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Honda Odyssey Care and Maintenance



  • fasstlnfasstln Posts: 8
    Just unscrew your cap off and screw it back on. Sometimes if it doesn't seal right, it will throw this code.
  • fasstlnfasstln Posts: 8
    This is just your dealership trying to take your money.
    Your car is still brand new and does not need the differential fluid or transmission fluid changed. Heck, some cars never have their differential fluid changed...ever!

    I would have the transmission fluid flushed at 50k miles or so. The differential fluid you could do at the same time.
    If you race your van professionally, then you would want to do this sooner, otherwise don't listen to the stealership because all they want is your money!!
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    Sounds like you want the very best for the engine with the oil you use, so why not do the best for the filter and stay with the Honda one?
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    You may have to do this several times, but just once after you shut the engine off. Make sure the cap clicks 4-6 times when you replace it. What I'm trying to say is do this once after you drive the van and shut it off. Repeat that sequence several times.
  • Can someone give me advice on synthetic oil? My dealer recommended Mobil 1, so when I changed the oil in my 2006 EXL/N/R at 4500, I put that in, with a Fram "Ultra" which says it is good for 7K miles. When should I next change? I would guess that the oil life indicator will not do me any good. Mobil 1 is only $23.50 for a 5 qt jug at Wal-Mart.
  • i'll do that next time. i bot the fram b/c my buddy who's pretty religious abt car maintenance and i had a discussion, and it sidetracked from oil filter to air filter and somewhere in there he mentioned to just use fram, and i took it as the one for oil filter. i'll go the genuine honda route for the next one. has the 6-pk bundle with washer for < $37 shipped to me. thanks for the advise, and yes...i do want the best for my ody.
  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    I already tried to unscrew the cap and screw back several times with several clicks each time.
  • Have you tried going by Autozone or another auto parts store with the code readers? They aren't supposed to, but maybe if you sweet talk him or her, you can get them to rest codes with the readers. This should be doable if the have the codes for an '06 Odyssey.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    I have a 2007 Odyssey EX. I'm getting a humming noise that is most noticeable at about 42 mph and again at around 65 mph, though I can hear it all the time bewteen those speeds if I listen carefully. The noise is a combination hum/lawnmower motor type sound - the same sound that the wheel hub bearing made on my old Chevy when it failed. It is not the 2000 rpm hum that is typical of this Ody design - its definitely something else.

    Any other ideas as to what it might be would be greatly appreciated. By sheer coincidence, the car is going to the dealer tomorrow for a previously scheduled L/O/F and replacement of the mesh in the A-pipe.


  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    I'm assuming you have an EX and not EX-L. The VCM equipped Odysseys sound like a helicopter is flying above at a distance when in ECO mode.

    There are people experiencing bad wheel bearings and power steering pumps. Maybe yours has a bad bearing.

    Just curious, if your car doesn't drone why is the A-pipe being replaced?
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    Yes, its an EX - not an EX-L. As it turns out, tech heard it right away and believed it was the left front wheel bearing. He was changing it when I called and was going to then road test to be sure the right didn't also need replacing.

    After reading your post, I surfed this board for other posts pertaining to bearings and couldn't find any (unless I did a bad search). Where else can I learn more about this problem?

    Oh, and I DO have the droning noise - but that noise is different from the bearing noise. The drone is only heard at around 2000 rpm in top gear, whereas the bearing noise was more of a metallic hum coupled with a small lawnmower engine sound, heard at various speeds and rpm, but with particular resonance at around 42 mph and 65 mph. Two different thangs.

    I'm picking it up from service tomorrow AM - let's see if the A-pipe mesh replacement fixes or at least minimizes the drone. :)

  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Wheel bearing can go even on new cars. If you a pot hole and ding it just right, they'll wear out quick. I put a new one my Chevy Impala last fall(but that did have 135,000 miles on it). The guy who did the work told me the problems is more common than you'd think.
  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    The message went away in about a week. Guess you need a numbers of on/off cycle.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    If this is the only thing that ever goes wrong on my Odyssey, I'll be the most satisfied Honda customer on the planet. I've been a driving enthusiast my whole life - never owned a car w/o a manual transmission until I got married - always had hot (or at least hot-looking) cars when I was single and even some pretty darn nice ones after I was married (my current ride is an '04 Accord EX-L V-6 6 spd. Coupe - you've probably seen my posts on the Accord board).

    I have my wife in a minivan b/c its practical for my family - but I'm almost ashamed to admit how much fun it is to cruise 'round with the wife and kids in this thing. Its definitely the nicest driving, quietest, most comfortable family vehicle I've ever owned.

    So bearing - shmaring! ;)


    p.s. - It was the left front wheel bearing - and the wife says the pipe replacement seems to have greatly dimmed the 2000 rpm drone though I haven't driven the car enough myself yet to tell for sure.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Yeah I agree the Odyssey is really fun to drive. Gosh it handles better than a lot of cars. Glad to hear you're pleased with it and have looked past the bearing problem.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    My oil life was at 30% and I accidentally reset it to 100% without doing the oil change. The next service reccomended was a "B service" with no numbers.

    What are my options here?

    The display that comes up if you get to the reset screen for maintenance minder still says the next service will be a "B" even though the oil life is now 100%.

    How did this happen? I sent to the reset screen to see what my next service was, pressed the button and it reset. Ooops. My bad!

    I am thinking of waiting for the oil life to drop 10% and then just doing the B service and oil change. Any flaws in that plan?
  • pgroganpgrogan Posts: 5
    I normally do not buy extended warranties, but I am considering one for the Odyssey I purchased yesterday. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on where to purchase? Also what warranty did you get and how much did you pay?
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    I purchased an '07 Odyssey EX for $26k in December, 2006, with a 5 year 100k HondaCares warranty. The warranty cost was around $1000 and is a zero deductible package.

    Be sure you are getting a HondaCares warranty and not some P.O.S. Universal Underwriter's aftermarket policy or you will have lots of problems down the line. I also recommend negotiating for the zero deductible. Otherwise, after the 3/36 expires, every time you come in with a warranty issue, they'll clip you for $100 just to tell you that either its working the way it should or it's not a covered item.

    Finally, when you get your warranty packet, make sure you check that it actually specifies the terms you agreed to - I negotiated for a zero deductible, but when it came, it said $100 deductible and I had to leave boot prints on the business manager's rear end to get it changed to what it was supposed to be (which they finally did).

  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    I live in the Phoenix area where it gets above 110 degrees about 10-20 times per year. All the dealers say I should change the timing belt at 60,000 miles because of the heat. What would be the best thing to do? BTW they want about $500.00 for the job, which seems on the high side.
  • mvfergmvferg Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any idea how to reset the service light on an 05 Odyssey Touring? I've tried holding the 'i' button but service reset is not one of the options. HELP!!!
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