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Chevrolet Volt Lease Questions



  • Thank you Ajeer for the info. Seems like a wide range of deals out there and it's good to have a ballpark idea what to shoot for. Hopefully i'll be as successful in our search. enjoy your ride! cheers
  • sectimesectime Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm trying to decide between purchasing or leasing. I see posts about the federal and state tax rebates, how are people claiming these when leasing? Dealers I have talked to says the rebates go to the leasing company.
    Thanks for any input on this
  • mung35mung35 Posts: 9
    edited August 2013
    Leasing companies tack the $7,500 onto the residual to help with payments. the $1,500 you have to apply for on your own.
  • kiranikirani Posts: 5

    I am living in socal area and I am in market for a new lease of 2013 Chevy Volt car. I came across a lease offer from Harbor Chevrolet for $159 per month pls tax. Here is the fine print from their website:

    36 Months Closed End Lease On Above Average Approved Credit. With $2,350.00 Customer Cash or Trade plus $5,020.00 Factory Rebate, $1,000.00 Lease Conquest Rebate*, and $500 Labor Day Bonus Cash, $8,870.00 Total Due at Lease Signing, assuming all rebates apply. $Ø Security Deposit Required. Plus 1st Payment, Tax and License. 10 K Miles Per Year. 25¢ Per Excess Mile. *Must be currently leasing a non-GM vehicle 1999 or newer. Not all rebates may apply."

    2 weeks ago the same offer was valid for $129 per month plus tax. They also had another offer with $199 per month plus tax for $0 down. This Lease is for the base model with a MSRP of $39,900. I do not have any current lease, so I will not qualify for $1,000 Lease Conquest rebate. The residual value would be about $25,200.

    I would like to lease a higher model volt with navigation, safety package#1 and 2. I was wondering what would be the appropriate price to pay for a chevy volt lease with a MSRP of $45,000 with 36 months term and 12K yearly miles? How much would be the taxes approximately on top of the monthly lease payment in LA area?
  • mung35mung35 Posts: 9
    edited August 2013
    Most people will advise against a lease with that much money up front. At most I would put down what {apudiyap} did. He got a great deal you should try to replicate - I believe with the exact configuration you're looking for.
  • gobiasgobias Posts: 1
    Hi everybody, your comments and advice would be appreciated.

    This is in NJ not far from NYC, and I guess this area tends to be a little more expensive than most places in the US. It's also easily the highest rated dealership in the area, which makes me feel better dealing with them. So far, via email, they've been very professional and responsive.

    Here's the deal: A Premium Volt (leather, navigation, rearview camera, bells & whistles) with a MSRP of $43,950, an invoice of $42,881, discounted to $41,299. This, minus the $5,020 rebate and $500 Labor Day cash. So, total discounts amount to $8k+ off of MSRP.

    Residual is 39%. Money factor is .00055 (US Bank).

    36 months, 15k miles/year, $0 down, tax (%6.25 for MA, moving there soon) and fees (except the $395 disposition charge) included in the monthly payment of $427. So, first month is due at signing, and nothing else. They of course started higher and this was reached after some negotiation.

    I was wary of is the low residual of 39%, given the 46% resale value at the top of KBB's list for 2013. Also, I know that it's US Bank that gets the $7.5k tax credit, but I was under the impression that this should somehow contribute to my bottom line.

    Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions.
  • kiranikirani Posts: 5
    Could you please tell me the Dealership name/city where you got this deal? I am looking for similar deal. I am in socal area. Thanks!
  • I am in Norcal. San Francisco bay area. Please refer to #381 for dealer info.
  • kiranikirani Posts: 5
    okay, got it! Thanks!
    Hopefully, I will be able to get price closer to yours. Will update the forum once my deal goes thru.
  • ods2010ods2010 Posts: 11
    I am looking to lease a Volt (or a Leaf) this long weekend in southBay (SFbay area)

    Couple of general lease questions :
    I read the forum here and got confused about this residual value ? How does that matter ?
    Should it be higher or lower of the MSRP when we lease.

    What happens if you lease a car and car gets into an accident where insurance company totals it.
    Will they cover the down payment or one time payment made at the start of the lease ?

    Now Volt lease questions:

    1) When we lease for 36 months, will we get a high speed charger installed at home from PGE or dealer ? Is it part of the lease or it is extra money ?

    2) Is there a way to fit in 5 people, once in a while.

    3) If you have any suggestions on the deal to expect for Labour day, please post.
  • I just picked up my new Volt in OC (Connell Chevy). Black with black leather, enhanced safety 1, no NAV, no polished chrome or enhanced safety 2. $800 down, $278 incl. tax 36 mo, 12k mi/yr. Great car- definitely call/email dealers around town as they vary quite a bit in rates. This forum is the best source of info.

    Question- my wife would really like the enhanced safety 2, which wasn't that big of a deal to me. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the dealer add/activate that feature OR at the least, know of a good front bumper sensor that does not require any drilling and is wireless?

