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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm getting back about $65 and I have almost 17,000 miles on my car.

    You're right and I 100% agree. I wouldn't call that a reimbursement either. I'm really starting to be very disappointed with Hyundai. My first Hyundai was a 2010 Elantra in which the transmission blew a month & half after I bought it (brand new) and now this.
  • According to Motor Trend, if you keep your avg speed below 65 mph, 40 mpg is attainable.
  • You need a very long stretch of road. Flat conditions. Good weather.
    Most who experience higher mpg do so at higher sustained speeds.

    Also be sure to reset your mpg before you test. The cars mpg is not point in time but a measurement since the last reset.

    While i am sure the elantra can hit 36 to 40 (point in time), It cannot do so enough to counterbalance the terrible local mpg. Thus you do see a high mpg on the computer.

    I drive 82 miles a day highway and my computer reads 28 to 29. Where's my 40?
  • lmar1lmar1 Posts: 1
    I thought I was the only one, just purchased a Hyundai Elantra after carefully considering the Honda Civic and Toyota Carolla, both of which we own. This had the best gas mileage ratings which ultimately was our determining factor. So I've been getting 28-29 MPG average open road and around town in the Eco Boost mode. I have been checking it manually because my AVG. on my display even goes down to 24 mpg. I was told there was a "break-in period" so I was waiting to take it back to the dealer for my first oil change to look into this then we got the letter this weekend. I am so disappointed! They are way off on their calculations. I just filled out the mileage estimator re-imbursement calculator that they sent the link for and wow it says a whole $9.98. That makes me feel much better since I just spent $22,500.00 on this car!!!!!!!!!!Is there anything else we can do? HELP!!!
  • Definitely, start or join a class action. There is one in the CA courts now and another just started after Hyundai's admission in I believe Ohio.

    They are going to have to step up with more than $9.98 in a lot of cases. I'd be interested in warranty extension. They did so in addition to debit cards 10 years ago when they "misstated" horsepower claims for the 2002 Santa Fe.

    Good luck and happy motoring.
  • secorsecor Posts: 11
    I've tried it and best I can do is 34 MPG going 65 and all highway. Seems like many others have tried and are not getting close to EPA claims. Can I trade my Elantra in for the one Motor Trend used?
  • I am in the same boat. I got my 2013 Elantra GT in September and the mileage has been lackluster at best. With about 60-70% city driving, I would expect to be getting more than 25-26 average per tank. And as with many others, one main reason for getting this care was the mileage. And like many others, my previous car (1998 Honda Civic) got better mileage with more aggressive driving and lower overall mileage ratings (at the time I bought the car). Also, I am tired of driving like an old man/lady trying to eke out a few more miles per gallon. I'm going crazy.

    Something we can do is get data out there on the performance of these cars. On, you can record your mileage and fuel consumption online and let everyone see it. If enough Hyundai owners do this, maybe it will become clear how far off this car company is in their mileage claims.

    I don't want to take a big financial hit trading this car in, but I also don't want to burst a vein with every tank fill. Massachusetts has a lemon law for car purcahses - I wonder if this qualifies?
  • What's your avg MPH? As you can see in the chart, you need to maintain a speed between 35 and 65 MPH to get 40 MPGs. Also, your driving route needs to be flat. Neither the EPA nor the Motor Trend test is on hilly terrain.

    Do you reset the MPH calculation (in addition to the MPG calculation) everytime you do the test? If not, you need to.
  • I would like to join a class action law suit.

    They way I see it we are averaging 25 mpg in mainly stop and go driving. That is 4 mpg or 14% difference so give me my 14% back.

    10000 * .14 = 1400 miles / 25mpg = 56 gallons * 3.65/gallon = $200 per 10k miles driven.

    I would accept $200 per 10k miles as fair and would way my right to sue.

    $40 per 10k is laughable.
  • Well, all dealers low-ball used car trade in offers when you purchase new. Maybe your $65.00 "reimbursement" is the Hyundai "misstated" low-ball.
  • Ater 10,700 miles no improvement...still averaging 24 combined. I'm up here in NYC area should have parked it by the beach so Hurricane could have taken it away.
  • I agree about lost future sales and not the penny-anny MPG debit cards. They should also extend warranty protection as a good faith gesture.

    Krafcik and his counterpart in S. Korea should fall on the knife, but won't.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I am really surprised Krafcik is still there. Any other self-respecting leader would have resigned by now.
  • rld72rld72 Posts: 2
    last week my wife and i took a ride. we drove from tucson az. to sierra vista az. don't remember the miles and didn't fill and check gas used. if anyone is aware of the topography in southern az. you know that you are always going uphill or down. we drove on i-10 to 90 south to sierra vista, fry blvd. to bypass 90, 90 back to i10, i10 t0 kolb rd. at which point the computer said 44.2 m.p.g. the vehicle is a 2012 elantra limited. my average speed was 50 m.p.h. the car has 18000 miles on it. if you on't get a reasonable mileage something is wrong, either with the car or your driving.
  • That's just it, something IS wrong.
  • rld72rld72 Posts: 2
    so many poster's say the dealer says nothing is wrong, no codes, maybe the techs need more education?
  • I think most would agree 38-40 mpg is achievable for a stretch on the highway. The main problems comes when you drive mostly in stop and go traffic - You cannot get close to the 29mpg.

    I get 24-26 in the 'city'.
  • The original 2013 Elantra sticker states: 29 City, 33 combined, 40 Highway

    My best after 1,500 miles is 23 - 24 city, 25 - 26 combined, 33 - 36 highway

    Quite a shortfall, even if it's not "broken in" yet.
  • I have been posting the gas mileage issue for months here, haters all around always with an excuse, this was my 3rd Hyundai in a row and this will be my LAST ONE...its much worse than they admitted.
  • tcb74tcb74 Posts: 7
    Just did a 1000 mile trip this past weekend.
    L.A.-Las Vegas-Grand Canyon-L.A.
    We drove our 2013 Elantra. And got 42.8 mpg. going about 70-80 m/h.
    When I drive all city no freeway I get about 29-30 mpg. And that's in Los Angeles......
    If you pay attention to the way you drive, it's easy to get that kind of mpg.
    The A/C is a mpg. Killer... And if you get up 10 min late every morning trying to get to work on time, you'll kill you mpg. to.
    We love our Elantra :shades:
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