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2012 Kia Rio5: Real Time Fuel Economy (MPG).



  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    I agree with basically everything you posted concerning your 2012 Kia Rio5 (SX). EXCEPT the sup-par Fuel Economy. As I previously posted, my 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback also with a 1.6 ltr 4 cyl engine (without) GDI and a 6 speed automatic transmission always produces between 33-35 mpg city and 41-43 mpg highway. Two similar size vehicles with similar weight, one performs with fuel economy comparable to a Hybrid (The Ford Fiesta) the other the Kia Rio5 has the fuel economy of a full side compact or intermediate size vehicle. Everything else I agree with! Since my (LX) did not come with the "Active Eco" feature, I don`t have to shut mine off.
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012

    I'm glad you agree with my overall assessment of the 2012 RIO SX model. However, I'm not quite sure what you disagree with. Hopefully you can clarify.

    Do you disagree that the RIO EPA Combined rating is 33 mpg?

    Do you disagree with my combined mileage results of 31-32 mpg?

    Do you disagree with my comment that very few people spend 100% of the time on the highway and should use the EPA COMBINED rating as their guide?
  • aurorabdsaurorabds Posts: 4
    No, I checked out all the settings. The dealer replaced the speakers, which i doubted would work. Now they have a new radio on order. I'll let you know.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    Let me know if the change of both the Speakers as well as the Radio improved the sound quality. I have spoken to several other 2012 Kia Rio5 owners with the (standard) Radio`s equipped in both the (LX) and (EX) Trim lines and everyone agrees, they all sound like an old 1970`s Japanese Transistor Radio.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    What I agree with is that I too appreciate all the (positive) attributes you mentioned and the overall satisfaction of the 2012 Kia Rio5. I however, "disagree" that the (combined) 33 MPG average for its fuel economy is acceptable for a B-Segment vehicle. Please re-read my Post of the Fuel Economy I get with my other vehicle, a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE hatchback with the same size 4 cyl engine (without) GDI and 6 speed automatic transmission. Why should the Ford Fiesta get 33/35 mpg City and 41/43 MPH Highway compared to the Kia Rio5? It may appear the (average) is only and extra 5 MPG, but I know I fill up the tank on my Rio more often then I do in my Fiesta regardless of the combination of driving that I do.
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012
    Phil said, "I however, "disagree" that the (combined) 33 MPG average for its fuel economy is acceptable for a B-Segment vehicle"

    Phil's entitled to his opinion but that EPA 33 mpg Combined Rating is available and known to all RIO buyers before they purchase the car. I saw it and knew before signing the contract that's the maximum I would get. I also knew that nobody gets the actual EPA numbers. My goal was to be reasonably close and I am, because I'm getting between 31-32 mpg in combined mileage driving.

    I'm realistic and understand that I rarely spend a lot of time on the highway, probably around 45-50%. One of these days I'm going to fill up the tank and go for a long drive on the Interstate to see if I can get that magical 40 mpg number.

    So unlike Phil, I'm pleased with my miles per gallon, and overall, I flat out love my 2012 RIO SX. I'm amazed that an economy car has so much going for it, an aerodynamic sleek look, cool technology, brisk acceleration, nimble handling, lots of comfort, backup camera, outside mirrors that fold in, UVO Voice controlled entertainment and phone Calls. Best of all, it costs me next to nothing when I fill up the tank.

    Like any car, it also has a few minor flaws. But overall, I recommend the RIO SX model highly and think you would be making a mistake if you fail to put in on the list of cars you want to test drive.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    My Friend; I don`t want to get into a pissing contest with you over (our) 2012 Kia Rio5`s! You claim that (seldom) does the EPA Fuel Economy Numbers ever hold up and almost never get achieved in (real time) driving. I agree! However, my 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback, again with the same size 1.6 ltr engine (without GDI) and a 6 speed automatic Transmission had even (lower) EPA estimates and still delivered "HIGHER" 33/35 City and 41/43 mpg highway numbers. If Ford could do it, why not Kia? I very much like my 2012 Kia Rio5 (but) no matter how you want to frame the argument, a much heavier, more powerful, Ford Focus (with GDI) gets better fuel economy then the Kia Rio, does that make sense to you? Again, I`ve been a Hyundai and Kia owner for 2 decades, I like their vehicles and they have with out a doubt, the Industry`s BEST Warranty. Sorry to offend you and I did`nt mean to tarnish your love affair with your new Kia Rio5. I`m (not) Bashing anything, but I stand on the fact that I and most other 2012 Kia Rio owners feel that the Gas Mileage was misrepresented, period!
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012
    Phil said, "a much heavier, more powerful, Ford Focus (with GDI) gets better fuel economy then the Kia Rio, does that make sense to you?"

    Yes it does. My buddy and I each took a 2011 Ford Focus for test drives and both of us were stunned by the horrible acceleration of the new Focus. I had a 2002 Focus for ten years which I liked a lot but it was horrible on the highway because I couldn't pass a mini-van with it. In fact, it was dangerous when attempting to pass on a two lane highway.

