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Chevrolet Volt Lease Questions



  • b3nd3rb3nd3r Posts: 9
    edited September 2013

    $3,000 down equates to about $83/mo (w/o interest), so you are paying $349/mo on a 36 mo/15K lease.

    Compare to the fact we just did $302.88/mo w/ $0 down on a 36mo/15K lease... on a $41,390 Volt.

    I would think you could do better, but I don't know the equipment level you are looking at for comparison.
  • Thanks b3nd3r, safety package one would be nice -- so we'd be looking at the same Volt. Our deal thus far was on the standard $39,995 model. We couldn't get the extra rebate for previous lease that you here in WA state is similar, 8.9%, so that puts us about $2,000 away from your deal, give or take a little? Sounds like we should keep shopping.
  • sudbsudb Posts: 2
    b3nd3r - You got a terrific deal.

    I am about to close the deal on a 2013 volt. Fully loaded with MSRP of $44,060. Lease: 36 months, 15k miles annually, $3,000 down, Ally smartlease $850 (don't know whether its worth it). Dealer is asking for $350 per month.

    I don't think that I will be able to get your kind of deal. But can try to get something closer.

    Considering I am putting in an extra $2650 down - for ease of calculation sake let's presume that it goes towards the extra options in this car. ($44,060 this car - $41,390 your car = $2,670)

    I think I will try to negotiate the price by atleast $1000 (that's $27 per month for 36 months).

    Can you give your opinion on this Ally Smart lease program? Is it worth $850. If not what's a good price for that?
  • Your math seems about right. I think there's more room in that deal, but the Labor Day cash ($500) expired today so you need to back that out.

    Can you get the conquest cash?
  • b3nd3rb3nd3r Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    The SmartLease is a dealer add-on, so it has a huge profit built into it.

    Having said that, how abusive (historically) are you on your vehicles? If you are good about cosmetic maintenance, it's likely unnecessary insurance. If you are not, I would try to negotiate a discount. I've heard of people getting it for $600 or less.
  • New deals. :) Been going back and forth between Burien Chevy and Dave Smith in Idaho:

    Burien: Zero down on base demo model, $315 per month, 36 month. This one has 1,000 miles on it and is white, my least favorite color, but I wouldn't see much of it when driving. No extra

    Dave Smith: Zero down at $338 per month with safety package one (rear camera auto dimming rearview and rear parking assist), and comfort package (heated seats and leather trimmed steering wheel).
    Both are 15,000 miles.
  • b3nd3rb3nd3r Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    I wouldn't worry about the dealer demo miles, as the lease mileage is typically calculated starting with the odometer reading when you take delivery.

    That's "Safety 1" package on the second vehicle, right? $575 + $275 for comfort = $850. That would be $23/mo or so for thoe options.

    I would think the first one should be $300/mo and the second one about $320, but those numbers seem better than your first attempt. ;-)
  • yes, safety one on the 338 per month, 0 down. I asked them to run numbers on 12,000 mile lease (which we could do) and that would bring it down to 314.60. Waiting to hear back on the demo at 12,000 miles. The discount I can't get is the current lease holder at $1,000. Not sure about the Labor Day cash.
    But so far I've just used what the other offer was to haggle...I think they'd have trouble moving the demo so may try for $300 a month or the equivalent at 12,000 and see what they say. thanks again. will post final numbers.
  • sudbsudb Posts: 2
    Looks like the 2013 volt is hard to get. Couldn't find the car with the options I am looking for. So, I finalized on a 2014 volt $39,715 MSRP, $3000 down, 15000 miles annually, 9% sales tax, and with a $850 Smart Lease protection. Negotiated to lease payment of $358 monthly (including tax). Don't know how good or bad, but I am just going with it now. And yes, there is a $1500 tax rebate. So effectively its $316 monthly.

    The dealer did mention that the Smart Lease costs them $700.
  • Hi,
    Great forum! Wish I had spent more time here before closing my deal today! Having some remorse but I suppose I have no recourse. Here's what I signed today:

    2013 Silver Base
    Safety 1
    Safety 2
    36 mo/12k
    Zero down
    First month no payment
    $327/month incl tax (8%)
    Ally Bank (no disposition fees)

    How bad should I feel?
  • I think there was some room left in that deal, but honestly that doesn't seem too bad at all.

    My experience from cruising this forum was that a super deal was $300/mo, 15K miles, zero down on a base car. I managed to squeeze a bit more by getting leather for that price, but I also had conquest cash and Labor Day cash in the deal.

    In your case, you have $275 + $575 + $595 in options above a base, for a total of $1,445 — that equates to another $40.14/mo in options. Granted, you have a 12K lease, but your payment is also less than the options alone would indicate.

    So, I wouldn't feel bad if I were you, especially if you got the car you wanted.
  • b3nd3r,

    Do you get any additional residual for the $1,445 in options added?
  • Closed our deal a few days ago. Thanks to input from "b3nd3r" got Dave Smith down to $299 for a base model with safety package one, 0 down, for 3 years at 12,000 miles. Flying to Spokane and dealer will pick me up at airport. Might have been able to get similar deal with local Seattle area deal but they just felt kind of sleazy. The whole car buying experience needs some kind of redo but so far I feel positive about our experience. Will let you know of any fine print issues after Wednesday! Right looking forward to driving the Volt back and trying out some charging stations on the way!
  • Marginally, one would assume there is added residual.
  • Agreed. In general, Chevy dealers need to take a page from Lexus and other premium brands. Not necessarily in terms of dealership amenities, but in how they approach the sales process.
  • 2013 base model ..3 year lease 30k miles 299 a month with everything rolled into the lease..first month and dmv down...21330 option to buy at lease end..from chevrolet of huntington long the car and feel i got an excellent deal
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello brillskill,

    Glad that you feel that you received an excellent deal on the vehicle you leased! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be more than happy to help you!!

    Marlea Wilson
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi Folks

    I am new to leasing and am interested in leasing a 2014 for 36 months. Can any one please share their latest information on prices paid and with options.

    I am looking at the base model with just Navigation.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hello all..

    I have never leased a car before, but looking around several sites (and this one), I am getting it... I think.. one thing that concerns me is when I actually give the car back at the lease end... how many issues do I need to be aware of at that time? I suppose I am talking about normal wear and tear on the car--I am very gentle on my cars..but can't speak for other people driving and scraping alongside!!

    Thanks all

  • hI there..

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of people are talking about this $7,500 tax credit... I know if you BUY a car, this tax credit only applies to your own personal income taxes..If you earn over, say, $40K a year you might get a little piece of that back...but earn any less...forget any credit whatsoever..

    But how does the 'credit' affect a lease/

    Any info?

    Thanks a lot
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