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Ford Focus Care & Maintenance



  • Hi Comanchero1.

    Yep. I've had two places tell me the rear suspension is faulty. I wish Ford Motor Co would offer to replace it.

    The best of luck with yours!
    Doni Marie~
  • Since I want a ZX5 SES I will be scouring the certified used listings for a 2007 when I get ready to buy late next summer. Thank you Ford (NOT) for dropping the hatchback from the line so that I have no choice but to buy used. I would much prefer to buy at end of year clearance prices with a fat factory rebate piled on. Anyway, I'd like to ask buyers rather than sellers what wre the costs for extended warranties actually purchased on these, and how much extended warranty they got for their money. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    It now appears that Ford will bring the Fiesta to these shores in 09 as a 3 and/or 5 door hatch. This makes a Focus Hatch unneeded redundancy.

    I had a Pro5 and the Mazda3 is a great alternative to Focus.

  • I don't think the Fiesta hatch will replace the Focus hatch. It's addressing the sub-compact more than the compact market space, answering the Honda Fit. The Fiesta is a little lighter, at 2336 lb for AT, but incredibly anemic for the small 1.6L engine. I don't know what power plant the American release will come with, but I saw 74KW at the site below, which converts to 99 HP. 99? I think some lawnmowers can muster up that much power. I think they should have kept the ZX5/ZXW at least through the transition, to give Fiesta a change to grow some power options. From what I saw it will be more than a year before America gets a shot at buying a Fiesta. I will have bought a used ZX5 by then, and better off for it I think. - YPage
  • Did you ever get the problem resolved? i have the same problem. Thanks for any help that you can give.

  • you seem knowledgeable... I just bought a 2001 focus for my daughter and it is coming up on 90K. They recommended the timing belt be replaced at 90K. Is this correct? I checked the site but wasn't sure about the recommended interval.

  • I think Ford's recommended interval for replacing the timing belt has not changed since at least the '97 Escort wagon 2.0 I had mine replaced at 125k miles but I knew I had pushed the window. You do not want that part to fail on the road so it's better in my opinion to schedule the job. Unfortunately it's one of the few expensive repairs you can be sure of running into with this series. Generally water pump and timing belt are replaced as a pair because the R&R labor to get there is the same, so you are only paying parts plus a tiny bit of labor for the water pump. I had it done at an independent shop and it cost about $650, but I'm guessing Ford probably charges $800 or more.
  • lwenlwen Posts: 1
    The fuel tank cap on my 2001 Ford Focus is stuck. I thought it might be frozen, but now I'm not so sure. Has this every happened to anyone before? Any ideas on how to fix it, or what it would cost to have someone do it for me?
  • Can anyone tell me where I find the block heater cord. I have a 2005 ZX4 S.
  • I've got an 03 ZTW and had the dealer install the block heater. Was not a simple job; they couldn't get a good seal at the freeze plug and had to re-order until they found one that worked. I think they went through 3 of them. I did get a loaner (more like a moaner...) car, so wasn't THAT horribly inconvenient, but a great investment for the two winters in North Dakota.

    Bottom line, unless you are very mechanically adept, I'd leave it to a shop--glad I did.
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    The manual says the platinum spark plugs should be replaced at 100K on my 01 Focus that has 97K on it. I noticed the milage has dropped off a little and figured the first thing to do is to replace the plugs. Years ago I used to work a bit on cars. Is there any thing other than changing the plugs that needs attention to car engines that are run by onboard computers? Are distributor points a thing of the past?

    If I take the Focus to a mechanic to have the 100K maintenance done, what is the typical expense for that? At 120K when the timing belt is due to be replace, is it still the rule of thumb to also replace the water pump?

    At this point, should I go ahead and have the timing belt and water pump replaced instead of waiting to hit 120K?
  • I don't think Ford has changed the maintenance interval recommendations for many years. I had my plugs replaced at just over 100k miles and then gas mileage dropped about 10%. After several months of that I consulted with the fleet mechanic where I work, who maintains all our Ford cars and trucks. He said the plugs the shop (not Ford) had installed in my car were too cold and I should replace with Ford (Motorcraft) parts. I did that and got back about half of the lost fuel efficiency. The other half must be lost due to change of commute about the same time I changed plugs.

    The mechanic said there is nothing else to a tuneup besides new plugs as the computer will do the rest.

