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Jaguar X-Type



  • Here is an article from another site entitled "Jaguar Feels Growth Pains". It initially seems negative towards Jaguar's expansion plans, but then it turns to a positive note. It was kind of interesting, a lot about the X-TYPE:


    Some quotes:

    -"Jaguar's sterling quality reputation, the result of a decade of hard work, took hits late last year when the all-new X-Type compact sedan drew complaints about vibrating propulsion shafts, rocking seats and temperamental trunk latches -- all of them now fixed." <-- As I have been saying for the longest time, ALL PROBLEMS WITH FAULTY X-TYPE'S DRIVESHAFT NOISE ETC. HAVE BEEN FIXED! Do you guys believe me now?

    -"Derision from competitors [!] and Jaguar purists followed, capping a whispering campaign that labeled the X-Type as little more than a dressed up Ford Mondeo with which it shares some parts. Yet 2-liter X-Types, aimed at the upwardly mobile, helped push Jaguar sales in the United Kingdom up 104 percent through June."

    Also, AutoWeek found that "the chassis itself shares only six small panels with its blue-oval counterpart" and that "this particular parts-sharing, it turns out, only gives the Jag its chassis 'hard points' and its engine blocks, but not much else".

    -"A recent rough patch during the launch of the X-Type appears to be smoothing out and sales are beginning to exceed forecasts. A face-lifted S-Type, criticized at its debut a few years ago for an interior too reminiscent of a Lincoln, now looks unmistakably Jaguar and it's showing in the sales figures."

    -"Through June, Jaguar sales in the bellwether U.S. market were up 62.1 percent over last year, easily outpacing rivals Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. In western Europe, sales of Jaguars surged 66.1 percent, compared with 3.6 percent for Audi, 0.4 percent for BMW and flat sales for Mercedes."

    -"Less than two years away is an X-Type all-wheel drive wagon, called a "sportsbrake" by company insiders. A six-cylinder diesel engine for all Jaguar sedans is under development by Ford engineers in Aachen, Germany, and is expected to debut in 2004. Both innovations are expected to drive Jaguar sales sharply higher, especially in Europe."

    -"Since its introduction, residual values on leased Jaguars are rising while those of several German rivals are staying flat or declining."

    -"Jaguar had the misfortune of scheduling the X-Type's U.S. launch for September. Would-be consumer enthusiasm dampened by the terrorist attacks ebbed even further when customers learned many of the X-Types sitting on dealer lots were pricey 3-liter sport models, not more modest 2.5-liter versions with more affordable lease rates.

       Jaguar acknowledged it badly miscalculated and moved quickly to correct the error. But dealers started reporting quality problems in the early X-Types, which company executives blame for Jaguar's two-place slide from the upper reaches of the influential J.D. Power and Associates quality rankings.

       Since then, X-Type sales have continued to climb. Overall, the 18,662 X-Types sold through June are fewer than 100 cars behind the Audi A4, an established model in the segment. BMW sold 34,253 3 Series sedans and Mercedes sold 22,746 C-Class sedans in the same period.

       'We've had our glitches -- hands up to those, we're not perfect,' says Robert Dover, who heads the operating committee overseeing Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin. 'Jaguar is a challenger. We're challenging the established order.'"

  • rsunicorsunico Posts: 82
    I'm contemplating purchasing my first Jag (x type). Would appreciate recommendations on dealers in the Tri-State NYC area. Also ideas on what I should pay (how close to invoice). I only want a plain 5 speed, 2.5 with moonroof and seat warmers. Thanks!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Check Montclair Jaguar. Talk to Paul DeBlois.

    Cheapest deal I have heard of is about 1,500-1,700 over invoice.

  • Jaguar's "London Calling" Sales Event special is going on right now, if that can help you in your purchase at all. If you are looking at a 2002, the seat warmers would require the weather package and the moonroof would require the premium package...

    Good news for you! The 2003 models which are out now have reorganized option packages, so the moonroof and split-folding rear seats are set in the "X0" package for a much lower cost than the entire X1 premium package, and the weather package has been deleted. I'm not totally sure, but I believe that seat warmers can be had as their own option now. This significantly lowers the price of the car since options that you don't want are no longer bundled with the ones you want. The in-dash CD player should also be standard equipment. If you wait, a wood-trimmed steering wheel will also be made available a little later in the year. Check out brentwoodvolvo's recommendation, he's one of the most knowledgible people here. Good Luck and Have Fun!
  • knhillknhill Posts: 33
    I see that the S-type has switched to ZF for their auto. Is the X-type auto a Ford unit? Also, who makes the X-type manual and is this unit the same as the S-type manual?

  • The X-TYPE's automatic transmission is made by Jatco.

