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2012 Wind noise driver side defect? test drove 3 vans

Hey guys, I have a 2012 Touring I picke up last week. Starting at 55mph, and progressively worse, (I cruise at about 75-80) the wind in the cabin gets pretty loud. It's like driving on a windy highway where you get the gushes of wind that sound like it's going across the car.

However the worst part is on the driver side window at the top left corner the wind sound is very obvious. So much that if you simply put a small rag into the corner the sound clearly goes away. So thinking I had something defective I took it into the dealer today. Technician drove with me and agreed it was loud and could be muffled with a rag. Later that day he drove another 2012 touring and said it was obvious in that one as well. (Right side passenger does not have this problem btw)

I then went back to the dealer, we drove a 3rd car and that one too could easily be heard on the driver side, with and without the rag.

He didn't know how to fix it since they haven't seen many 2012 Odyssey's in yet. I contacted Honda thru twitter @hondacustsvc and they assigned me a case manager who's looking into it.

I searched the boards and dont' see many people complaining about this. Given there were 3 2012 Odyssey's that had this were they all a bad batch? Are we crazy? Is this only on the touring?

Anyone else notice this? please let me know as I'm a bit frustrated on this. The other car we drove btw sounded quieter to me in regards to front windshield wind noise. I'm hoping it's easily fixable and that I don't have a lemon.

If you read this review from Edmunds
"On the inside, the 2012 Honda Odyssey is as quiet as a premium luxury sedan. Road and wind noise are almost completely absent, as is noise from the drivetrain. Honda's continuing use of active noise-cancelling technology contributes to the impressively peaceful cabin by emitting counter-phase sound through the speakers to eliminate much of the drone that passengers would otherwise hear."

I was hoping for this quiet minivan, instead it's a pretty windy one :(


  • svdz1svdz1 Posts: 2
    I too have a 2012 Odyssey, but it's a EXL with RES.

    Wind noise at drivers door is horrible from 50miles/hr and up. Passenger side doesn't seem to do it. Haven't tried rags but by just rubbing hand up around top window area doesn't seem to affect anything.

    I've taken back to dealer who also noted the noise. They also test drove another 2012 that was still new on the lot and I was told it also had issue so they wouldn't attempt to warranty any door seals.

    We test drove a 2011 and didn't notice any wind noise prior to buying the 2012, but haven't been back to test drive the '11 again.

    Seems to be a Honda defect but they've already got my 35k and don't seem to care about resolving at this point.
  • I just bought a 2012 odyssey EXL and have similar problem. I have wind noise on passenger side coming from the windshield or small window in front of door. Only occurs at hight speed 70 and above. Only had the car for one month and haven't taken it back to the dealer. I had a 2008 EXL and it was problem free for and after my trip I wish I had kept it. I was expecting it to be quiet compared to the 2008.
  • cjasiscjasis Posts: 12
    Our 2012 Touring Elite has the same wind intrusion sound around the top of the driver's door at freeway speeds. I haven't yet had a chance to take the car in but it's def. not right since the passenger side is very quiet.
  • Count me in. I get thesame noise on the drivers side. Copassengers comPlain that i am shouting in the car to get my voice heard. And they dont need to shout so that means they dont feel the noise as much as i do. I think i should take it to the dealer. T is pretty obvious that the wind noise is more at higger speeds since the van pretty quite on city local traffic.

    I will try the rag but i am not sure where to put the rag. Should it be all along the window or just at a particular spot. Any kind of advise is appreciated.
  • me too, me too....we have a 2012 touring elite...the wind noise is so bad that we are thinking of trading it in with 2,000 miles on it.....terrible...obviously Honda has a problem here...sounds like I am in a rocket ship driving down the highway and it interferes with the voice technology...the car can't understand voice commands cause it is sooooooo loud inside the cabin....
  • My husband and I purchased a 2012 Touring Elite in October 2011. (Traded in our 2008 Odyssey). We had an issue with the wind noise in our 2008 and found a tsb regarding the issue. We brought it to the attention of our local Honda dealer and they corrected the problem immediately by placing a "foam strip" on the internal components of the door. Now that we have our 2012, we have found the same "wind noise" issue to be present. We were actually just at the dealership this morning in an attempt to get the problem resolved. We were informed that because the structure of the door (body style) had changed, the foam seal would not be able to be inserted in the same way as with our 2008. The dealership even called Honda's manufacturer to see if there had been any reported issues concerning this. None were found. It was decided that we would return to the dealership in 90 days in order to give Honda time to see if any other issues are coming in regarding wind noise and to come up with a solution. I strongly encourage each of you having issues to contact Honda. If there are enough of us bringing the wind noise to their attention, they will come up with a solution to benefit each of us! Thanks for taking time to read my post. God bless!
  • I cannot believe I just found this thread! I bought a 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite last week and I am so so upset. The wind noise which sounds like it's coming from the driver window or the new tiny triangular-shaped window next to sideview mirror-- it's unbelievable. Additionally, the air vent is being reflected in the sideview mirror, no matter how I turn it!! On top of this-- it was a mildly windy day yesterday, and as I drove on the highway, the Odyssey literally was sliding on the road to the point that I almost felt I should pull over.

