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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    Have you studied your tachometer and the AT at various speeds? Seems like this car is geared for max fuel economy in the 35-65 mph range. You have to get into overdrive gears (5th & 6th) quickly, stay there, and maintain steady speed (preferably using cruise control).

    The mileage seems to crater at speeds higher than 65 mph and lower than 35 mph. So when your AVG speed was 65 mph, I'm assuming you spent some time above that and maybe in the mid-70 mphs? You won't get anywhere near 40 mpg at 75 mph or higher. Your FE starts dropping significantly at 65-70 mph.

    Your 51 mph avg result is the most interesting one. And the one you achieved the highest FE result, which would be expected. Don't know if you had passengers, luggage, what type fuel you're using, etc. IF ethanol, expect 3-4% decrease in FE.
  • I have about 5,300 miles on my elantra. I drive about 90% highway and 10% BUSY city traffic (lots of lights and stop and go).

    With the weather in Ohio getting much nicer (60+ degrees), I have noticed an increase in MPG, my last tank I got 36.8 MPG calculated (the computer said 41.2 MPG, my computer is routinely off by 3-4 MPGs). At the beginning of that tank, the computer was calculating as high as 49 MPGs.

    I had been averaging in the 33-34 MPG range(calculated).
  • ronnomadronnomad Posts: 11
    The simple answer to your question is yes! I do watch the tach. In doing my research before the purchase, I was drawn to the Elantra because of the 6 speed AT (as compared to the 4 speed in the Corolla). Although more complex, I equated the 6 speed to more efficient in gear selection and overall economy. At 65MPH, in 6th, I would guess the engine is turning around 2100 RPM.

    On the 65MPH trip there were two of us in the car but we were carrying some extra luggage (maybe 100 Lbs.) but the speed was relatively consistent. On the 51MPH trip there were three of us but no luggage so the weights were comparable. Since the 51MPH trip did follow different routes on the round trip, what I should have done was check the economy each way. I am sure the return trip (although longer) was at a higher speed.

    Maybe I'm looking at this from the wrong perspective. I should mention that my other vehicle is another brand with about 125,000 miles on it; is a turbocharged 4 cyl with a 5 speed MT that requires 91 octane. Because of the way it is geared, I would say that at 65MPH this vehicle is turning about 3150 RPM. So, when I compare the driving between the two at similar speeds, it just seems logical that the Elantra should be getting significantly better economy. But it doesn't. On similar trips (2) to Tucson (the 51MPH average trip), this car got between 30 - 32.5 MPG. And, I drive this vehicle a lot harder (read faster).

    I guess that I just feel, that considering the overall driving conditions in the Elantra, the fuel economy should be higher.

    So, going back to my original query, is there a factory authorized adjustment that will boost MPG?

    I must admit that, if I was looking to purchase today instead of last June, I would probably go for diesel. In comparing rated fuel economy and cost of fuel, it didn't make sense back then (diesel would have had to have double the economy). But, with cost of regular gas rising significantly faster than diesel, diesel would appear to be the more economical choice
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    What type gasoline are you using? Ethanol? Keep watching your average MPH calculation.

    I wish we had more posters here with the manual transmission. Seems like nearly all here are AT not MT. My '12 GLS turns over at 1500 RPMs at 25 mph in 4th (direct drive), 35 mph in 5th (an overdrive), and 45 mph in 6th (deeper overdrive). I find it fascinating that the AT won't go into 5th at 25-30 mph even when I use the manumatic feature. Same for getting her into 6th at 35-40 mph. Nice thing about an MT is that you can put her in whatever gear you want as long as their is enough engine torque for the resulting RPMs.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    Comments on tach are right on IMO. Keeping the tach below 2000 in town, with AT or manual, will maximize city MPG. We have 2012 Sonata GLS and the city MPG is much improved with RPMs <2000 and when at 50 MPH RPMs are also lowest and MPG highest. Maximizing City MPG also results in higher "average" MPG since the highway MPG is more consistent and less subject to variables. Our 24 in town and 36 (at 65-70 MPH) on highway is right on the EPA estimates and the average is weighted by the % of city/highway. Also your comment on MPG at speeds over 65-70 is exactly what we see. 15% more speed (with more RPMs obviously) results in 10-15% lower MPG. Good driver training comments to getting the best MPG from cars that will deliver IF driven the correct way. Thanks for the comments.
  • islandtractorislandtractor Posts: 14
    edited March 2012
    Popular Mechanics just addressed exactly this issue with the 2012 Elantra by using a fairly sophisticated road test to check EPA mileage figures. They got slightly HIGHER numbers for miles per gallon than the official figures. Check out the article in the April 2012 edition. Final numbers from a real world 133 mile highway cycle and a 60+ mile urban/suburban cycle were 34.1mpg city and 47.6mpg highway at 55 or 39.3 highway at 70mph. For comparison they tested the Ford Focus SPE at the same time and got 34.3/47.5/33.5mpg respectively. Not sure if this test is on their website but it is in the print edition on the stands now.
  • aptmanaptman Posts: 4
    Look, I read peoples comments before I bought my 2012 Elantra Limited, I saw that many were not pleased with the gas mileage, I have had 2 hyundai's before so I ignored those is the truth as I experienced it...first, I do totally love my car, and I would buy one again...BUT...the is definetly a gas mileage issue...I have 1800 miles on my Elantra and I DO drive with a lead foot, but here is the thing I dont 2010 Elantra averaged 26-27 mpg and I also drove that with a lead 2012 gets 23-24 mpg, the computer always reads a couple miles per gallon more than actual mileage...I admit to having a lead foot and driving mostly city driving, but am puzzled by the fact that my 2010 got much better mileage, it also seems that my 2010 had more power...I would have expected the same mpg as my 2010
  • secorsecor Posts: 11
    Not sue why you're having less mileage under same driving conditions. Was there an engine change between 2010 and 2012? Even if there was, would expect a bit peppier acceleration with the new engine. I only have one tank on my new Elantra and computer says about 25 mpg. Should have stayed with my 2008 Sante Fe. I could believe the computer and was a much nicer drive.
  • secorsecor Posts: 11
    Do you have any thoughts of the Hyundai recommended $15/20 ounce container of fuel system additive at oil changes? Previous post (thank you) directed me to a site that showed high detergent gasoline which would not necessitate the additive. Have over past few years few years felt a shot of injector cleaner once every 5K miles would not hurt.
  • ronnomadronnomad Posts: 11
    Checked the website and this report is not there yet. I will check the print copy as I am curious how they got their MPG figures. It's funny, I checked the test from Consumer Reports and they averaged about 29MPG overall (which is closer to what I am getting). And, to respond to some others on this forum, I understand the cause and effect of RPM and 'Lead Foot' on fuel economy. What I don't understand is that my 11 year old turbo-charged 4 cylinder with a 5 speed manual transmission (which is turning over 3000 RPM at highway speeds) uses premium fuel and has almost 130k miles on it gets almost the same MPG as the Elantra with a 6 speed AT (and turns just over 2000 RPM at the same speed). The best MPG I have seen so far (33MPG) is just 73% of the EPA estimate (and just about the same as reported @70MPH in Popular Mechanics. As a matter of fact, they are getting better MPG in city driving than I am on the highway.