    I was really looking forward to buying the new Focus but I was emotionally crushed when I saw what Ford did with their automatic transmission to get that high mpg number. What good is high mileage if you don't have the power to accelerate and/or pass other cars on the Interstate?

    If you don't believe me, check out this NY Times article:
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012
    Phil, everyone's entitled to their opinion. The fact that you disagree with me on the RIO means nothing in my life and it certainly doesn't in any way tarnish how I feel about the car. The only opinion that matters with the RIO I purchased is mine.

    Phil said, "I stand on the fact that I and most other 2012 Kia Rio owners feel that the Gas Mileage was misrepresented, period! "

    The above statement is the crux of our disagreement. It's hard to imagine how or why Phil uses the word misrepresented. The EPA Combined mileage rating for the 2012 RIO is 33 mpg. Phil, is that true or false?

    I'm getting between 31-32 mpg in Combined Driving. How in the world could anyone claim that's a misrepresentation?

    I repeat, those who are looking to get 40 mpg are deceiving themselves and aren't being honest. The only way you're going to get close to that figure is driving 100% of the time on the highway. And as I stated earlier in this thread, almost nobody does that. Most people combine city stop & go driving with trips on the highway. That means they should be looking at the EPA COMBINED MILEAGE rating of 33 mpg.
  • skeptic101skeptic101 Posts: 29
    I don't think my car is the odd one. reports combined averages in the upper 30 MPG range. Using frugal driving techniques, they were able to push the Rio up to the mid-40 mark, with their best effort yielding 44.7 mpg for highway cruising. acheived 38 MPG in their "mixed loop", and those folks aren't considered light foots. As they say, "your mileage may vary".
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    I`m sorry, I apologize. I did`nt mean to offend you or hurt your feelings. I don`t have a "Dog" in this fight since I have owned almost as many Hyundai/Kia`s as I have Fords. They are (both) excellent Car Manufacturer`s. The Ford Focus, in case you did`nt realize is a C-Segment Vehicle and (not) a B-Segment Sub Compact Car! True, my 2011 Ford Fiesta with its dual clutch Automatic Transmission sometimes is a bit (jerky) at low speeds, no where as (smooth) as the Kia Rio,however, its (IMO) a small inconvenience considering the superior Fuel Economy. Enjoy your new 2012 Kia Rio5, I`ll continue to enjoy mine as well, (sans) Fuel Economy. Like I posted earlier, my previous 2006 Kia Rio5 with its old 1.6 engine and ancient technology got (better) Gas Milage then my new 2012 Model, kindly explain that logic? Hope you sell a ton of Rio`s. You have to be their "best" Cheerleader. Kia owes you a few Oil Changes, LOL
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75

    What makes you think you hurt my feelings or offended me? The fact that we disagree is nothing more than that, two different opinions. Debating with you on this issue is kind of fun, I'm not the least bit upset or offended.

    I'm a cheerleader for the RIO SX only because I love the car. If I didn't like it, and/or if it was a disappointment, I would be the first person to trash it on these forums. There's nothing better than honesty.

    But I do agree that KIA should offer me several free oil changes. Will you please write to the company at their owner's website and make that suggestion for me?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    I applaud all of you for disagreeing agreeably. Across all of our MPG discussions, this one is the most polite, non-personal of the bunch. In some others, we see members attack each other based on various MPG claims & complaints. It's so nice to see this group having an actual conversation.

    I know it can be frustrating to not achieve MPG claims, but I do think it's great that you're helping each other instead of tearing each other down.

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  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    In summation, I will end (my) participation on this (thread) by simply stating, I`m certainly not alone in my opinion that the Kia 2012 Kia Rio much like its Corporate Sibling, The 2012 Hyundai Accent are both (nice) Sub-Compact Cars that produce mediocre if not "dismal" Fuel Economy. Even the Accents larger Cousin, The Elantra, heavier, larger Engine, "No GDI", and it still gets the identical EPA Fuel Ratings of 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway? A bit unusual would you say? Lastly, I`m not sure if it was a "Typo" or not, but your reference to a "2011" Ford Focus, was it the older previous generation Focus you were talking about or the newer 2012 Focus with its totally new 4 cyl engine with (GDI) and the Dual Clutch"6 speed Automatic Transmission"? If it was the older Focus that you were speaking about, its (not) a fair comparison. I had a 2012 Ford Focus SE Hatchback as a Rental Car in St Louis, MO this past year and (I) found it had excellent pick up and performance and got excellent Fuel Economy. I like my Ford Focus and I like my Kia Rio5. I usually keep my vehicle` s between 4 to 5 years so I tend not to get too attached to them. More of an "affair" then a marriage or a romance. I think Kia did a (good) job designing probably the most comfortable and attractive Car in its B-Segment Class. Perhaps within a few Model Years, they will tweak it to being a truly "Great" car. When Shaq O`Neil makes a pitch for the Buick LaCrosse that got an EPA rating of 40 mpg highway, I`m sure (that) was a huge stretch on the those figures as well. I also know that depending on driving habits and road conditions everyones mpg will be different. I do dispute the notion that anyone in a 2012 Kia Rio5 is getting 40 mpg or over unless they have a 50 mpg tailwind pushing them along on the Salt Lake Flats Proving Ground. Figures thrown around in most Car Magazines (testing) are suspect regardless of Make or Manufacturer because of influence of Advertising revenues with the exception of Consumer Reports that runs no ads. In closing, enjoy your new ride!
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012
    Phil made some good points in this debate but completely ignored the primary argument I made from the beginning. Almost nobody drives 100% of the time, or even close to that percentage, on the highway. Therefore, instead of using the mythical 40 mpg rating as a goal, an honest and realistic individual would use the EPA RIO's Combined Driving 33 mpg rating.

