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Chevrolet Volt Lease Questions



  • Is there a Volt shortage? I went to a dealer today and they made me an absurd lease offer of $550 per month with nothing down. That's a joke. I called another in Los Angeles and the dealer said he'd call me back -- nothing back from him! What gives? Just a few weeks ago people were reporting crazy good deals. Now I can't even get one. Is this related to the Volt plant shutdown not long ago or just the market reaction to the gas spike and the good lease deals? At this point, I'm looking at waiting until end of Dec or January. Maybe I will comparison shop with the Ford plug-ins too.
  • I was recently offered a deal for a 36mo 10k volt

    Loaded at 44120 msrp
    Selling price 41424

    Then I can apply 2k rebate

    This is a us bank deal

    Payment 419 inc tax. 1000 drive offs. Good deal.

    Car man do you have the lease rates and residuals for both ally and us bank? Thanks.
  • What Cali dealer?
  • I got mine at Connell Chevrolet
    White w Black interior.
    Loaded, Nav, Leather, Bose speakers, Chrome wheels, back up camera
    I put down 3500 cash my payment is 223.00 mo
    2 year lease 10 k per year
    I think I did well.some will do better
  • ksunaksuna Posts: 3
    Received this lease offer for a 2013 Volt, White Diamond Tricoat, Performance Trim, Bose Audio, Nav, and polished wheels:

    36 months, 12,000 miles per year, $2500 down.

    $399 per month which includes all county taxes and fees. The buyout is $25,743.

    Any opinions?
  • Thats better then I have got so far in KC. I have the same deal but 3500 down. where are you located and who is the dealer?
  • I'll be contacting Connell Chevy. Bunnin and Keyes in LA told me they're not doing 24 month leases. It seems they're not longer interested in selling these cars : )
  • Connell came back $470/month $1700 down. No thank you.
  • I was offerred 36 mos.@ 329 (base package). or 410 (loaded) with 2700. down at a dealer in No. Va. According to them, all leases arranged thru Ally, so dealers have no leeway to change the deal. If true, why are there so many variations?
    This doesn't seem to be all that great a deal.
  • The lease may be provided by Ally but, just like when you buy, you still need to negotiate the price of the car the lease is based on. A lease based on the MSRP is going to be more expensive than a lease based on the invoice price.
  • Hi zico2000. Ally's November base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Chevrolet Volt with 15,000 miles per year are 1.05% and 57%. This is for a model without navigation.

    General Motors is providing a $2,420 cash incentive on leases of this car through Ally.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Good explanation tschai. With the $7,500 credit included this car's 36-month, 15k residual is 57%.

    One definitely should not buy a Volt at lease-end.

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  • General Motors is providing a $2,420 cash incentive on leases of the 2013 Volt through Ally. This incentive is slightly lower, $2,300, on leases through US Bank. The US Bank lease program is probably still more attractive though.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi travispete. I just posted the Ally lease program a couple of messages ago. The residual value for a lease with 10,000 miles per year is 3% higher than the 15,000 mile per year residual.

    I haven't seen the US Bank lease program for this car, but I've heard that it's a little better than Ally's. I'll see what I can find out about it for you.

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  • Is that $2420 after negotiation or $2420 off MSRP?
  • If anyone has leased a loaded Volt in the last 2-3 weeks, please post the deal that you got.
  • jbro3jbro3 Posts: 2
    So I'm reading this to try and figure out what kind of deal I should negotiate on leasing a 2012 or 2013 chevy volt tonight and tommrow. The ally deals that are listed (for 5045 for 2012, and 2424 for 2013) seemed to have expired at the end of october?

    What should I expect to pay for a 2012 premium without nav leased for 30-36 months at 12000 miles per year?

    I live in San Diego California and have great credit (around 750). PLEASE HELP, any advise on lenders, deals, prices, or dealer's would be great!
  • I got an offer on one that was Premium, Nav, ES1, premium sound, and fancy wheels for about $460 per month, zero down, 15k mi. Not terrible, but not great either.
  • I got my lease in CA today. Can't say whether it is a good deal or not but I got a loaded 2013 Volt minus the sensors and the new rim design (everything else included). I paid $3250 down and $399 per month for 12k miles and 36 months. I think it may be possible for you to get the same deal for $3000 down. But you may have to be more adamant than I was!
    Good luck!
  • Good for you!
    I you are happy. that is all that matters.

    BTW I recieved my car pool stickers yesterday!!
    I may go drive today just to go in the car pool lane.
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