    I called the dealership, they advised they could see if it was something the service dept could fix. Personally, I was looking to return the car all-together. Today I called Honda America, they advised this was between me and the dealership.

    As a side-note, I'll mention that the onboard computer is a pain and not at all simple and user-friendly. It takes about 5 different button selections to do anything and if you use an iphone 4s with it, it turns the sound off on your phone if it's connected thru bluetooth. So you are not notified of text messages, etc once you are connected with the car. UGH!!!!

    Needless to say, tomorrow I am getting rid of my week-old Odyssey. I am not a happy camper.
  • There's a larger thread here on Odyclub that I have my Honda Rep following. We definitely need more people actually taking it into the dealer so that their Honda Rep can start putting in complaints so that there is a fix. seys-test-driven-defect.html
  • Currently shopping 2012 Odyssey and found the driver's window noise problem on 3 out of 5 test driven. The two that were quiet were indeed very silent. Discovered that the three noisy ones all had a sloppy job done on aftermarket window tint on the driver's window: an uneven edge from about 2/3 of the way to the top left just enough of a gap that you can hear wind noise starting at about 50mph on up. The two quiet ones had a better job installing the tint with no ragged edge exposed. We are waiting for a new one off the truck and told the dealer to NOT install tint.
  • Test drove two off the truck without aftermarket tint and both were quiet; taking delivery of one of those today. See my earlier post about sloppy window tint and check yours if you have noise. Roll the window all the way up and look from the outside at the tint along the back edge of the window as it nears the top. If you see a varying gap width to the molding of tinted vs non-tinted (especially as you approach the top corner of the glass), that could be your source of wind noise, because that was the cause in all three 12 Ody's we drove that had the driver's window wind noise above 50mph.
  • Bought a 2012 Odyssey Touring to replace a 2005 Touring.... Wind noise is incredible... I am floored that Honda let this out and is not addressing it... We have Bluetooth for the phone and it is impossible to hold a conversation when on a freeway..

    Hopefully they will address it soon.
  • rezorezo Posts: 1
    Why would a dealer install an after-market tint on a brand new car from a reputable car manufacturer without anybody explicitly asking for this feature?
    I really don't understand.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,739
    To add it onto the final price of the car. It costs them about $100 to do and probably retail it at $400.
  • Yes, tint is a common dealer add-on for extra profit. We are happy with the factory tint, and very glad we did a thorough test drive before buying. The van we brought home is very quiet. Our dealer is changing the way they install tint to avoid wind noise issues on the units they sell. So far it looks like the sloppy tint installation was the cause of the wind noise here.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,739
    Just to be clear, that's dealer installed tint - not factory tint.
  • svdz1svdz1 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    Where I live after-market tinting on the front windows is illegal. There is no tint on my front windows and above 50mph I might just as well crack the window because that what it sounds like. Maybe it's just a new "feature" Honda has given us with the new slogan "like no van before"!
  • That really stinks. I think Honda really needs to get their act together. Anyways, I have a 2006 and the same thing happens BUT it's on the top right corner. Good luck with your car. Also, did the dealer offer to replace the windsheild? Hope you get many more miles.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,739
    Where I live after-market tinting on the front windows is illegal.

    Mr. Sematics here - the window tint at a certain point is probably the actual law. The typical allowable level is 35%.
  • I bought the 2012 EXL a week ago and I confirm that the wind noise is horrible once you pass 55mph on the highway.

    I am disappointed at Honda for not addressing this issue.
  • Have you verified your noise is not caused by aftermarket window tint?
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