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Ford Explorer - My Ford Touch issues



  • The poor microphone sound was one of the many problems I encountered with an IPhone 4. That was the smallest problem I had with MFT. Have you given the Bluetooth Media a workout yet? Mine nervier worked properly. It was like starting all over each day I turned on the Bluetooth and USB ports. Mixed messages would say "searching for phone" and lock up while on the same screen it showed it was connected. I would touch " my services" for directions I had already uploaded and had maybe a 50percent chance of the download failing. I have had inboard nav and turn by turn from MFT and found the turn by turn perfect and always up to date for a fraction of the nav original cost and updates
    Good luck with the media as mine never worked.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    A reporter would like to speak to car owners who use Chrysler Uconnect, Cadillac CUE or Ford's MyFord/MyLincoln Touch. If you use any of these telematics systems, please send your daytime contact information to no later than November 20, 2012 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET.

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    "Ford is extending the warranty and offering another upgrade that enhances the voice-recognition and navigation technology on its much-criticized MyFord Touch infotainment system, Mark Fields, soon to be the automaker's chief operating officer, told reporters Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

    The warranty on the MyFord Touch system will now last for five years, up from three years. MyLincoln Touch will carry a six-year warranty, said Ford spokesman Alan Hall."

    Ford to extend warranty, update software for MyFord Touch (Detroit Free Press)

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  • Hello all of you people like me who have been told by Ford Customer Service that all of the problems we have encountered with Ford Touch and Sync were our imagination, phones, updates and any other garbage to appease you. The CEO of Ford has waved him wand and extended your warranties to 5 years ! What is that supposed to do, extend the aggravation and frustration? Maybe he has heard people say how dangerous it must be to have buyers driving around with a control system that is defective. What about the 40k plus and total waste of time dealing with Customer Service, not the dealer, Ford Corporate? If this forum allows me I will publish their names and contact information for the benefit of all of you unfortunates like me. I only hope that I get contacted by someone at Ford corporate to make me whole for my time, money and incredible frustration.
    I believe Ford owes us. When I purchased my 2012 Explorer Limited not one person at the dealership told me about all of the problems they have been experiencing. Not even a mention. That Is criminal to me to knowingly market and sell anything that simply put doesn't work!
    So now the Wizard of Oz steps in and grants an extended warranty due to their issues! Are you kidding me? Have they fixed it? No they have not. What a joke!
    Can you spell class action? Ford management please respond.
  • I was contacted by a reporter for Bloomberg Business Week and I am quoted in an article about the Ford technology problems. It seems Ford is the worst of all the companies because they rushed the system without thorough testing. The link is . Now my vehicle is at the dealer.....again. This time Ford customer service is all over it. They say they are replacing the APIM or whatever and also replacing the SD nav card, as well as doing the software update. We'll see.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    Bad link?

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  • Ford customer service, Allison and Heather, really took an interest in helping me resolve the problems. My dealer, Englewood Ford in Englewood , NJ worked on the car this week. They replaced the APIN unit(whatever that is) installe a new SD Nav card and did the most recent software update. I am happy to report that MFT is so far working great! I would advise anyone having trouble with MFT to call the customer service number in your manual and let them help you.
  • f18aocf18aoc Posts: 1
    I have an iPhone 4S and have not had any issues with it. I had read this review prior to taking possession of my 2013 Explorer so I made sure to ask my wife if I sounded normal when I called her via the Sync and she said she heard me just fine. Sorry to hear you are having issues with yours. I've only had the vehicle for a week now so call quality might possibly degrade over time. I will keep an ear out for that.
  • We have had our 2013 Ford Explorer XLT for 3 days and are experiencing the same issue. It is almost as if the microphone is faulty. We have connected an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 with no improvement.
  • I bought my 2012 Explorer XLT in Sept. of 2011. At the time I thought it was the best decision I had ever made; finally a reliable vehicle! Well not 10 days later did I have to bring it to the service department for a Sync issue. That wasn't the only time of course, I've brought back countless times since. I've given up trying to use the turn by turn directions as it doesn't understand me to even give me the correct directions. I've also now use a headset for when I need to be on the phone. I've gotten numerous complaints from people who I'm speaking to on the other end that they cannot hear or understand me and that there is a lot of road noise. Not only am I having countless issues with Sync, but also have had very expensive repairs that have needed to be done (thank goodness it's under warranty), from coolent fan needing to be replaced; most recently I've had to replace an axel. The truck is just a year old. Should I be having this many issues? I have been actually weighing the possibility of trading it in for a completely different vehicle!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have only had Touch issues with mine, and it has improved with each upgrade they have provided. There is another one out now that I'm going to be doing this week. It may totally resolve the issues finally. Microsoft made Touch just like they make their Windows software - with lots of bugs, but it's getting pretty good now.

