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Jaguar X-Type



  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    When I had my '02 X-type in for one of my very frequent service visits, I was given the choice of a Geo Metro or a Chevy S-10 pickup. I took the pickup....and had to drive it for 2 weeks! The Jag dealer here used Enterprise rentals for most serivce loaners. Told me they only had 6 Jag service loaners at the dealership. The next time in I complained about the previous loaner and got an S-Type.

    Nice to now be a Lexus driver where I *know* I will get a new Lexus for a loaner. The policy at my Lexus dealership is you get the same car you own as a loaner. Although as an ES300 driver, I've also been given the choice between that and an RX300. They have over 80 loaners on hand, and will give you one for a couple hours even if you're only in for routine maintenance. Any Jag dealers out there have anything like that?
  • Sounds like Lexus and Infiniti are on par. I never had anything less than an I-30/35 for as you even said "for a couple of hours". My Jaguar dealer uses Enterprise as well. I guess when I look at it, with Jaguar I don't have to pay for service.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    I love the free services, and while loaners are not always great, my dealer is superb. When I bottomed the car out (after hitting a pothole with rocks around it that chipped a piece of my wheel into a sharp point, in turn slashing my tire for me at a high speed), my dealer took the car in and covered the scrapes under free warranty work! We were ready to pay for it all, but after buying two cars from this guy, he treats us like real royalty. There was no damage to any of the body or any parts that could not be replaced, and Continental replaced the tire for free as well. It only took about three days to replace the transmission shield and other pieces under the car as well as the tire. Dealer treatment (and simply the car itself) really makes any loaner bearable, and I really look forward to having the Jag back afterward. It's all good.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    car has been serviced/repaired many many times. at 2 different dealers. Loaners have been x or s types or Landrovers. Including having one delivered to my work after my car had to be flat bedded for repair. I've been very please with the loaners in cleveland
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Here's another X-type Review, though it is in French: - - - - - yID=8251

    The Babel Fish French to English translation is here, though it does not do justice to either language. The general point gets across, however. Copy the above link and post it in the address box on the below site, and make sure the translation is set to go from French to English to try and read what came out.

    "La Jaguar X-Type attire rapidement l'oeil."
    (The Jaguar X-Type attracts the eye quickly.)

    "La X-Type offre un intérieur riche et élégant."
    (The X-Type offers a rich and elegant interior.)

    "Il ne fait aucun doute que même en version de base, la X-Type offre toute la richesse et la qualité qui a fait le renom de la marque."
    (There is no doubt that even in base version, the X-Type offers all the richness and quality that made the marque's reputation.)

    "Grâce à une structure de carrosserie rigide, la X-Type est agile et précise. Appuyée par une suspension indépendante aux quatre roues, elle offre une stabilité élevée ainsi qu'un comportement doux et silencieux."
    (Thanks to a rigid body structure, the X-Type is agile and precise. Supported by a four-wheel independent suspension, it offers elevated levels of stability as well as soft and quiet behavior.)

    I also made a new page featuring my X-type here:

    There are some links (including to my other gallery with over 100 pics) as well. What else should I add to the page? Specs for the X-type? More pictures? I can add almost anything to the page(s).
  • jro1689jro1689 Posts: 1
    I had my 02 xtype for only a year. the other week the gears started going crazy and the gearbox fault light came on and the RPM's went all the way up to 7. I took it to get fixed, went to pick it up, did the same thing on the way home. they fixed it again , two days later did the same exact thing. did anyone else have this problem? what does anyone suggest i do? I dont want to keep this car if the transmission is already bad after one year.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Transmission problems have been rare on the X-type, so I don't really know what would be wrong. There may be someone who knows the answer to your question at I'd say the programming is screwy or something. Hope this helps, and that you get the car fixed with ease.
  • dagsjagdagsjag Posts: 1
    My wife brought home a 2002 X.-type. The car was clean and (of course) beautiful.

    I noticed the problem with weeping windshield washers, and found this forum as a result. After reading many of the 1500+ messages, I thought that I would meet with my dealer's service manager to discuss fixing all of the problems (TSBs) know to this car.

    The manufacture date is 11/01. Can anyone tell me which TSBs (or any other known problems/issues) I need to discuss with the service manager?

    BTW, I really like this forum. This is our first Jag, and the first time since 1983 that my wife and/or I haven't had a Toyota. I'm a little nervous about that, but she wanted the Jag.
  • bobnisbobnis Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 X automatic, 2.5, Williamsburg blue (or whatever they call it) with heated seats and a cd player in the trunk and am thinking of moving it this Fall when it is 2 years old. It will have less than 20,000 miles on it. Is the age old method still presumed the best to resell, i.e. to place an advertisement in the paper, or are there better current options?
  • martylawmartylaw Posts: 51
    We had a complete transmission failure on our 2002 x-type at 7,000 miles. We noticed some bad shifts, the Gearbox Fault light came on a few times, then a few days later it started slipping, and finally wouldn't go at all. Car had to be flatbedded to dealer. They replaced entire transmission (took one month). The indications are that they have had a good number of such failures. A friend, who got his x-type a month after we got ours, just had the same thing happen, and the car is currently in the sho for a new transmission. There may be a new transmission being used as a replacement, and there is definitely a reflash of the software needed. it sounds like jro1689 may be having the same problem, and should have it checked out thoroughly.
  • Just got an offer from a local dealer in Los Angeles area for X-TYPE 2.5 with sunroof package and automatic 2003 (service car with 400 miles on it) MSRP w/destination $33,895.
    Offered for 27,500+tax+doc fee.

    Is this a good deal, need help
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    For those asking, Jaguar issued a few "updates" in the last week. I am bringing my '03, slow 2.5 in tomorrow for the latest. The car hesitates a lot and the updates are geared to fix this. Someone posted a while ago that there is a TSB to fix this.

