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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • Lucky you.. thanks for the driving tips, but even the tips won't help my combined 24 mpg. You wanna buy mine?
  • Yeah after every fill up for the first 30-50 miles my dash says 44-47 MPG. Come time to fill up again though the real number for the tank is 29-30. I drive almost entirely highway as well back and forth from work. I find myself coating to stops for long distances when nobody is behind me just to squeek out higher dash numbers which never match what I actually get per tank.
  • you suppose Hyundai's onboard trip computer misstates MPG like the original sticker did?
  • If your tank result is 29-30, you're driving way more stop & go than you realize, which is pulling your average down. Your avg MPH calculation will confirm that.
  • I purchased my 2012 Elantra in June of 2011 when they first came out and paid full sticker price as it was the hottest car on the market. The reason it was the hottest car was the 40/29 mpg that was advertised. From the very beginning I noticed that I was not getting anywhere what was advertised and started posting on this web site. I got the usual story from the dealer as others had posted that the mileage would get better as the car got more mileage on it. Well with 19500 miles on it it has only gotten worse. Latest all city is 19.5 I can still get about 36mpg on an all highway but as the cold weather has started the mileage will drop as others have mentioned. I have owned two other Elantras 2003 and 2004 and got about the same mpg 32/24mpg. I traded in the 2004 when I heard about the supposed 40/29.If I knew what I know now I never would have traded it in for the 2012 and would have gotten a Civic. I do love the styling but am sorry that I went for the Elantras again. I will keep it for now but will be looking to trade it in the future.
  • Is there any way to refuse this debit card offer and demand more of a compensation? I've been disappointed in the mileage that my 2011 Elantra has gotten from the beginning, and find their statement "estimates on affected vehicles were overstated by one or two MPG" as insulting. It's closer to 5-10 mpg. in my experience. Had I known this, I would have bought the Jetta I really wanted. I bought this car for the supposed great mileage.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Selmam: I don't know if there is another way. Probably not since they are not being truthful about any of it. Check with the dealer you bought it from. Hyundai sales in NC have dropped greatly. There is an Elantra GT I have been looking at, sitting in front of the showroom, for the past six weeks. The dealer won't budge on his $999 administration fee (pays the little lady in the back room to type up the bill of sale) and the $399 mud guards. They say they will give the buyer $500 when he signs the contract. What a bunch of nuts. :P
  • Mine gets pretty close to the updated estimates but this is simply unacceptable behavior by ANY company.

    There is no way they could have honestly made a mistake on how they test their cars. Not only is it a black-mark on the company but they should be punished with a tariff. This amounts to unfair trade practice, dishonesty in the marketplace and for me and my kids... it is my last Hyundai (after buying four). It is simply unacceptable for a company to lie to me and get away with it.

    Goodbye Hyundai Kia... never again!
  • Well said, or to put it another way, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". Hyundai misstated horsepower on the 2002 Santa Fe. How do I know? I received their debit card settlement and warranty extension. Their US President at the time said; well...consumers don't purchase Hyundai's for performance anyway, or words to that effect. He got canned shortly thereafter. Now, a relatively new US President and a huge misstated MPG claim.

    These guys got this down pat.
  • There is no way they could have honestly made a mistake on how they test their cars.
    The story is that they misinterpreted the EPA test procedures. Can anyone say that's not possible?
  • Anything is "possible". But, are the EPA test procedures new to these guys? Does the EPA change the test procedures that frequently? How many years practice in S. Korea on each years Kia & Hyundai new models will it take?

    In the meantime, let's misstate the results of our testing misinterpretations, put competition at an unfair disadvantage and in doing so sell a few more thousand units.

    Thanks to a few irratated owners they got busted with their hand in the cookie jar, simple as that.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    It's called gilding the lilly, going too far trying to make a great new car more fetching. Hyundai was so desperate to get new models into production and shipped, they threw something into the stew that didn't need to be added. Now, Hyundai and Kia dealers have padded prices in the extreme trying to make the models look unbeatable, Such nonsense as $399 mudflaps and $999 sales fees.