    As far as all the other issues, that's not normal and also not comforting to the owner, I know. I'd be concerned. If it continues to have issues, don't keep this car outside of warranty! Get a new car. You may have a "lemon", or at least a sweet lemon.....

    I've been really pleased with my Explorer - it's my 8th one, and the best in a long time. Mechanically, no issues at all. Only a couple of cosmetic repairs needed, minor and completed easily under warranty. We love how it drives and the room is great. Features are second to none.
  • I purchased a new 2013 ford explorer. Great vehicle trim, engine and ride. The ford sync for the past 5 months has not worked better than 20% of the time. The navigation consistently cannot compute a destination, it tells you where you were not where you are. The clock also has the wrong time every time you get in the car but figures out the correct time after 10 minutes or so. Using it for navigation to a destination is useless. You can wait 15 minutes for it to try and figure out a route. Took it to the dealer 4 times, updated software and chip, last visit I was told ford engineers were working on a fix. No idea when ford engineers will develop a fix but I was told to contact the dealer every month to see if there is a fix. I asked if I could be contacted when a fix was found to alleviate the waiting and surprise factor, I was told ford would not.

    The dealer winner ford in cherry hill was very nice and helped as much as they could. Apparently the sync is not giving an error code even though there is an obvious error. The ford customer service rep was also very nice, got me a rental after my second dealer visit and called after every visit to check on status. Offered to extend the warranty and was sympathetic.

    My issue, fix the problem ford, call me when it is fixed so i dont have to call and loan me a GPS until the problem is fixed. I understand you are not a software company and this appears to be a software problem, but you need to sell cars that work. Give me a year of trouble free driving before I have a problem.

    The link is a video of the navigation not working.
  • My parents have a 2013 Edge. I'm pleased to confirm that the latest software update to MyFordTouch has resolved cell phone road noise problem! :)
  • A Windows ME system that is. In the last year I have driven four Ford Edges, an Explorer and a Mustang GT, so I've spent a lot of time with these systems.

    Let's start with the worst, ignoring the tacky non-functional body kit and the 1980s automatic transmission the Mustang was OK, the engine was brilliant. The MyFord Touch was a disaster. We were listening to a book on my iPod, three times it decided I didn't have an iPod and chose some random other thing to play. The system reset on several occasions and sometimes wouldn't connect to Bluetooth or USB. Sometimes it also forgot about the satellite radio. We actually pulled over on I93 in NH to switch off the car and restart the 'entertainment'.

    The later Edges and Explorer were better but shared common faults. The random disconnects and failures to recognize Bluetooth and USB were still present. The next thing we noticed and I don't remember noticing it on the Mustang, was the difference of opinion between the dash and the touch screen. The dash would deny I had a phone or iPod while the main display showed that I was streaming audio from my phone. How can you not be entertained by this late 90s behavior. Now if they fitted the Mustang gearbox to the Explorer it would be easy to think you were back in the past.

    The most irritating thing is the slow startup. I have been an embedded systems engineer since the early 80s, I have done a variety of military and civil jobs. I have never had a project that took a second to start. In embedded software a second is a lifetime, in aircraft control systems if you can't restart in 1/50th of a second then you can't do the job. Each time I started the Explorer I'd poke and poke at the screen waiting for it to decide it was alive, the display was on already, then it would issue a startled group of beeps and apply all those ignored button presses. This really isn't good enough. Then there was the "did it find anything interesting" lottery, would I be listening to the real BBC world service on my phone or the fake one on satellite (the rest of the world gets much wider programming) or something from the iPod?

    I could always get round the system eventually, except that once we had to pull over in the Mustang. But this really really isn't good enough.

    I stopped using the bluetooth in the Explorer because of the wind noise problems. Nobody could understand me. But as far as that is concerned the Edges all appeared to be OK, it was only an Explorer issue for me.

    The voice commands were worse than useless. Last week Jeremy CLarkson drove a Shelby Mustang with this calamity of a system and ended up yelling "will you shut up" at it. I think that was about the level of success I had too. I could not get it to voice dial anything, no method worked.

    This system is garbage at present, somewhere there are a bunch of self satisfied little idiots who think they did an acceptable job. What planet are you people on? You need to spend a few hours in one of your own cars.

