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Chrysler 300M: Accessories & Modifications



  • Has anybody lowered or tried to lower thier car?
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    yes to both of you, just ask your questions in the regular sedans board (the one with ten thousand msgs) and theyll answer those questions.

  • Two things if you will:
    1. I was wondering has attempted to replace the standard front headlights with a blue/white bulb. I have been unable to find a match (ie:9006xs) but the guys at the auto store say that a 9006xx will fit fine. However, I read in another news group that the 300M only take straight bulbs and not the 90 degree bulb. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    2. I also read in another news group a horiffic story about someone's 300M which included a front end shudder that the dealer refused to recognize or repair. I have the same symptoms when breaking. Any experience with this or thoughts?

    Thanks all!
  • josterholtjosterholt Posts: 11
    I have a 99 300M with a tan interior. The steering wheel is dark tan, but by now, it is very badly worn from usage. Has any one found a solution either in replacement, a nice cover (not a crappy one), or a way to restore it?


  • josterholtjosterholt Posts: 11
    I want to change out the exhaust on my 99 300M. Any suggestions?


  • jona57jona57 Posts: 190

    Wheelskins seems to make a nice aftermarket wheel cover. It requires installation, not just stretching or snapping on. The ultimate result depends upon your ability to thread the stitching (a bit like re-lacing a baseball glove). I think someone on has some pictures posted of his redone steering wheel, & it looks quite nice. He chose a 2-tone color scheme.

  • gruschusgruschus Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a group doing aftermarket front grills? A nice cromed bar grill would look great on these cars.
  • vap0rvap0r Posts: 3
    Anyone slapped these on to a special yet? Curious about how rotor friendly they are and if it reduces your daily wheel cleanings ??
  • trashman2trashman2 Posts: 44
    my local 5 star price 25.00 each anybody know of a better price.
  • 78887888 Posts: 12
    I have the tan interior and desperately need to change my steering wheel. Where can I get a nice wooden steering wheel to fit my '99 300M. Thanks!
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    It takes a little more looking, but the prices are usually much better.
  • Got a great recommendation for the exhaust! First, have your mechanic remove the second muffler and extend a pipe to a 1997-2001 C-5 Corvette flowmaster with a single oval tip (arg arg arg). The sound is throaty and the vibe,incredible. This also gives you up to an addition 3 horsepower! I get the looks before they see me!
  • Hello
    I am looking for a Brochure for the 300M for the year 2000. I recently purchased this car
    and love it. I am willing to pay for this if
    anyone has one that they would like to spare.
    Thank You
    Judy G.
  • I have a gunmetal grey 99300M with dark grey interior. I purchased a metal ribbed leather cover and absolutely love it! Grip is great, color/material matches perfectly and it protects.I'm not sure of the assortment of colors but it's worth a look. You can find them at any pep boys, target, or Kragen auto supplies.
  • How loud is the sound of your C-5 mod inside the car? What was the cost? What shop did it?
  • I'm one who chooses the more "sporty" look and sound to the 300M so I got it done in Hayward California by a shop called the "Downtown Muffler Service". The owner (Mr. Nealand?) has been altering cars for most of his life and has a great reputation. He customized my husbands 1500 Dodge Ram truck also. He let me listen to different variations and although, by simply replacing one of the three mufflers only made it sound a little bit deeper. I personally liked the "slightly" louder sound of removing one of the mufflers altogether, then replacing one of the two with the corvette, flowmaster. Did you know by removing one of those mufflers gives up to 3 extra horsepower? This gives the car a real nice hummmmm and is actually very relaxing on the inside and sounds way cool from the outside. From the inside,the sound kinda reminds me of when you watch star trek lol. You kinda here the spacecraft engine in the background, know what I mean? It's great to hear the shifing as well. There is a slight vib to the car too, but being a women "Nothing wrong with that!" It cost me only $208.00 and I LOVE it.
  • Anyone? Why is it that the only really cool accessories are for the sebring? If anyone ever finds these for the 300M PLEASE post!
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