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Honda Odyssey Care and Maintenance



  • Recently received a recall notice from Honda re: the "jugging" problem with my '07 Odyssey EX. We haven't really had the problem, though it does have the low-frequency lugging rumble at around 40 mph from upshifting too quickly that these cars are known for. I figured: (1) recall (2) from Honda itself (3) do it for safety and peace of mind and so my wife brought the car this past Wednesday.

    However, when my wife drove the car out, she found that it how HAS the "jugging"problem it didn't have and which the PCM upgrade was supposed to "fix." At 30-40 mph, if I slow down, and then get back on the gas, the car intermittently shudders and hops.

    Dealer says (in a basic crayon level explanation that doesn't fully describe the issue) - transmission PCM was running original software and is now running software with upgrade. But torque converter is still running original version and they're not talking to each other quite properly. Claiming that software upgrades cannot be removed or reversed once installed, they have ordered a new torque converter for the car. It took them 4 hours of time, including a call to tech-line at Honda, to diagnose the problem.

    However, I have a problem with a software upgrade that damages hardware enough to require a replacement after only 40 miles. Moreover, I was unaware (and may admittedly be naive) that there is even any software or computer controls IN the torque converter. Something just doesn't make sense to me at an instinctive level. What I fear, is another day without my vehicle and an annoyed wife, and still no solution to the problem they created.

    Anyone else had this problem or tried this fix if you did? All knowledgeable feedback would be welcome b/c I'm really lost on this one. If anyone has a TSB or other literature I could show the dealer, that would also be helpful.


  • I just returned from my local Honda dealer after experiencing the same stumbling @40 MPH with the transmission seeking either 4th or 5th gear. I need to have my torque converter replaced and so many Odysseys’ are requiring this fix that the parts are on guess is one week.

    There is a TSB 09-053 from Honda that addresses this problem.

    My Ody has 39K miles and interestingly enough my dealer told me today that according to Honda's record my vehicle had the "new" software installed recently. I told the dealer we had never brought this vehicle in for any service visit at any time to any Honda dealer. My wife thinks that some unscrupulous dealer must have filed a bogus warranty claim for the software update. Bizzare.
  • I had a 2004Odyssey and the tranny went out at 50K miles. My 2007 Odyssey is doing OK with 30K miles so far. I purchased the extended warranty with this one. It's too bad they make a weak tranny, It's a great car otherwise.
  • Replying to: jskusn (Sep 22, 2009 1:41 pm)
    Thanks for this info. It really floored me that the dealer took 4 hours to diagnose a TSB issue that should be readily apparent in ten minutes. This is not the 1st time this has happened with this car and/or this dealership.

    Did you have the PCM update already? If so, did you have the stumbling problem before the PCM update or only after, like me? Just curious.

    Again - thanks! :shades:
  • My '07 has not seen the service dept. yet... I do fluid and filter changes myself. It is running fine so far.
    Did you get any recall or update notices from Honda?
  • Amazing! The exact same thing happened to me yesterday. I wrote a scathing email to the service manager at my local Honda dealer. He replied saying he would look into the issue. The TSB will help me.... Thanks so much. I'll let you know how I make out. Otherwise our 2007 EX is doing great with 50k miles. This bucking problem started around 25k miles and has is worse now. My big concern was a large repair bill down the road on my dime.
  • i have the same problem on a 06. did you determine what the problem was on your van?
  • Hondalova, I have the exact same problem you do. Just brought in my 07 Odyssey for software upgrade (notice received from the dealer) on the transmission this morning thinking it would make the vehicle run better, even though I have no noticeable transmission issue prior to the SW upgrade. Now the car is vibrating/hopping when driving with a light foot on gas pedal at 20-30mph, but transmission seems to work fine with an agressive foot on the gas pedal. Called the dealer back & they want to replace the torque converter too--citing they cannot re-install the original SW version. I wish they would have told me this before installing it. I'm very nervous about having a major job done on at 27k mile van. I'm trying to contact Honda headquarter to see if this SW upgrade can be reverted.
  • My 07 Odyssey did not have any issues but since I got the S/W upgrade notice, I took it in to the dealer. They installed the S/W update and and right after the S/W upgrade, the judder appeared and was bad. I checked the TSB 09-053 that was applied and it clearly says that if the S/w update does not eliminate the judder, then the torque converter need to be replaced. I called Honda and they told me the same and asked me to return to the dealership. Today I did and a tech who did a test drive with me noticed the judder and after some discussion, they told me they need to call Honda Tech Line. Got a call this afternoon saying they are working on replacing the torque converter and that is the problem. It seems like this is a problem that Honda wants to address as needed. Seems like major work since the tech said they need to remove the transmission to get to the torque converter.
  • I doubt if the S/W can be reverted since the TSB says if the dealer has any vehicles in the fleet without the upgrade, then they should do it prior to selling it etc.
  • Hey. This is late,but I'm new. I wondered the same thing. I haul stuff in plastic bins for my small business. I came up with this idea. My sign co. always wraps the signs in this really nice thin foam i guess you call it. I always kept the stuff cause it was so nice. So I went and asked to buy some. They gave me - I tripled it for the whole back and got some to protect the seat backs too. Working good so far. The width was already perfect pretty much.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    Just thought you'd all want to know that, once they installed the torque converter, not only was the juddering problem solved, but the buzz/hum at 40 mph is greatly diminished as well. So - a hassle at first but, in the end, worked out for the better. Good luck and thanks for all the help.
  • thezonethezone Posts: 22
    This issue started happening last week on my 2004 Honda Odyssey - When you lock the van with the remote it used to give a "honk" to indicate that it is locked, now there is no sound - though the doors lock.

    Anyone had this issue before or any possible reasons?

  • For some reason my message (#683) is not being
    cutoff where I can't read all of it after posting. I hope
    that this posting without a picture makes all of the
    text visible.

    How do you replace the lights behind the HVAC cluster? How the light in the lip over the dvd player? Or the lights behind the left and right seat heater switches? Or the lights behind the transmission selector (park, reverse, neutral, drive....)? Or the dash switches to the left of the steering wheel?

    My 2005 Odyssey has 108k miles on it. I routinely drive with the lights on (day and night). Many of these lights are out on my van, but I can't find anything about this in the owner's manual or the the expensive Helm shop manual or Helm electrical system manual that I bought. It's not a fuse, because they've been going gradually. I don't relish the thought of paying the dealer to do this.
  • We had the same problem. Eventually the driver's side door would not unlock and we had the door lock system replaced. Costly!
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    my '06 odyssey has only 29,000 mi. I know that certain coolants have a max age life in addition to mileage life..having no real guidance,(mileage/age), in the maint. manual, any thoughts on when this coolant should be replaced?
  • My 2006 started that wierd behavior too. I lock the van and the horn does not sound and there is not blinking lights whatsoever, suddenly it starts working again for no reason. One thing I can tell and it seems this behavior started when the outside temperature is low...
  • Folks,

    My 2006 Honda Odyssey at 37000 miles had the maintenance minder come on with Code B but there was no sub item code displayed (such as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). Have you seen that before? If yes what was the fix? According to manual a sub item code should appear.

  • heukenheuken Posts: 11
    That seems kind of strange. I would try resetting it like you would after an oil change. Change the oil while your at it!
    If that don't work, call service at a Honda dealer, they may help.
    Write back if you figure it out.
    Thanks Karl
  • Hi,

    I did the oil change, reset the service minder and the service code reset to 100% as normal. I guess I have to wait to next service minder. I called the Honda dealer about it and they said it is strange too! I will wait to next service minder before I take it in in case it happened again.

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