP of $2775.00
    6. Intuitive Parking Assist --------------------------------------------------MRSP of $500.00
    7. Premium Package w/Blind Spot Monitor System, Leather, Moon Roof
    and etc............ ----------------------------------------------------MRSP of $2570.00
    8. Wood & Leather Trimmed Steering Wheel & Shift Knob ------------MRSP of 330.00
    9. Cargo Net, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks and Key Gloves --------------MRSP of $255.00
    10. Delivery Processing and Handling -----------------------------------MRSP of $910.00
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
    TOTAL MSRP OF $56090.00

    The BEST PRICE I could negotiate thus far is $49200.00 (This is "cash price". Meaning if I just pay cash or get my own financing or Lexus Financing it is $49200.00 PLUS Tax/Tag/governmental fees).

    If I "LEASE" this vehicle I will get ADDITIONAL $1500.00 OFF to bring it to $47700.00

    Here is the LEASE DEAL I was quoted thus far (they checked my credit and I do have excellent credit and is tier ONE):

    No money down (except for the $1500 REBATE), Advanced Payments $684.09, Upfront Charges $545.21, Total Cap Reduction $250.70, Due on Delivery is $0.00 (ZERO). Monthly payment is $684.09 for 24 months (Base monthly of $633.42 + Tax of $50.67 = Monthly Payment of $684.09). Residual Amount is $37019.40 with "MONEY FACTOR/RATE" of 0.00085. Annual Mileage of 10,000.


    On the NEW 2013 CT 200h ..................

    MRSP of $31850.00

    1. Premium Package with Navg ......... --------------------------------- MRSP $890.00
    2. Leather Package...... -------------------------------------------------- MRSP $1930.00
    3. HDD Navigation System Backup Monitor, Lexus Enform ....... --- MRSP $2735.00
    4. Intuitive Parking Assist ----------------------------------------------- MRSP $500.00
    5. Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks & Key Gloves -------------- MRSP $263.00
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

    TOTAL MRSP $39063.00

    I was able to negotiate thus far a CASH PRICE of $36200.00

    If I "LEASE" then I will get additional $1750.00 OFF and LEXUS FINANCIAL will pay the first month's lease payment.

    Here is the LEASE I was quoted:

    NO MONEY DOWN, Total Cash and Rebates of $1750.00, Advanced payment of $430.08, Upfront Charges of $1253.84, Total Cap Reduction of $496.16, Due on Delivery is $0.00 (ZERO), Monthly payment is $430.08 for 24 months (Base Monthly Payment of $389.22 + Tax of $31.86 = $430.08), Money Factor/Rate is 0.00085, Annual Miles is 10,000.


    Should I just get a loan at 1.9% (with Lexus Financial on the RX450h) and 0.9% (with Lexus Financial on the CT200h) VERSUS lease on these two deals?

    I have excellent credit (TOP TIER ONE) and already approved for these two loans at my credit union anyway, but at 1.98% which is slightly higher than Lexus Financial.

    Anyone can enlighten me on the above two deals?

    What am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance.
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