    I must admit I know one of the Germans who did the BMW iDrive CCC system (after they ditched their Microsoft based version 1 - are you listening Ford?) and it was a bit opaque to use at first, but it came up fast and was reliable the one time I used it on a 5 series in 2004 or so. That uses VxWorks, the same operating system used on things like spy satellites, space probes, the Mars Rovers, commercial aircraft and bombs... all things that absolutely have to work. They switched to CIC which is based on another realtime operating system, QNX, in about 2008. I liked the Audi MMI too and can't ever remember having any problems with the Infiniti system, that just works.

    PLEASE FORD, do something about this garbage!
  • I have been having issues with my gps when my 4s is connected via Bluetooth to the system. As soon as the phone is connected the GPS jams up, will not move as I drive, clock can eventually be off by a few hours as well. Ford said nothing was wrong with my gps after they did an update in October. I got in my vehicle, phone connected, GPS put me on Michigan way and us route 12. I live in sc and the map was in Michigan! Then they don't believe me that the GPS is not working, I brought it up for yet anothe update to find out I already had it, so more time wasted. Essentially can not use phone via Bluetooth and use navigation at the same time!! This sucks!! System gets touchy and blacks out, does system maint frequently too. Dealer told me it had to be an app on the phone, oh and I forgot to mention that I got another 4s and it was DOING THE SAME CRAP, so I removed apps...still did the same stuff...finally got pissed enough to call ford customer service and still got No help from amber I believe her name was, she was useless....I had apple on the phone trying to help and no one at ford could help since this chick was angling my case ad was no where to be found, another hour wasted, then when she emailed she stated that she would not be speaking with apple! So I finally blow up at the dealer, they take my car for a week and my phone for two days, they replicated the issues, replaced the apim, supposedly had an 4s that they were testing it with and everything worked. I get in it, doesn't work right off the bat, so I am on The phone with apple phone is wiped, took otter box off as that was the only variable and still jamming up the system....I just did a master reset and will disconnect the battery too, but I am spent on trying to figure out if it is MY phone (have had two now). Very disappointed with ford, their customer service and EXCUSES, they really need to figure this out or I will not be leasing from them again. Why am I trying to fix this anyway? :confuse: Shouldn't OC welch be doing this and making me a happy client?
  • princebabaprincebaba Posts: 1
    I am the mostly proud owner of a new Ford F-150 Limited Pickup Truck. I have owned the vehicle for approximately one month. This is a new venture for me as it is the first American car I have ever purchased, and the first pickup. While this is quite the norm for many Americans, I have been driving Ultimate Driving Machines for most of the last 20 years. After too many flat tires and bent rims to count, I decided I was ready for a change. The truck is comfortable and looks great! The kids love the room it provides and being up high. I no longer spend my time in fear that the next pothole I hit will put me on the back of a flatbed. Shortly after bringing my new truck home, I started experiencing problems with the SYNC system not unlike those mentioned on the website. Connecting my iPhone 4S was hit or miss. Bluetooth Audio was also intermittent. The System froze regularly, GPS Position was off as was system time. The Service Advisor was friendly and courteous and asked me about the number of Contacts I store. I told him approximately 6500. He informed me that syncing so many contacts with the system often creates problems. He also mentioned that having location services turned ON for Google Maps can cause the GPS position to be incorrect. Together we DELETED my phone from both the SYNC system and the iPhone ('Forget this Device' under Bluetooth settings). We also went to the Location Services settings (under Privacy in the iPhones settings) and turned Google Maps location services to off. We re-synced the phone opting not to sync contacts. The good news, is that for now, everything is functioning as advertised. He smiled and informed me that this was not likley the last issue I would have, but for the moment I am pleased that after 3 Start/Stops things are working consistently. I will post again as things progress. I am hoping for the best....
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Have you performed the Upgrades? There are several. Mine did the same initially, but every upgrade has made it better, and it's fine now. I also have a 4S.
  • ksmith333ksmith333 Posts: 6
    I had the same problem. So far the fix has been to unconnect my phone from the vehicle and unconnect the vehicle from the phone. while the phone will now not work (the phone will but not though the vehicle), everything else works fine. We are still attempting to figure out why the phone is messing it up. I have an Iphone 4
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Had that issue initially - but the first or second upgrade (can't remember for sure) fixed that right up.
  • ksmith333ksmith333 Posts: 6
    Bummer as we have tried new "brains", new cards and so far nothing has worked so I just leave phone unhooked. Please let me know if you some up with something else that works
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