    As for the timing belt and water pump, I had them replaced at 127k miles and thought I had pushed as far as I dared. You don't want the timing belt to fail on the road and make an expensive job way more expensive. I paid about $650 for that at non-Ford shop. I don't know if there are any warning signs that the timing belt is weakening/slipping/stretching/???, but maybe some others here know.

    I think it's still standard to replace the water pump after spending the $r&$r to get at the timing belt and the water pump is right there.
  • For all the do it yourselfers on the Focus: The car is great, it just starts having problems after the last payment is made. LOL With mine, the "check engine light" stays on. Started out as cutting out at crusing speeds, but not under load and not when the motor is cold. Went through 3 different certified mechanics and the Ford Service experts. Those guys do not work cheap either, All were temp. fixes. Have replaced vac. hoses, plugs, injectors, coil pack, plug wires. Finally got a shade tree mechanic to replace the fuel filter. Doesn't cut out any more, runs great. Engine light stays on. Now the freaking heater doesn't work. Did fix the cig. lighter after 5 years thou. LOL Going to flush the cooling system tomorrow. If that don't work, will buy a warmer jacket and stay saving money for a new car.
    Oh, yeah. Always replace the water pump whenever changing the timing belt, Always. If you don't, the old one will leak and will cost you another 100 or so to fix it. It is just their nature to do these things. Only other major thing I have done with my Focus is replace the struts, because I live on a washboard dirt road that beats cars to death. Still is a great little car. Now tomorrow when I start to flush the system, the motor will fall out. Oh well :)
  • You might try resetting the "check engine light" by disconnecting the battery pos lead for a short while. The computer will reset when you reconnect the battery. Then if the light comes back on after a few minutes or a few days or a few weeks there might actually be something wrong.
  • On this one, have to disconnect the neg. cable to re-set the engine light. Leaving it disconnected tonight to see if the computor will dump all the errors. Car is running fine now. Had to flush it twice to get the heater core unstopped. Water finally came back clear. Took all freaking afternoon thou. Supposed to be 71 on Monday, so now will proably need the ac. Oh well.
  • :sick:

    I will be driving along on the highway doing about 65mph and all of a sudden the transmission will start growling and it will downshift and hold around 2500 to 3000 rpm's even when I try to speed up it will not go any faster,

    the service department gave me a tranny flush & a new filter ,
    that didn't work.
    it does not happen all the time, it comes & goes.
    has it ever happened to you?
    is there a fix :sick:
    thanks for your help
  • kinni420kinni420 Posts: 1
    It happend to my 97 ford Escort after I flushed the radiator. may be I sprayed too much water in the engine compartment fo too long that i think went in the electrical stuff relating to transmision. And I started getting transmission problems. Wouldn't go in first gear or the final gear ie the fourth. Mine is automatic transmission. but after a few days as the water dried it got fine and is running fine even today say after 25000 more kilometers. :P :shades:
  • srfn7srfn7 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened on my 2000 Ford Focus. I had the key but for whatever reason it would not come off, I waited a few days until I needed gas then I called around for a locksmith and their prices to take the thing off. I did not want to do it myself as I was thinking I might set off a spark or something and the thing would explode. Prices for a locksmith ranged from $85 down to $40. 'Course I went with the cheaper one and guess what? He pried it off with a screwdriver! Could have done it myself now I know better. Save yourself the money and do it yourself.
  • randomnessrandomness Posts: 10
    2005 Focus Sedan. Automatic. 19,000 miles on it.

    All of a sudden the car has been jumping. It's random, it's happened driving 80 on the highway or 30 on the street. Sometimes it's kind of jumped or hesitated when I accelerated BUT it's also done it when I've taken my foot off the gas and was just letting the car roll.

    Yesterday, I went to brake at a red light and the car wasn't stopping as fast as it should've. The only *excuse* that would make any sense was that it was raining and I could've been in a deep puddle and it slid. As if that wasn't bad enough, the car stalled. I stepped on the gas and it did nothing so I had to shut it off (again, still sticking out in the middle of an intersection and pissing a bunch of people behind me off) and wait like 5 minutes before I was able to go again. I can't blame the rain because it wasn't raining that hard and I've driven in much worse rain and much bigger puddles than that.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    What do you mean by the term jumping?
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