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Jaguar X-Type



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The only way Jag can get dealers to stock base models is to offer incentives. They can't offer options and then refuse to build what's ordered. We had the same discussion about Lincoln LS dealers not stocking manuals and it was clear from the marketing VP that they could not control what the dealers order or stock. Sad but true.
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    I bought my 3.0 5 speed a week ago and have put about 500 miles on it. On the negative side, there is no memory for the seat position, the lids for the storage bins are squeaking and will be replaced, and the trunk latch malfunctions and will be replaced. The positives are the smooth paint finish, dash and interior design, short-throw shifter, power and growl of the engine, ride and handling, huge trunk, rear windows that roll down completely into the door, climate control operation, great gas mileage (31.5 mpg on the interstate at 65-75 mph), rear fog lights, and my list goes on. I realize that I'm still in the "honeymoon stage", but there are many more items on my plus side. Because I wanted a manual transmission, my choices were limited. The X-Type, while maybe not the best in any specific category, in my opinion, provides a combination of luxury, performance, comfort and quality that no other car provides as well.

  • Thank you for bringing back a good memory... I read "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" about 28 years ago.. As for X-type Jags. Who was the idiot that designed the rear doors that only open up part way?? Am I the only one to notice?
  • denkdenk Posts: 75
    The same person who designed the huge rear view mirrors, put the cd player in the trunk, determined the option packages, and priced a 3 liter engine $6000 more than the 2.5 liter when they cost virtually the same to manufacture.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    just went to pick up my adriatic 3.0, the paint looked great from a distance, but felt gritty to the touch, dealer is wet sanding to smooth out imperfections, not too concerned about damage since I've done this to finishes in the past, but I certainly expect more for 40k +. I hope it's close to my honda in reliability, wish me luck
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    Karl, I'm surprised to hear of the imperfections in your paint job. Did the dealer tell you the grittiness came from the factory? The paint on the X-Types I looked at, including the one I bought, are like glass. I do wish you luck with the outcome. I doubt that we can expect our X-Types to be quite as reliable as Hondas. This is a first year model and it is more mechanically complicated. If mine does turn out to be as reliable as a Honda, that would be an added bonus I didn't expect.

  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    ...and considering that I drive on the L.A. freeways every day, I would have expected to see a lot more since its release.

    Local advertised leases have been $429 for a 2.5 with automatic and X1 package (36 months, 10K per year, $3300 to start), or $459 for a 3.0 (no mention of options, 36 months, 10K per year, $3400 to start). However, only 1 or 2 available at these prices.
  • What's a good deal on a base 2.5? The first sales person I talked to said, They're selling for list price and there's no negotiating, so I left.. I live in the northeast and I'll have to drive a 2 or 3 hours to find a different dealer.
  • rayh3rayh3 Posts: 38
    If you can even find a base model 2.5 right now, full list price is the going rate. Loaded 3.0's have some negotiation room but the base 2.5 sells as soon as it hits the ground.
  • John,

    I think it depends on where you are. I know some dealers in NJ you might try, but as Ray said, there are deals on 3.0s (Particularly loaded up ones) but base 2.5s are really tough to even get at the moment and really do sell quicker than they arrive (Dealer I used to work for has 70% of their incoming low-spec 2.5s pre-sold.. and that's coming in in the next 60 days!)

    The record time that they have had a base 2.5 in stock is 4 days

  • bwmbwm Posts: 11
    I received an e-mail message from one of my local dealers today stating they were going to begin to offer a $2,000 rebate on 3.0 with X-1 package. Too bad I already have mine.
  • Why is there such a huge difference in pricing of the 2.5 vs. the 3.0 ($6,000). There isn't that much of a jump in the 3.0 vs. the 4.0 in the S-Type and you are adding 2 additional cylinders and other standard items, Ouch ....somebody please shed some light on this one please!
  • denkdenk Posts: 75
    Greed and stupid product pricing would be my guess. I've read in one of the motor magazines that there is very little difference in manufacturing cost between the 2.5 and the 3.0 engines
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Well, it's been about 15 years since i've read it myself.

    I noticed the back door opening was a bit shallow too.. I had a hard time getting in the back, between that and the bottom sill being a bit high.

    It was hard to get the car i would have wanted due to options.. I wanted no sunroof ( headroom issues ) , and that ruled out some things i REALLY would have desired ( i forget, it was a package thing ).

  • I understand your dilemma about the limited rear door openings but my wife and I think we can solve that problem for you.

    Don't go back there! We've found the front seats are where all the neat stuff is anyway.
  • BWM - Is there a rebate on the 3.0 X-type or is it that the dealer you have been talking to is offering $2000 off the sticker of a 3.0 w/X1 package?
  • BMW does the same thing with their 2.5 vs. 3.0 engines, although the difference isn't quite so bad ~$3.5-4K, with a slight difference in standard equipment. The 2.5 powered 3- and 5-series versions try to have base prices closer to the competition. As far as engine differences, in the BMW case, the only engine difference that I can identify is a slightly longer stroke. This should result in an insignificant cost difference. Both Jag and BMW are counting on their customers coming through the door for the base price model, then upgrading to the more competitively sized engine.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    My parents ordered one today: X 2.5, X1, in dash CD, auto transmission, got the new Quartz color (you guys were right, Titanium is history). That had a new S in Quartz on the lot, it's a very nice color. Price $33,875, about $1K off sticker. Dealer is on Long Island. They still have a Titanium 2.5 unsold on the lot, with X1 and the CD changer. A couple of other 2.5s also.
  • rayh3rayh3 Posts: 38
    Our dealer just got a shipment in of 25 new X-Types. We're finally starting to see some base model cars coming in. My personal favorite is a British Racing Green 2.5 auto/sport package with no other options. Great looking car for about 33.8k.
  • BMW is that a 2,000 rebate, or a discount off of sticker?
    im going to purchase under the A-plan so a discount doesent help me, but a rebate does...
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