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crankshaft position sensor

I had the engine rebuilt on my 2006 infiniti M45. the car runs OK but it has a check engine light, and it is sometimes hard to start. If you hook up an engine tester, you will get a crankshaft position sensor error. this was warranty work performed by the dealer (not an Infiniti dealer) so I am certain he found the cheapest mechanic he could find.this mechanic says he has (and has invoices for) replaced the crankshaft, rod bearings, block, rings and flywheel. Using a volt-ohm meter to the ecs module from the crankshaft position sensor I get strong signal then a weak signal. (almost like wow and flutter on a old belt drive turntable) I have tried 5 different crankshaft sensors and 4 camshaft sensors as well as 4 different flywheels. any ideas
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