    I don't believe that the manual transmission is the same one as in the S-TYPE. It could be though.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    ... is a Getrag. i would assume the 5 speed in the new S-Type is also. see this article:

    (just confirmed on that the S-Type manual is in fact a Getrag)

  • rsunicorsunico Posts: 82
    Thanks for all the tips on where to purchase the Jaguar! I look forward to posting more post-purchase.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Isn't the X-type engine still transverse mounted with a transfer case to get power to the rear wheels? If so, then it takes a totally different tranny than the RWD S-type. The S-type, LS and Tbird use a non-overdrive Getrag (same as BMW) but since that's a RWD tranny it's probably different than what's in the X-type.
  • I checked just yesterday night. The X-TYPE's manual transmission is indeed a Getrag unit. I still don't know if it's the same Getrag unit as in the S-TYPE however. I had the same thoughts as you, since S-TYPE is RWD and X-TYPE is AWD. I'll do some more research...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Just open your hood and see if the engine runs North-South or East-West. If it's still E-W as I think it is then it can't be the same tranny. It won't fit. I'm sure it's a Getrag, but not the same one as in the RWD vehicles.
  • knhillknhill Posts: 33
    So the auto is Jatco. I'm surprised and pleased that the auto is not a Ford. I believe Getrag has a good reputation for quality. How is Jatco's reputation for quality? I know they are Japanese and used in some Mazdas.

    How do you auto people like your Jatcos? How do you manual people like your Getrags? Anybody feel like starting an argument whether I should buy an X-type or an S-type?
  • We all know that the X-TYPE is a world class car - just as all Jaguars are, and always should be. But did you know of the crazy places that Jaguar tested the X-TYPE to make sure it is such a great car? Jaguar took the X-TYPE all over the planet in search of the most punishing test conditions. Here is a small compilation of some of those test sites:

    -Hot weather testing in Arizona.
    -Suspension testing in New York and Dearborn.
    -Emissions and economy testing in Florida.

    -A dedicated engineering site in the harsh winter conditions of Timmins, Ontario.

    -High altitudes and rough roads provided tough tests.

    South America
    -Jaguar's plans for testing here were hampered by red tape.

    -Hot, dry conditions at Idiada were ideal for testing brakes including brake squeal.

    United Kingdom
    -Crash and durability testing at Whitley, Millbrook, Gaydon, and MIRA.

    -Tight security made Lommel perfect for running undisguised cars on the track.

    -Nürburgring handling tests.
    -Wind tunnel work in Cologne.
    -High-speed midnight Autobahn runs!

    -Snow and ice help develop brakes and winter handling dynamics.

    -Brake fade testing is done at Grossglockner.

    -Wind tunnel testing at Pininfarina!
    -High-speed testing on the Nardo bowl.
    -Tire testing at Pirelli's Lombardy facility.

    -Traffic handling and heat testing.

    -Hot-weather testing transferred here during the European winter.

    (And all that the Cadillac CTS has claims to is the Nürburgring - HA!)

    In other news, I found scans from a 68 page "book" created by the European Autocar. The different reviews were a tribute to the X-TYPE. It had articles covering everything from the great lengths Jaguar went to to disguise the car before introduction to what training the workers who build the cars undergo. They also drive the car in a variety of places (some tests were of prototypes), from the deserts of Arizona to the frozen glaciers of Iceland. To sum up what they thought of the X-TYPE:

    "If Jaguar is genuinely going to take the desirable compact saloon class by storm, then it needs to create a car with nothing less than genius running through its veins.
    Machines like the 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class will not be seen off without a fight. But genius, if the development mule I've just ridden in is anything to go by, could well be what we're about to get.
    When they discover how good the X-TYPE is, I suspect you'll be able to hear the accountants in Munich and Stuttgart weep to begin with, before they break down completely. Because as far as I can tell, the X-TYPE could be that significant for Jaguar...
    ...building a car better than the 3-Series was a natural priority."
  • These guys liked the X-TYPE the best out of its class. It's not a terribly recent article, but it is a nice read.


  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Hey jagboyxtype, you're just partial to that review because all the pics show a carnival red car right?
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    The X-type manual transmission is shared with the Ford Mondeo. Its not shared with the S-type.
  • Of course. Obviously that journalist had excellent taste!
  • "There is a choice of gearbox: a five-speed manual or a five-speed self-shifter, both of them new. The manual is a unique variant of a Getrag design, said to offer a precise, low-effort shift action; the noteably compact auto is from Jatco in Japan."

    The manual is confirmed not shared with the S-TYPE. If it is shared with the Mondeo, then it is a unique variant of that transmission as it had to be setup for AWD.
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    Don't get me wrong. I think the X-type's manual is a perfectly suitable unit, and is exactly the sort of thing that should be carried over. But the Xtype manual is a MTX75 used in Mondeo's (and Focus's as well I believe). X-type's AWD uses a separate transfer case and does not need a unique transmission.
  • That was just a quote I pulled from some magazine (see the " and "). I've also just seen another article say that it is the MTX75 transmission. Either way, it seems to work well in the car.
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