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Ford Explorer - My Ford Touch issues



  • Since i got the latest update that fixed the phone issue, everything has worked perfectly, just like it is supposed to
  • dmers1dmers1 Posts: 8
    Our 2008 Mercury Sable has about 130K without much problemn, except basic maintenance. I know we have version 1.0 MySync and it is very crude and slow.

    I feel Mulally is part of the problem. He refuses to open up to the upcoming Apple iOS 7 and keep the slow Microsoft system in the Ford/Lincoln cars. I think he is doing this in order to get a sweet deal from Microsoft as a new CEO.

    Also, he could be using Garmin (with 1 lifetime upgrade fee) for GPS vs. the $200.00/year upgrade map DVDs that Ford currently uses.

    I also, am not a believer in Consumer Reports biased auto evaluations, though I do like to read the 5-8 year customer complaint summaries for each model to watch for trends in repairs and mechanical issues.
  • My 2013 Explorer Sync System shuts down every 18-20 minutes on a regular basis. Malcolm Cunninghan, the dealer, has had car several times, but not repaired. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

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