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Jaguar X-Type



  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I extended the factory warranty on my 06 when I bought it to 84 months - 100K miles. It carries a $50 deductable after the initial warrany runs out. Cost me about $2700 with sales tax. The dealer laid out all the available warranty extension options Jag offered with the prices, and, I picked the one I wanted.

  • The factory warranty is: 4yr/50,0000 mi. That covers all maintenance including free oil changes just like BMW's.
    Who told you 3 yrs ????
  • I exclusively deal with Jaguar-Land Rover of Hanover Mass. They are top notch in my book. I have 02 X Type.
  • Thanks for the info. I did contact several Jag dealers, most did not return my call. I did, however contact a Jag dealer in Hanover, Ma who quoted me a 3 year 84/100 for $4259. with a $100 deductible.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309

    Try getting on the internet and contacting Bergen Jaguar in (I think) New Jersey. I believe they sell the Jag factory warranty packages at a discount. You also might get a quote from the 2 aftermarket warranty companies reccomended on the Edmonds site. I strongly considered them when I was shopping for an extended warranty package for my 03 Jag.
  • Bergen Jaguar... :) had the lowest prices and is willing to waive the cost of the pre-inspection because I don't live in NJ. Thank for the recommendation
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    You're welcome - glad things worked out for you.

  • I was told by a Jag dealer that remote starts are not recommended to be installed in the x-type because of problems with electrical systems and starters. Has anyone heard of such problems before I have the installation done.
    I have a 2002 X-Type 3.0
  • jag05jag05 Posts: 1
    Hello oldcem
    Iam buying and 05 x-type 3.0 with 11.5 k miles. how should i transfer the balance warranty if any?
    please advise!

    thanks in advance
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    If you're buying it through a Jag dealer, they should handle the warranty transfer for you. In addition, I believe the 10K interval service on the 05 models was done free by the dealers during the warranty period as well. If you're not buying through a Jag dealer, then find the closest one to you and have him set up as your "servicing" dealer. Your 05 should carry the balance of the original 50K warranty, and, you can extend that to 7years - 100k miles through a Jag Dealer. Costs of the additional warranty depend on what deductable you want.

    Hope this helps.
  • especially if it's a powertrain only warranty. and especially if youre paying cash for it. i really wouldnt bother with it. mine has 95k on it so far and the only thing thats been done is a couple sets of tires and front brakes, the rears are still @ 4/32 pad depth. every single thing in the car works perfectly. oil every 10k and the car still gets 30+hiwy @ 60mph and around 27-28 overall
  • zoompvzoompv Posts: 17
    I'll likely buy my used X-Type after having found it via an online search. A lot of the online descriptions leave me uncertain as to whether the car actually has certain options. I've figured out how to tell from photos of the center cluster if the car has heated seats, but how can I tell, either from photos or from a test drive, whether the car has:

    1) driver seat position memory
    2) upgraded stereo system
    3) parktronic
    4) Stability Control
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    How much was the extended warranty from Bergen Jaguar? Thanks!
  • zoompvzoompv Posts: 17
    Replying to my own inquiry: Okay, I've discovered how to identify cars with seat position memory and Stability Control (DSC). Memory seats have 4 buttons, respectively labeled M, 1, 2, and 3 along with the position controls. The DSC is part of the Sport package, so any car with a colored grill molding and rear spoiler has it. It can also be identified by a button with a picture of a swerving car near the gear shift lever, where there's otherwise a coin holder. But I seem to be seeing the DSC button on some models that do not have the Sport package. Was DSC available as a separate option (at least on '04 models)? Interestingly, there are a lot of dealers selling cars with DSC and they don't even list it in the description. Same with heated seats and sometimes seat memory, too.

    And I'm wondering if I've been seeing evidence of the parktronic system in some photos. Sometimes, when the photo's clear enough from the right angle, I see two circular inserts in the tubular piece that the exhaust pipes poke through. The circles are in between the exhaust pipes. Are these the parktronic sensors, or do all X-Types have them?

    I'm still uncertain regarding the upgraded (320 watt Alpine) stereo. Many listings say "premium stereo", but this seems to only refer to the fact that the base stereo is a "premium" brand. I think the 320 watt stereo has 10 speakers, right? I can find 6 speakers in virtually all 2004 and later models (including the tweeters near the front door handles), but where are the other 4 speakers in the 10-speaker system? Also, I see some steering wheels with stereo and cruise control buttons tacked on below the horizontal steering wheel spokes. But other models have buttons and up/down wheels embedded into the horizontal steering wheel spokes. I have a suspicion that the 320 watt stereo comes with these embedded buttons and wheels, but I'd appreciate it if anyone can confirm (or deny) this.


    And I'm also interested in answers to the previous poster's question about the price of an extended warranty from Bergen Jaguar.
  • :confuse: 02' X-Type - J Gate Auto - When outside temps drop below 50 degrees, there is a very annoying spinning whine that varies with pitch as I drive. It make no difference if the heater/def is on or off, and is not coming from stereo speakers. It sounds mechanical like a fan/vent in center of firewall behind dash ? Has anyone else experience this same phenomena ? Thanks.
  • Yes, it happened once on a very cold 15 degree day and it was confined to 62 and 72 mph speed. I also thought it was in the dash or a high pitched radio noise. I have not heard it since. However, I did have another noise which developed shortly thereafter that sounded as if a leaf or some debris was hitting my heater fan. It turned out to be a small piece of a clear tape that became very brittle that was located at the lower right corner of my windscreen. Again it was linked to cold and vehicle speed. I trimmed the clear tape and the noise vanished. I don't know if both of those were related but I might make it an educated guess simply because as I was trying to find the noise, I removed the cowl above the air intake and blew out the leaved and debris. As I did so, I accidently brushed against the tape and thus pulled it further away from the windscreen. As I took it for a test drive I found that I had actually accentuated the noise.
    My guess was that as the tape was slowly lifting from the windscreen it started as the high pitch sound and then lifted enough to vibrate more freely creating the louder noise.
    Best I can help with.
    Good Luck
  • I have a 2002 X type that has developed a whirling noise from the front end when the outside temperature is very cold. Its almost like a moan similar to when you run wet fingers around the edge of a glass. It only happens at low speeds when excellerating from a stop and goes away after a short distance. Once car has traveled for a time the noise does not come back. I have noticed that the noise seems to happen more often when making a turn from a stop. Anyone have a similar problem? The car is now out of warranty. Is there a known TSB for this problem? I heard from one source that it might be the drive shaft.
  • Interestingly enough - after my last post I had a similar noise that lasted for only a few seconds on the two previous mornings. Not a clue to what it is since its duration was for only a few seconds. The temperature each morning was below 20 degrees f.
  • Has anyone found an easy way to remove the alloy wheels from the X type? I have had to use a block of wood and a sledge hammer to whack away at alternate sides of the wheel with the lugs loosened until the thing finally breaks loose. There has got to be a better way to do this.
  • The problem is you left them on too long. The alloy wheel has "rusted" to the steel hub. This is not a Jag thing, it is an any car thing. Best thing to do with any car is soon after you get it, take the wheels off, put some anti-sieze compound on the contact points of the hub and wheel, and also put some anti-sieze on the threads of the lug nuts or bolts. Then put the wheels back on and of course torque the nuts to spec. If you ever have to change a flat out on the road you will be thankful you did this preventive maintenance.
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