    Although I have not read all the posts on this forum, from what I have read, most are in the less than advertised MPG situation.
  • minnieaminniea Posts: 2
    Fuel prices traditionally go up in the spring time, but it is only March and the nation's pump figures are at near-record highs. It sure makes it tough for a driving fanatic to enjoy feeling the asphalt rushing underneath his or her feet. Still, it is clear that modifications have to be made in support of gas mileage. But there are approaches to be smart, save fuel and still get some time behind the steering wheel. You will need low car loans interest rates in case you are going to be able to pay for to cover gas costs.
  • i am a hospice chaplain and drive between 150-300 miles a day. i purchased my 2012 elantra because of the advertised 40 mpg.... and - of course - like the rest of you..... i get nowhere near that more like 31 mpg. very disappointed. other than that i do like the car, but disappointed in the mpg. is there a class action suit out there that i can be a part of?
  • gman4911gman4911 Posts: 43
    Of the 150-300 miles, how many is city and how many is highway? What is the avg MPH as reported by your computer?
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    Think it is absolutely critical to track average MPH when looking at MPG. I, like many others, tend to overestimate highway miles and seriously underestimate both time and miles in city driving.

    Just filled up again. Now have 2528 miles on odometer. Computer estimated 29.7 mpg. Went 176.0 miles on 6.281 gals of regular (nonethanol) unleaded. Gets 28.02 mpg. BUT avgeraged a meagre 21.0 mph. So I know I was spending the vast majority of time and distance on city driving.
  • most of my driving is country roads... so a lot like highway driving
  • I always check the miles i drive between fill ups with the gallons i put in
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    May '12 issue of MT has an update on their '12 Elantra Limited. After 6 mos and 12,260 miles, they've averaged 26.6 mpg (rated 29/40 mpg). [That compares to 23.7 mpg for their '11 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 (rated 23/30 mpg ) after 7 mos and 12,626 miles; 32.6 mpg for thier '12 Fiat 500 Sport rated 30/38 mpg after 4 mos and 6326 miles; and 25.5 mpg for their '11 Acura TSX Sport Wagon rated 21/31 mpg after 12 mons and 24,150 miles.]
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    Excellent point. We check MPG but not usually MPH. The newer cars max out MPG between 50 & 65 MPH due to going into highest gear at ~50 or so. The intown, or city portion KILLS the average MPG due to lower MPH and therefore lower gears and higher RPMs. Seems obvious, but this is the first post we have seen that connected the average mPH to average MPG. Guess that is why it is in the readout program. Thanks for the idea.
    We just took a 200 mile trip with 2012 Sonata and averaged 34.6 on all highway at 75+. Key was MPH and constant speed - not stop and go.
  • Just filled up again yesterday, and averaged even better MPG. The weather was even warmer last week, with many days in the mid to high 70s. This tank of gas I got 37.93 MPG calculated (361 miles), the computer reported around 42.1 MPG.

    The weather is colder this week, and I have already noticed a hit in MPG.
  • secorsecor Posts: 11
    I live in WA state and I believe we cannot get fuel without at least 10% ethanol. I've also heard that mileage using gas with ethanol added will suffer versus 100% fossil fuel. Also have heard from my Hyundai service department that ethanol may contribute to fuel system contamination; this may explain Hyundai's recommendation to add a fuel system cleaner every oil change. I've read so many unhappy posts about disappointing gas mileage on the Elantra and have to wonder if this is a Hyundai issue/Elantra issue, or all manufacturers. Admittedly, I have not taken the time to visit other sites to check if everyone is unhappy with their car's mileage but really seems to be an issue with the Elantra. I just bought a 2012 limited and am concerned with the mileage posts as this was the main reason I purchased the vehicle. I think I should have kept my 2008 Sante Fe AWD GLS,
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