    Thanks much
  • I think residual matters most at the end of your lease- if you want to purchase the time to negotiate that is now, but I could be wrong. I think if you know you are turning it in, it may not matter as much.
    Not sure about the insurance question- call your carrier.
    Re 240 charger, you pay the installer. Cost is about $500, but some utility companies have rebates to cover the cost. Also, there is a $1000 Fed. tax credit so if you itemized it will help.
    Most folks will do okay with a regular outlet as long as you have overnight to plug in. The Volt allows you to program start charge time to charge when rates are lowest.
    Can't see how you could safely ever put 5 in the car.
    Shop for the car by email with multiple dealers. The minute you start dealing with only one dealer, you make the negotiating process much more difficult. Make them bid against each other- they will know their bottom line and when you hit it that number with several dealers, then you know you have arrived at a good deal.

    Good luck- great car.
  • artrooartroo Posts: 4
    Hi guys,

    Lurker here. I'm looking to pull the trigger for a Volt. The local dealership is offering this deal:

    A few questions:
    1) Based on recent lease stories, do you guys think this is negotiable?
    2) I have a trade in worth about $2,500 (conservatively). In a lease scenario would they just remove the down payment?
    3) any other tips? :)
  • artroo your trade-in value would be applied to the down payment but did you see that they are wanting $9,520 at lease signing?
  • Got mine today!! here is the deal:

    $372.88 monthly payment (including tax) for a 36 Months Lease(36K miles) with $1300 drive off for a 2013 White Diamond Tricoat (fully loaded - premium trim pkg, 17" polished aluminum wheels, mylink radio with nav, premium bose pkg, safety pkg 1 and 2). I talked to couple of different dealers in my area but the prices were way off. This dealer was consistent about his price and quoted me the best price by email. We went to the dealership this morning and signed the lease and drove off my car this afternoon!

    Hope this information is helpful to the others!
  • evs9evs9 Posts: 1
    Last night I leased a black 2013 Volt fully loaded with the exception of navigation and chrome wheels.

    Here's the deal:
    $800 drive off
    3 years, 12,000mi/yr

    I had wanted white, but this seemed to be a deal I couldn't pass up. Please tell me it was!

    I am wondering if I should go back today and add the SmartLease Protect for another $595. That would bring my monthly payment up to $343.45. I have never leased before. Is the SmartLease Protect a worthwhile investment? I imagine my car will get dinged - it may buy me some piece of mind.
    I appreciate any input.
  • b3nd3rb3nd3r Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    2013 Chevrolet Volt base

    $39,145.00 Silver Topaz Metallic (non-premium paint) w/ white ceramic interior
    + $1,395.00 Premium Trim Package (full leather w/ leather wheel, heated seats, removable rear storage armrest)
    + $850.00 Destination Charge

    Rebates and Incentives

    – $5,000.00 manufacturer discount
    – $500.00 holiday bonus cash (Labor Day Weekend)
    – $1,000.00 conquest cash (we are also leasing a 2012 Toyota RAV4)
    – $7,500.00 Federal Tax rebate (kept by the bank, obviously)
    – $14,00.00

    Bottom Line

    • 36 months
    • 15,000 miles annually
    • $0.00 down (only first month payment)
    • purchased from Coughlin Automotive in Columbus, OH (Pataskala)
    • top tier credit
  • I almost had a deal working with Capitol Chevy on a fully loaded 2013 Black Volt. How I hate these dealerships. Final sale price was $34,685 on an MSRP of $44,605. Their money factor was 0.00106 until I walked away and they got it to what everyone in the Bay area is reporting 0.00055. They sent a written proposal via email

    $2399 down, 10k/year. $26580 residual.

    I am about to close the deal and then their GM overrules the deal and raises the money factor to 0.00086. My monthly payments including tax go from $287.15 to $310 just because he said so.

    I voided the deal. They can keep the Volt No wonder they have the largest Volt inventory in the Bay area. They can't sell any. Tesla, here I come.
  • ucsbphd,

    Our past experience showed us that Chevy dealers, in general, have very little interest in moving these cars.

    We tried last fall to lease one, and contacted 5-6 dealers. Many times, our inquiries were not responded to at all despite the fact that we are highly qualified customers. In one case, the dealer agreed to the deal over the phone, and as we got in the car to sign, called back and said he changed his mind. Unbelievable.

    Because there are so many Chevy dealers, I would recommend that you stick with it and just keep moving on until you find the right dealer. Our latest experience with Coughlin was more like the experience I am accustomed to at a Lexus dealer – low pressure, straight dealing, and genuinely wanting to sell/lease us the car. That experience stands in stark contrast to every other one we had with every other Chevy dealer.

    Truly unfortunate.
  • Great forum! My first deal is from Dave Smith in Idaho (would have to fly to Spokane). Local deals not so good, however.

    For the base model: 15k, $3000 down and $266 per month for 36 months. Burien Chevrolet south of Seattle indicated on phone they would match that price, but I'm wondering now if I can do better. Best deals here, out of pocket, are about $10800 or so for 3 year lease, and these are with some upgrades--one with 12k miles instead of 15. Should I keep shopping? I want a good deal and like the Volt but don't want to nickel and dime it to death! Thanks for input.
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