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Chrysler 300M: Accessories & Modifications



  • larriemaclarriemac Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 300M with 45K on it. Basically no problems except the cracks appearing on the right hand dash. Has anyone found a cover that looks decent? The dash has been repaired once but after six month the cracks are reappearing.

  • I have a 2002 300M and want to replace the rear deck speakers. Has anyone ever actually replaced theirs before. If someone could please assist me with how you gained access to them. My rear seats do fold down.
  • kimchikimchi Posts: 8
    that was aobut 20,000 miles ago.....
    yeah i know what u mean...
    but as a college student, i got no choice...just trying not to break it for another 2 yrs until i graduate...
  • kimchikimchi Posts: 8
    i have 2000 300m and i want to get 300M Special's body kit.
    where can i get those body kits?
  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    The Special body kit, you can only get it from the Chrysler Dealers,
    or you can try eBay they have them there every so often.

    Or you can also order the Lorinser body kit, if you can find it.
  • niki069aniki069a Posts: 4
    Are you looking for a brochure or an owners manual? If it's an owners manual you can try, maybe they will have brochures for your year car.

  • niki069aniki069a Posts: 4
    keep away from the chrysler dealers they are nothing more than rip off artists, try private body shops they may help you.
  • niki069aniki069a Posts: 4
    I have the same car your trac off switch is to diengage your trac control. Everytime you start your car your trac control is on just pust the trac off button to diengage it will light up on yuor dsah "TRAC OFF"

    Your fog light setting is located in the center of your light settings to the left of your steering wheel. By the way do you have the owners manual? If not you can purchase one on

  • Does anyone know where I can purchase the Chrysler Lettering for the
    front side doors similar to the lettering on the 2001 300M?

    I am also looking for a good sunroof wind deflector. I purcahsed one
    from auto anything the dual flap Std deflector it cost$100 and it was terrible I sent it back.
  • I replaced the sepaekers in my rear deck and you need to take out the back seat and the side panels where the rear seat belts go through to gain access to the rear deck. It is a lot of teious work to get to them. Hope this helps.
  • Ok, i went to install an aftermarket cd player in my 99 300M with infinity system.. but i have a problem. I can get the unit to power on but no sound, i was told you have to bypass the factory amp and a whole bunch of wiring i dont wanna do, so my question is does anybody have a better or easier way of getting sound to come out of your aftermarket cd player?? if so please reply thanks
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Call Crutchfield and buy a wiring harness.
  • I had a 1999 300M and fell in love with the ground effects package of the 300M Special. I went to my body shop and asked if I could order all the parts from Chrysler to make my car look like a Special. I wanted to add dual exhaust pipes and the Special already has the cutouts for them in the rear bumper facia. I also wanted to upgrade the tail lights to those of a 2003, but the wiring is different. I went to the trouble of buying an aftermarket spoiler, but sent it back when it looked like it took away from the clean lines of the rear deck. I gave up for a while. Then, by some pure stroke of luck, I was driving through Albuquerque, New Mexico when I spotted a beautiful dark blue 2003 300M Special on the front row of a Chrysler Dealership. It had everything I was trying to add to my '99 300M, and it was a Chrysler Certified Pre-Owned Car. After 30 minutes, and paying $8000 difference for a loaded 300M Special with half the mileage of my '99, I was trading keys. I love this car! It handles great, looks fabulous, and even has HID headlamps. I have added some stainless steel fender trim, and door trim, tinted the windows and put 18" chrome wheels on it. Trading up was the best solution to my desire to upgrade my sweet 300M. The Specials are a bit harder to find, but worth the effort. I just got lucky. :D
  • As with any "doctor", get a second opinion. Transmission problems are a great money maker for small shops. They can charge $1400 for $250 worth of labor, fluid and adjustments. Any Chrysler 5 Star Dealership can read the diagnostics from the multiple computers and determine if you actually have a transmission problem or not. Mine was shifting too early and it turned out to be a $100 external sensor. :) I continued to drive the car until it had racked up 88,000 miles and traded up to a 300M Special. :D
  • I wanted to upgrade my tail lights so much that I actually bought new assemblies for a 2002 only to discover the wiring harness are totally different and will not fit with cutting and splicing. No thanks.
  • 1. Does anyone know where can I get custom floor mats for my 300M? Really good ones.

    2. What about HID kits for the 300M?
  • Ok, nobody had any comments about my last questions so here goes another one. I want to lower my 300M with coilovers or drop spindles but I am having problems in finding any for my car. Please tell me that someone knows exactly where I should be looking. Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    You must not've looked too hard. :P Eibach has springs for the 300M and you can Google "300M" +"intrax springs".
  • If I wanted springs I would have said I wanted springs tayl0rd. I know about the springs but I want drop spindles or coilovers. I want the same comfort that I have now. With the springs I will not have the same comfort.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    ...I want to lower my 300M with coilovers or drop spindles...

    Last time I checked, coilovers were springs.
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