    You want to see and hear what those cars are really like, listen carefully to the video reviews on, listen to how the doors crash when closed, the tin-like trunk lids and hoods. If they got 100 mpg I'm not sure I would buy one. The 40mpg they are touting is no big deal. Buy a used Honda Civic with 5-speed stick and drive it moderately fast, it will happily give you 40mpg. My 1994 Civic did. :D
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    The test I would really like to see: what those glass roofs and the cars' interiors look like after a Texas thunderstorm with golf-ball size hail. Doesn't Korea have hailstorms?
  • Great question about "refusing the debit card". Has the EPA or the US Government for that matter accepted Hyundai's mia culpa? Hyundai should be slapped with fines & penalties far beyond the debit cards, and each owner should get a piece of that too.

    There are consumer class actions pending now with obviously more to follow. Other auto manufacturers should also sue Hyundai based on deceptive advertising to gain market share.

    Hyundai sold 900,000 units based largely on false advertising. In the court of public opinion they violated terms of their parole from previous "misstatements" and bogus claims that are nothing less than fraud.

    Obviously they want the debit card holders & bad press to disappear as quickly as possible. They will pay dearly, but little of that will go directly to Elantra owners.
  • tcb74tcb74 Posts: 7
    No thanks one Elantra is enough:) Try to fill up and reset your trip counter and then do the math when you fill up again. You might have a problem with the computer. 24 mpg. Combined sounds very low.
  • That's the only way I do it...can't rely on the computer. I've had the car a year now and it's a consistent 24 combined....just ridiculous!
  • So, I bought the 2011 Elantra Limited because I got sold mainly on the mileage. The car was nicely equipped and a really good price, but i never was fully satisfied because of the mpg issue. I ended up averaging 30mpg overall with a 60/40 highway/city mix over 18000 miles (I should be getting about $75 back once my reimbursement clears). Which compared to some is still pretty darn good.

    If i had bought the Elantra because I just really loved the car, I'd still own it today probably. But my main reason was the mpg, and I stupidly couldnt get over it like a bad breakup. So I ended up trading it in for a 2012 Jetta TDI with a stick shift. In which i average 39.9 in the same mix over 13500 miles.

    If you are considering an Elantra, look at the cost benefits, the value for the money and the styling, and consider the mpg numbers as another feature, and you'll probably never second guess your choice like i did (plus i went from stick for 10 years to an automatic, and just missed having a manual, so that was another factor for tradein).
  • I agree. I'm sure a lot of people who have been making noise about this issue are feeling vindicated but NOT compensated.

    I think they are trying to escape a massive lawsuit that would be much more money. I think it's pretty clear the U.S. government looked the other way, perhaps to give them a foothold in the market here (jobs, etc. being the payoff). And now that the mileage problem has gone from a few disgruntled customers to a collective roar they are doing a minimal 'fix' and lying about how it happened and getting a little slap on the wrist from the government. Not only have people lost faith in Hyundai, but also for the authority of the EPA. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this whole thing was planned and pre-calculated into their profit numbers from the get-go....better known as 'the cost of doing business'.
    Their legal solution doesn't come close to compensating for BOTH past and future losses due to owning a much less gas efficient car than was stated. They have lost me as a future customer but I still will be living with this less gas efficient vehicle for several more years. There ought to be something worked out for those wanting to unload their Hyundai or KIA.
    I want out of this contract so I can purchase a PRIUS.

    Just saw this article about Hyundai/KIA compensation today - stating-mileage-claims.html
  • eweinereweiner Posts: 36
    Cant tell you how many jerks here and on other sites were so totally convinced that the poor mileage was due to improper driving.

    Hyundai's admission shut them up quick.

    Hyundai has still understated the issue. I rarely get the combined EPA milage on my Elantra even when a lot of my miles are highway.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I think it's pretty clear the U.S. government looked the other way, perhaps to give them a foothold in the market here (jobs, etc. being the payoff).

    Ridiculous. Even if the U.S. government wanted to pay off an automaker to add jobs, why select a foreign automaker that already had two factories in the U.S. with no near-term plans to add another?

    It's comments like that that make it difficult to take complaints about FE seriously. Those kind of comments only bring down those from people who have legitimate complaints, e.g. due to a defect in their car.

    And if you wanted the FE of a hybrid like the Prius... you should have purchased a hybrid in the first place.
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