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2006 Forester and synthetic blend

2006 Forester with 60k miles. Since new I have assumed that this car
took a synthetic blend 5-30 and have topped it up with that when needed.
Today when I went in for my oil change I mentioned to the rep that it took
synthetic blend. He said, no, just regular 5-30 and that's what they put in.
When I got home I went thru all of my receipts and saw that at my 1st oil change (7k miles) the receipt said SYNB, which I assume is synthetic blend.
Two questions: 1) Altho the manual does not recommend the syn blend, was this a typical oil used for the 06. 2) did I do any harm by topping up with the syn blend?


  • Forgot to add that every receipt after the 1st one at 7k miles did not have the
    SYNB code, so I assume that it has been regular 5-30.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,445
    Doesn't hurt a thing, logtrail. If the blend you were purchasing was more expensive than "regular" oil, you wasted a little money, but no harm done.

    As long as the oil meets the appropriate rating, you can use regular, blend, or full synthetic without harming your engine.

    I run a full synthetic 0w-30 in my 2010 Forester on annual (about 13-15K miles) intervals, and I don't even have to add any oil to it during that time frame.
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