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Jaguar X-Type



  • My Jag x-type has 36,000 miles on it. Always brought to Jag dealership for service. THIS CAR IS FALLING APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just bought a mint Jaguar X Type 3.0 with only 17K miles on it for only 12,400 and unfortunately experienced a thumping low frequency vibration which resonates through the whole car (but not the steering wheel) at exactly 70mph and above - the Dealer, not a Jaguar Dealer (but sells them often), has had the car for ten days now without a fix. A wheel balance and allignment did not remediate the problem, although they said it was lessened.. Either did a bearing replacement. (Couldn't tell me which one). I even gave them the Jaguar TSB's on the knocking noise from the suspension - there were 3 of them - one in 2005, and 2 in 2008.

    The car drove perfectly up to 69.5 mph. I am wondering if anyone came up with a fix for this exact problem so I can direct the Dealer accordingly. 5 more days and I could actually pull the Lemon Law rule, but I have to tell you - one long drive in that car and I fell for it, although my wife talked me out of a Mustang GT due to the kids, I want it back in good working order. Got milk? (Any answers will be appreciated).

    TG Gary
  • tggarytggary Posts: 9
    Fortunately, the Dealer I bought this car from went the extra mile needed to rectify the problem. Besides new wheels and a few other replaced parts, they provided a second new set of tires, again alligned and balanced of course, and I took the car up to 90 on the highway with zero vibration evident, and a whole new ride overrall. Then when I went through my glove compartment to review the Registration paperwork, I found another envelope with my name on it -- inside was cash equal to my first month's paymment.

    The Dealer carries all highline and next to highline vehicles at bottom line pricing and obviously backs up the customer in regard to the New York State Warranty rules. Contact me at if you are interested in knowing more - Good News! The dreaded high speed vibration in the X Type does have a fix.