    I asked Phil if the EPA Combination Rating is 33 mpg and he refused to answered that question. He ignored the real world rating by the EPA and stated KIA was somehow deceiving buyers. Phil was intent on using the highway rating as the only goal, and in my opinion, that is a flawed approach.

    If you're honest with yourself and utilize 33 mpg as the reference point, you will find that in addition to being a fabulous economy car on so many levels, the RIO SX comes pretty close to that more realistic goal.

    But don't listen to me, test drive one and judge for yourself. And if you decide to buy a RIO SX, unlike Phil, be pragmatic, don't pretend you spend 100% of your time on the highway. If you expect a fantasy performance from your car, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Have fun with your new RIO and appreciate how much you get for such a low price.
  • aurorabdsaurorabds Posts: 4
    My original comment was that my computer mileage does not match my actual, which is about 9% less. I'd be satisfied if i was getting 35 mpg, but since my commute is 80% highway I'd expect more than the actual 32 MPG that I get on a regular basis.
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012
    Hi Aurorabds:

    I would guess nobody's mileage matches the computer. I think it's fair to say the computer mpg is a little too high, it certainly is in my RIO.

    I'm not trying to sound too negative but that 32 mpg sounds about right if your in town/city portion involves lots of stopping and accelerating. Keep in mind, when you're sitting in traffic and/or at a red light, your getting zero miles per gallon.

    When I was commuting to my job, my approximate ratio was similar and my results were just slightly higher, between 33 and 34 mpg, usually closer to 33. Remember, stop and go driving, even at a 20 to 25% ratio kills fuel economy.

    Even though I think your 32 mpg numbers sounds fairly close to where it should be, here are some questions.

    1. When you're on the highway, is it relatively flat or very hilly?

    2. When you're on the highway, is there rush hour traffic? In other words, even though you're on the Interstate, are you experiencing times when traffic slows and you go into a semi or actual stop & go mode ?

    3. Are your windows open or is your A/C on regularly?

    4. Have you checked the air pressure in your tires? I ask that because some dealers never checked the pressure during their initial prep. I believe KIAs ship with more than 40 lbs in each tire and that isn't good. In addition, if one of your tires is improperly inflated, that can hurt fuel economy.

    Just some thoughts, but as I stated earlier, that 20 to 25% of Stop & Go driving can put a real hurt on fuel economy which translates into what the EPA describes as Combination Driving. With the RIO, expect 33 mpg.
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012
    Hi Kirstie:

    I truly appreciate your positive comments. I hate it when people attack others because not only is it rude, it detracts from the reason we're here. I think everyone should be free to express their opinions without being afraid of others coming after them.

    I always try to keep the conversation focused on the issues. We disagree all the time so I don't understand why some people get offended and/or feel the need to attack others who have different opinions. What's the point of going to a discussion forum if you expect everyone to agree with you?

    We accomplish a lot more if we can honestly express our opinions and discuss the issues in a courteous, civil manner.

    Thanks again Kirstie.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    Correction: I need to correct (2) errors in my final Post on this thread. For the record, I mistakenly stated that I liked (both) my "Focus" and my "Rio". I meant to say my "Fiesta" instead, also I incorrectly mentioned Shaq O`Neils ad for the 2012 Buick Lacrosse pitching an EPA rating of 40 mpg Highway, it was 36 mpg highway, still grossly overstated. Once again, I sincerely apologize for being discourteous and not obviously Posting in a civil manner. If anything I mentioned was considered an attack either (both) of you are way too sensitive or easily offended by someone else`s opinion. Wishing both "btatr" and "Kirstie" much (joy) with your new Kia Rio5`s be they LX, EX, and of course the SX. Odd that I`ve been tagged a "Bully" when both my Dogs are Golden Retrievers, not Pitt Bulls, go figure.
  • btatrbtatr Posts: 75
    edited July 2012

    Will you please read exactly what was written? Nobody accused you of attacking anyone. In fact Kirstie thanked your for being courteous. If there were any attacks, it happened only in your mind.

    I still don't know why you kept apologizing for offending me or hurting my feelings when I told you that never happened. Once again, please avoid making up your own version of reality and carefully read what others write.

    Just as I asked you to acknowledge the KIA EPA Combined mileage rating is 33 mpg, I'm also challenging you to point out where anyone accused you of being discourteous or attacking me. It never happened!

    It was the same with the EPA KIA 33 mpg combined driving rating, you never acknowledged that factual information. I don't understand why.

    Thank You
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