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Jaguar X-Type



  • Try talking to Paul DeBlois at Montclair Jaguar. Nice guy.

  • thanks for the information

    is paul a salesman???
  • Yeah.

    But very nontypical. Nice guy, knows his stuff, straight shooter. Guy retired from being an executive for years.. Not the typical salesman.

  • Shoot me a call..

    Eyeballed something at Central FL AA today that's in the cyberlot. 3,911 miles, Platinum/Ivory.. 3.0.. Loaded..etc.. MSO car so available to you franchise boys.

    Worth a look!

  • Does the 3.0 X-Type Sport run OK on regular gas or is a higher octane needed?
  • well i finally found my X-type sport, i called every dealer within 200 miles and found one in CT. Adrdaic blue, 3.0 sport, x1,x2,x3,Prem sound. when they gave me the A-plan price, they included 300.00 Advertising charge for the region. is this soposed to be passed along to A-plan customers? also does anyone know about any special leasing plan for A-plan? Im picking up the car next week.
  • when you got your aplan price did the dealer show you that nunber somwhere, or did he just quote it to you? factoring out that i didnt get the Xeons, my price is 300.00 higher than yours.
  • Good deal sounds like!

    A-Plan pricing is fixed. If there's a regional advertising charge, its reflected in the A=Plan price.

  • i havent seen the invoice yet, since the dealer is up in CT. everything has been over the phone. is the Aplan price on the invoice do you know. on the Aplan rules website it says that its not showen for jaguar.
  • alok2alok2 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a X type 2.5 sport with auto. On the way home from the dealership on the first day, it stalled on the highway at 60mph. I barely got out alive after changing 5 lanes. Called the dealer form my cell, was told, 'these cars have computer problems all the time, re start the car and go home'. The car stalled 4 more times that day even at speeds of 10mph. The accelerator pedal would go dead and all the lights would come on. Next morning after many frantic calls to the dealership, it was finally towed and after spending 4 hours on the car they 'accidentally' discovered a loose wire causing the problems. Now it has been 2 days and running fine as yet. God knows what will happen next. Should I bring the NHTSA in?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569 both shocking and unacceptable. Yes, you ought to report the casual and arrogant attitude you got from the dealer.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    to pellegio,
    it sounds like a copy of mine. the sticker on mine was 44120.00 I had to pay an additional 633.00 shipping from maryland to cleveland. My A plan price 37854.00 including the 633.00 shipping and 2100 dealer incentive. So the straight up A-plan price would have been 39321.00. The dealer showed me a price list of invoice and MSRP for the options, I think these numbers are available at kelly blue book.
    The car is very sweet, with a great engine sound and a great stereo. The clutch is stiff, not like my old GSR, more like my brother's C5, but even that is a little easier. I've got 900+ miles and no glitches at all. There is a little buz from around the homelink plastic. The sport interior would look sharper if the speakers had the chrome bezel and there were wood inserts in the door like the standard, but overall a pretty impressive ride
  • did the dealer actually show you the A-plan price somewhere, such as on the invoice?
    i have the A-plan price from the APLAN web site, but over the phone the dealer gave me a number 300.00 higher. when i run your options against the web site, i can tie into the price you paid. my MSRP was 43,445 my car is the same as yours except i didn't get the xeons and automatic. so my price was 38,775 but the dealer gave me 39,175 then less the 2100 for a price of 36954.
    i haven't seen the car yet, im going Monday to see it. its about 90 mins away, so im just going to purchase it at the out of state dealer. i am going to challenge the dealer about the 300.00 he says its a advertising charge, but thats soposed to be in the price already.

    you talked about wood on the doors, you know you can get wood more wood that matches the original color?
    there under 300.00

    what kind of gas mileage have you been getting so far?
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    I was ginen an option list that showed invoice and MSRP, but I never saw an actual dealer invoice sheet. I don't know about your extra 300, but I do know that the dealers do not mess with A-planners, since it is Ford perk and they don't want to mess with losing there profit paid directly by Ford. The $2100 dealer incentive is mandatory for A planners
    I'm getting around 20-22 mpg mostly highway with lots of 75-85 driving, I've also got the manual not auto
  • thanks for the info!!

    i will find out tommrow for sure when i see the dealer face to face.
    im not sure they do alot of a-plan
    there trying to charge me DOC fees, whis is a NO NO in A-Plan

    i have donet a few A_plans with a ford, But never a Jag, with a ford the A-Plan price is right on the invoice for the car...... in a special box
  • orkinporkinp Posts: 15
    #690- Please read my experiences: very similar to yours: #658!!!! My car is presently back at the dealer, this is the 2nd time. I have 800 mi on the car, 300 of it has been from the dealer. It seems we now have 2 cars that repeat the same problem. Please keep in touch!!! Anyone else had any "near death" experiences in their wonderful Jag X?????
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    have either of you called the 18004jaguar number to make a case file, and discuss your situation directly with jaguar? You also may try to find out if there is a regional jaguar representive to talk to about a replacement. Thirdly, check out your state lemon laws, I know for example in VA. when my brother had a problem on his 98 C5 the state lemon law states that if a dealer cannot fix the same problem after two attempts than the lemon law can be invoked.
  • well i worked out everything, the 300.00 was on the invoice cause CT dealers are in a Advertising pool, they removed the doc. charges.
    im picking it up friday

    adradic blue 3.0 sport, auto, x1,x2,x3, prem sound! sticker was 43,445
    i got 6500 off list with a-plan and 2100 dealer cash.

    car was just built, and arrived at dealer 3 weeks ago...
  • Not a bad deal at all!

    The $300 is legit in CT (Besides, messing with A-Plan #s is a HUGE HUGE HUGE no-no!)

    Enjoy it!

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    There was an article last week in a London paper about the X-Type titled "Jaguar's New Baby Makes a Tough Debut in the U.S." I can't get the link to work, so I'll list some notes from the article.

    "Sales of Jaguar's X-Type, dubbed the most important model in the luxury carmaker's history, are progressing more slowly than expected in its key American market. Industry figures reveal that sales in the region, which was expected to be responsible for a third of world demand, are behind target at the Ford-owned manufacturer. Sales in the US for the three months since launch until November stand at under 4,000 units, far below company projections."

    Later the article says part of the problem is that too many of the cars built for the US have the 3.0 engine, which consumers are finding to be too expensive. More US customers want the cheaper models, with the 2.5 engine.

    The managing director who oversaw the launch of the X-Type left the company suddenly, and Ford insiders suggest it was due to lackluster sales of the X-Type.

    Ford is apparently considering "drastic measures" and cost-cutting (including new products) to ensure Jaguar remains profitable.

    It is too early to dub the X-Type a flop. The car could ultimately succeed if new derivatives are offered (the article said this, not me).
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