  • I read the older posts regarding the engine whining in Jag X-Types from a a few years ago. I don't see any recent posts however. I have a 2005 X station wagon and the whining I hear is not only during sub-freezing start-up driving. It has been happening more frequently and it is also happening during reverse (where it is actually louder.) I took it to jaguar last year and they claimed that they did not hear anything. The car has since gone past it's warranty period. Does anyone know what this is and how much I can expect to have to pay to fix this problem?
  • So I have been to my mechanic and to the dealer with this problem and no answers. My yellow warning light comes on whenever I start my 2002 x-type in the morning and it says cruise control not available. It is not the check engine light but the yellow light next to it. Now when the light is on and I try to speed up fast the car will studder and cut the acceleration off until I let off the gas and accelerate slowly. The light usually shuts off after about 5 min of driving. And it sometimes comes back on when I get off the highway again. As soon as the light shuts off I can floor it as much as I want and no problems. I have been told it might be the seals but nothing comes up when the car is ran in the computer. Has anyone had the same issues? What is this and how much am I looking to fix it? Thanks
  • I have a 2003 x type, five speed, 2.5 l. i purchased this car at around 110k, it now is arriving at 140k. blew the motor up at around 123k, replaced with a new engine that had 60k on it. since then, it has been running nicely. the only problems i seem to be having is with suspension, i am far from any sort of mechanic, but there is a rattling noise coming from the rear. and also vibration in the steering wheel when braking. the vibration, im guessing, is the need for new rotors and pads. as for the rattling sounds (also occasional squeeking sound) coming from the rear, im unsure what the problem is. note, i haven't took it anywhere to be examined, sort of looking for an idea of the problem myself so i can simply purchase my own parts online.. some friends suggest that it is possibly the struts. also, i took it for inspection around 128k, decided to have it aligned. they were unable to do so and told me that i was in need of rear stabilizer bars. im hesitant to buy anything because i desperately want to see result in my purchase. overall, i consider this car great. but it also comes with some grief. i yearn for a smooth ride (which it is-in a way) but bumps on the road are like the devil to me... if anyone has some advice, please reply. though the last post on here is from march, hopefullly people out there still browse this forum!
  • markviimarkvii Posts: 10
    Rattles drive me crazy too. Sway bar links/bushings is right on, also probably strut tower bearings.... Great car, I loved mine..
  • I have a 2002 jaguar x-type 3.0. I dont know what to do. when i put it in reverse it jumps. when i put in in drive it jumps ever worse. i cant even drive it. i dropped the rear axel and checked the gears, nothing all looks good. anyone have suggestions. i have to try and do this myself nearest jag dealer is 200 miles away................HELP
  • I've had my 03 x-type for about 6 years, from Jag dealer where the car with 9000 miles was used as a loaner during service. Paid $25k. Now has 106k miles and has been about the best car I've ever owned. No repairs out of the ordinary. I change the oil and rotate tires regularly. My driving style has changed dramatically in the past year in favor of better mpg and it has really worked. On the freeway using cruise control at 65 I get close to 30mpg. In city I can eke out maybe up to 22.
    After I got the car I noticed a grinding noise on hard left turns coming from what sounded like the front passenger wheel. As long as I did not take a hard left turn with a little acceleration it was fine so that was my work around and it was fine for me. Recently my brother drove it and among other things he checked the power steering fluid, found it low and topped it off. Now my Jag no longer gets that grinding sound. I thought I was going to have to replace lots of expensive parts so that was a cheap easy fix.
    I also put a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase at my last change and it has worked fine. My research on that product revealed much happiness from users so I gave it a shot. I also put 8oz in the gas tank at fillups as well.
    I also installed a K&N air filter to encourage better breathing and that seems to work well. Just remember to oil it up first before installing. I am considering a cold air intake as well but haven't pulled the trigger on that yet.
    I am due for tires soon and have settled on the Continental Conti Pro Contact that is supposed to get 80k miles. Ford dealers now are advertising $100 rebate on 4 tires so will check that out.
    As I said, this Jag has been a great car for me and I'm glad it did not sell when I had it up 3 years ago.
    (btw, my bad_trannies name is in reference to the volvos I owned/own. Never again will I have another Volvo. I am now on my last of 3 which so far has been good. It has 108k miles and transmission is still ok)
  • I am sad about ford changeing the XPLAN i was so looking to purchase my new jaguar this is my year in jesus name.
  • I have the same issue do you knew what was wrong?
  • markviimarkvii Posts: 10
    I had a 3.0L, 2002, manual transmission that did the same under very heavy acceleration or deceleration off a four lane. Amber light would come on, no power , missing etc... I turn it off , set for 30 seconds, start up and run fine..Only did this once in a blue moon. Mostly when warmed up and hot.. Jaguar never found it.. My hunch is that it is a leaking seal on the intake manifold some where, map sensor etc.. one of the electronic air and fuel mixture controlers ( this situation creaes a very strong vaccum that cauese the leak).. it's the computer reacting to the change in this that
    "confuses" the engine til you turn it off , at which time the computer resets and adjust to the mixture.. I'd say when they change the spark plugs, removing the manifold to do this..that this condition will be fixed.. I'd bet money.. Good luck, I loved proud owner of a LR3 Rover..
  • My air was not blowing real cool and then it just went out all together. Can I just put coolant in or do you think something else could have happened?
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    Hi, this is most likely a litle late in response to your problem. The fix is in the drive shaft. They call it the prop shaft. It needs to be replaced. The vibration will go away once that is done.
  • hey man check your transmission mount it sounds alot like thats your problem
  • The local dealer told me that my one of the O2 sensors is not working properly but with out leaving it at the dealer and paying $150 to diagonse which one. Does anyone know how to locate any of these in the engine.


    Daniel :(
  • I would recommend you register at There is a wealth of information there as well as here. And for parts you can try Gaudin for parts. Just wait until you get the dreaded "cruise not available".
  • Good grief. It's now 2013, and you couldn't buy a 2002 X-type with 38K miles for under 17k.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    I'm confused by your message. I did a quick search and I'm seeing all sorts of x-types for under 10K. Of course they don't have 38k miles, but the person you responded to bought it almost 8 years ago, so not many around. However, there's one for $8k that only has 56,000 miles - close comparison, and not near $17,000.

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  • jktacyjktacy Posts: 1
    Mine did the same and it was the transmission was slipping. It kept jerking when it would be a gear change.
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