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2011/2012 Odyssey EXL Vs Sienna XLE



  • I just purchased a 2012 Odyssey EX-L this past week and compared it to the Sienna LXE comparably equipped. We were prior Odyssey owners, having had a 2003 EX-L RES as well. That vehicle had transmission issues which are well documented on the net. Ours only had 92k miles and we had hoped to get many more miles from it, but it was not to be. That failure obviously had caused me to question the reliability of the newer vans as well and compare them to the Sienna. As a side note, the OdyClub forum group was of very little help as I posted a question on any reports of complete tranny failures on the newer models and was told to search other messages. There were no other messages specific to my query and the pissy moderator shut down the thread.

    Regardless, we were forced to compare the two to obtain a new van. As a prior owner of an Odyssey we were immediately more comfortable with the new version. The controls and feel were similar and we liked the organization of the van. We even liked the 2nd row middle seat set up better. I would say I thought the vans drove very much the same. The Odyssey a little more tight, but the difference was negligible to me. I thought the leather in the Sienna was nicer and the airiness of the cabin was nice. I know it's subjective and I'm picky, but the Sienna was just a bit too unfinished for us. That said, the Odyssey was a few thousand dollars more. I don't think you can go wrong either way, but I'm taking a chance that they've fixed the transmission reliability issues and I get many years out of this new van.
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