    As for resale, these cars depreciate faster than most.

    Just got a used '03 Infinity G35 with 6,600 miles and a 260 hp, 3.5L stallion of an engine. It is off a one year lease. It blows away the 3.0 S Type hands down. While not a head-turner like the X or the S, what a rocket of a car! Infinity is coming out with AWD next year and should give Jag. some more competition.
    In all, I love both vehicles: The Jag for the outstanding looks, wonderful leather and service and the Infinity for the performance and price.

    Jagboyxtype: Great pics! I see you are still posting your vast knowledge base on both this board and the S Type board. Thanks again!
    I gained much insight as a result of your posts and appreciate them very much. I am sure others agree.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    You are getting a great deal. Take it and run with no hesitation...unless you want some power.

    My strong preference being a 2.5 driver would be to purchase the more powerful 3.0. Three of my friends who had the 2.5 traded-up for the 3.0 and took financial hits. I am considering doing the same as I LOVE the way the car looks. Who can argue this is not a great looking vehicle?

    Your 2.5L price is outstanding if you do not care about power. The used ('02, X, 2.5L) is selling for the same price on the east coast.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Jag updated my 2.5L today with the most recent transmission and engine codes. The hesitation is gone and the car is a little quicker. People with the same issues should get the updates.

    They gave me a Ford Taurus SEL for a loaner and it seemed like the exact same car with a different front grille and interior. It was also faster. I guess we paid 12K more for the hood leaper and the leather.
  • I keep reading comments about "seeing Ford in Jaguar", but no one seems to say exactly what it is that looks like a Ford. I've not checked, but are people seeing Ford in Volvo? How about seeing GM in Saab? Now I don't want to rankle anyone, but is there VW lurking behind a radio knob in any high end vehicle? I would respect other's opinions about Ford design cues ONLY if they could point them out specifically.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    For those interested, the 2002 and 2003 X-Type new service actions and recalls are as follows:

    · R935 – Replace GECM – NEW Recall
    · S928 – Revised Crankcase Breather Valve
    · S934 – Restraint Module Reflash
    · S937 – Reprogram ECM/TCM – Reprogramming to stop the engine and the transmission hesitation.
    · S939 – Hose Clamp Replace – NEW issue
    · S936 – Throttle Pedal Stop – NEW issue
    · S918 – Fuse Rating Change (Manual Transmission Only) – NEW issue
    · S921 – 20 AMP Micro Relay
    · Inspect and replace ashtray if necessary (no code, old issue)
    · Inspect and replace trunk latch if issues exist (no code, old issue)
    · Inspect and align AWD if issues exist (no code, persistent issue)
    · Inspect and replace gas latch if issues exist (no code, old issue)

    S = Service
    R = Recall

    I recommend printing this list and bringing it to your service advisor. Bring both key fobs as the service technician needs to reprogram both.

    Hope this helps!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    You really need to do some homework and read the NUMEROUS back posts regarding the Jag/Ford looks. Also read the Edmunds, the Car and Driver and the Motor Trend reviews. They all suggest the Jag's rear end looks like the Ford Taurus.

    Some are bold enough to suggest everything about the Jag X looks like the Ford except for the front end. Other articles compare the Jag X to the Mercury Mystique (sic).

    These same publications also state the the Jag S Type rear end looks like the Taurus and is a Linclon rebagged. In fact, the base 3.0 models share the exact same power train and engines.

    The Volvo's reviews also state similar findings if you would just read before posting.

    Ford improved Jaguar quality. The Taurus is one of the most reliable American-made cars on the road. That is why so many car rental companies purchase them in bulk. Less maintenance and more road time equates to greater profits.

    After the recent servicing, the Jag is running great with no further hesitation.
  • It is human nature to look for familiar or common things in everything. Ever try and look for similarities in siblings only to find they are adopted? Same goes for manmade designs. In my opinion I find the rear of the new 725 to look like a late model Chrysler Cirrus and the front looks themed from the Rover 75, (a short termed subsiderary of BMW).

    As per needing to "do some homework", the back posts you refer to are opinions as are mine. If you agree that a concave rear fascia and a convex rear fascia makes a similar design, I would disagree. If a chrome brow over a license plate makes two rears the same, I would disagree. If scale and massing that are similar makes cars the same, I would disgree.

    Follow a design line on the Jag, it will flow into another line, not usually transect it. But then again, so does it on a Ford Ka, so I guess that makes them similar in looks as well.

    P.S. The dog ate my homework
  • bigguyjerbigguyjer Posts: 13
    It's a little early yet, but, I will be turning in this fall my leased Lexus GS400. I love the car but will not go Lexus again because '04 GS400/300 is basically the same car I have now; my wife has an ES300 and LS430 is too pricey for our budget.

    My wife and I have had 4 Lexus products and are a bit spoiled with Lexus quality and service.

    In considering a different car, we have decided to go with a 6 cylinder version, automatic with premium options; i.e. moonroof etc.

    We are considering the following: Lincoln LS6, Jaguar X-Type 3.0, and Cadillac CTS 3.6 (coming out in 04).

    We would appreciate your experience and comments on quality, service, reliability and performance on the above automobiles.

    Also, we hear that some domestic manufacturers give a special discount (on top of negotiated deal)for customers who leave foreign manufacturers; i.e. Toyota, Honda, etc; to purchase domestic products. Is that true and how do we find out about these programs.

    Thanks to all who take time to respond.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    It would help if you would let us know what your interest in the autos performance might be. I have owned both a Lincoln LS and now have a Jag six cylinder. Are you a boy racer, point A to point B only or something in-between? ie., how important is performance relative to comfort. That sort of thing.
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