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Ford Focus Care & Maintenance



  • tdi guytdi guy Posts: 17
    Yes, the ST has the higher horsepower engine. I once considered the SVT Focus, but found it not quite practical as a daily driver, although they are fun to drive. For my recent purchase, I started looking at the ZX3 as I'm fine with a two door and they have alot of room. However, when I learned about the ST, I decided to give it a try. It has more horsepower than the ZX3/5, although less than the SVT. However, unlike the SVT, it takes regular unleaded - not premium. At the same time, it uses many of the suspension parts from the SVT and handles very well. And, yes, it is a little louder due to the performance exhaust. Loud enough the satisfy an aging baby boomer like me, but no loud enough to annoy my wife. Only drawback - with the premium stereo subwoofer in the trunk, it has less storage room the the ZX/5.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    Thanks for the info. Very helpful.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    Interesting. What brand and size tires did you get and which bearings
    did you replace which resulted in almost silent cruising?
    Were the bearing Ford stock or aftermarket?

    Your steering wheel vibration and wiggles at 70 mph, could be related
    to improper air pressure in your tires; wheels are out of balance or
    you need a wheel alignment.
  • kevmkevm Posts: 5
    Would like to replace cd changer with new after market unit having trouble finding wiring harness adapters that fit mach system
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    If the creak noise related to the hub caps is the only problem you are
    having with your 04 Focus, there is hope. You could of had all kinds
    of worse problems with the car. If the Ford dealer doesn't resolve the
    problem, you have rights, and suggest you keep good records and keep
    complaining to Ford until they resolve it.
    By the way, is the car noisy when cruising at freeway speed?
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    You mentioned you have the premium stereo subwoofer. Our you happy
    with your Focus's stereo system - I assume you got the upgraded one?
  • i have a base focus... size 14. the tire brand is SEGURA and the bearings I just bought at O'Reilly autoparts. I had ALL bearings replaced. the wiggle is felt and i have tried almost everything to fix it: balance, alignment, pressure.

    i am thinking of changing from 14 to 15, or even 16, if i find a good deal at ebay for rims. anyone know of a good deal for 15 or 16 rims? lemme know... thanks

    btw, earlier i complained about cupping on my tires and I saw a similar focus with the same tire condition. this could be a structural problem for the 2003. i wonder...
  • Hi,
    I bought my Focus SE new and now it's four years old and has a little over 50K miles. I had to replace my power window motor in the back last year and thought it was a fluke but now the other window in the back is having the same problem! Those windows don't ever get used!

    Is anyone else having a similar problem? :confuse:
  • just wanted to say hello and post a message. I own a 2002 Ford Focus ZTS. Bought it brand new. This car has been EXCELLENT! I have had zero problems except for the 6 disk CD player. I didnt even replace the battery until 65,000 miles. The car is terriffic, Only issue now is the car doesnt hold any value when trying to trade in or sell...
  • Anyone know of a good book that tells when to schedule all the maintenance that needs to be done? I used to have a car repair for dummys book that was good, but is there something specific for the 2004 Ford Focus?
  • I'm not trying to be trite, but the owner's manual for your car is the best place to look for a maintenance schedule. There's also plenty of room to make notes about what was done.
  • kevmkevm Posts: 5
    Any one having a problem with the chip key anti theft system is it possible to have it deactivated
  • I have an 05 SES wagon / auto. After 4000km / 2500mi, I just checked after a trip yesterday which was 400km/250mi of which it was 90% hwy driving at 100 kph / 60 mph. By my calculations I am getting 8.25 l/km or 34 miles per gallon.

    I believe this car should be getting up to 6.75 l/km or 42 mpg. Should I be concerned, or will this improve in time? And if so, when?


  • Doesn't anyone have their owners' manual/maintenance booklet? It spells out what and when for hard driving and regular driving by years and miles. If you bought your car new you MUST have it. that's part of the new car. Not an option, or an accessory. If you bought it used, a lot of times the books get trashed during the clean up, or because the used car guys don't want to deal with them. They can also provide a history of what has been done to the car - oil changes, tire warranties, alignments, batteries, etc.
  • Your wagon with auto transmission has an EPA rating of 32 mpg highway. You probably won't get much better than 34 without a tailwind. One trip using a 1/2 tank of gas is not enough to get a good number for fuel economy, but is an encouraging spot check if you calculated it properly.
  • Oldsven:

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry, I should have clarified. The figure of 42 mpg highway, is for an Imperial gallon which is about 20% larger than a US gallon. This translates to approximately 6.7 litres per 100Km, which is what the EPA highway rating for my car is supposed to be.

    I was just curious as to when I can expect this type of fuel economy.
  • I think the highway EPA rating for your car is 7.3 L/100Km. Gas mileage in winter, depending on how cold it is in your part of Canada, could easily be 0.5 L/100 km worse. I've seen other postings talk about 5000 mi breakin periods, but I had thought that was more of an issue 20 years ago when tolerances were considerably looser. I have a ZX5 SE on order in the Northern US and am certainly hoping to get the EPA ratings. I'd really hate it if I didn't improve on the 28-30 mpg my Concorde has gotten over the past 260k miles. Good luck.
  • I have a 2003 Focus ZX3, which I love and have had no problems with....except for now. My cruise control will not work in the cold weather. I do not have a garage so the car is outside. I recently had it in for regular maintainence and of course they couldn't find any problem with the cruise because it was inside getting warm. I'm over my warranty and want to know if anyone else has experienced this problem before I take it back to the dealership.
  • I have a 2000 Focus SE. The other day after I was done doin my runnin around when I got home and turned my car off I heard my car leaking when I looked it was my antifreeze on the driveway so I popped the hood and noticed that the cap of my overflow tank was sorta knocked off and the antifreeze was on top of the tank. My car was not overheated. So I topped up the fluids(from the min to max line)not that much leaked out I guess it sounded like alot though. This is not the first time is has ever did this there was one other time. I have to go out of town in a couple weeks and I'm sorta freakin out it will do this again. Could it just be my cap was screwed on properly? Plz help. What should I do
  • jhart1jhart1 Posts: 16
    IF you are SURE the fan(s) are working and the water pump is turning and the hoses aren't collapsing and the thermostat is working then replace the radiator cap on the front top of the radiator with a GOOD cap from Ford or NAPA. Other than that you could have a leaking head gasket and a new cap won't make any difference.
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