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Jaguar X-Type



  • cdhruna1cdhruna1 Posts: 1
    This message is to all the Ford employees out there and their families. The current July incentives just came out and talk about a deal. The incentive list came out yesterday at 2PM and I had purchased a car by 4PM in Philadelphia (I live in MI). I found a 2003 2.5L Manual car with no options (just the $170 CD player) which was listed at approximately $30.5K for $20,302.00

    That price includes A-Plan ($2,600 less), $1000 Customer Bonus Cash, $4500 Retail cash for the 2003 2.5L X-Type and $2000 for a Manual transmission car.

    Not a bad deal for $20K. I would suggest calling quickly since manual cars are hard to find.

    For non Ford employees, start negotiating.
  • windyjagwindyjag Posts: 2
    Thanks to Jagboyxtype and all of the other posters for their numerous comments over the past few months. I sat on my hands looking for a new car for quite awhile and about a month ago I finally picked up a 2.5 auto X-Type. The car has been a joy thus far. Before buying I had narrowed it down to the BMW 3-series, the Benz C-Class, or the X-Type. For performance the BMW had the edge, but I was not impressed with the interior, and there are just so darn many of them on the road. The C-Class was a close second, but ultimately I was turned off by the lengths to which MB went to bring the price down. By the time I added back options make it feel like a "real" Benz, the pricing was a little hard to justify. Plus, I've got a three month old, and the back seat leg room is less than the X. In the end the big decision drivers were exterior design and interior luxury. The car is just aesthetically terrific, inside and out. It's the first car I've ever had where I get in and my blood pressure goes DOWN. For a guy who spends alot of time in traffic, that's a joy indeed.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    It has a MUCH better interior than ANY competitor; even nicer than entry-level luxury cars focused totally on luxury. Congratulations on your new X Type, windyjag, you'll LOVE it.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    "Modern Classic":

    Notable Quotes:

    + "Sumptuous Connolly leather seats, walnut trim pieces and British Racing Green gauges add to the Jaguar charm, but it is the tapered tail, distinctive hood ripples and the leaping jaguar hood sculpture that will ensure that no one will mistake this car for anything but a Jaguar."

    + "The car itself appears to be much bigger than it actually is as the side profile is long and lean."

    + "Okay, I get it already. This is a Jaguar."

    + "Jaguar offers three distinct option packages for the X-Type - Premium, Sport and Weather - in an effort to meet, and in some cases, beat, the competition in this very competitive segment."

    + "I had the chance to get to know the X-Type during a period plagued with spring showers, and I must admit, Jaguar’s Traction 4 all-wheel-drive system kept the car exactly where I wanted it, tracking confidently through tight corners with just a hint of under-steer. This, along with the confident ABS-brakes, left me with full confidence in the capabilities of the Jaguar’s package."

    + "The 3.0-litre V6 has plenty of pulling power but torque is most evident at launch. While not as smooth in delivery as in some of its rivals, the car’s power is readily available when needed. The throaty growl emitted from the sport-tuned exhaust was music to my ears, and is very distinctive."

    + "The passenger cabin feels very spacious as large windows and slim roof pillars combine to offer outstanding visibility."

    + "Amazing structural rigidity as well as large four-wheel disc brakes with advanced ABS capabilities represents a good first defense in the safety arena, but the addition of the Traction 4 system and available Dynamic Stability Control should help keep things under control. In the event of an impact, dual-stage frontal airbags are supplemented by front and rear side curtain airbags, another first for a Jaguar model."

    + "The X-Type is an excellent alternative to the waves of Audis, BMW, Volkswagens and Volvos that seem to populate the highways and parking lots of the Canadian landscape, not to mention the endless parade of Japanese entries that compete for your attention in this category. It represents an elegant design with classic Jaguar style, albeit with the benefits of all-wheel-drive and all the modern bells and whistles. Its convenient size, sensible option packages and a competitive pricing structure makes the X-Type worth a long, hard look."

    See! Everything I've been saying is true! Man I want that wooden steering wheel in my car. I guess I'll just have to retrofit it.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    While interesting, it fails to give credit to Jaguar for offering such a large trunk. After taking many road trips, I am still amazed at the amount of trunk space. The trunk easily holds two suitcases, some smaller bags and a large golf bag (through the rear seat) easily.

    AWD is still amazing for those still looking at vehicles.
  • stec3stec3 Posts: 1
    I have an 02 2.5 X with automatic transmission. My built date is 3/02. Today the "Gearbox Fault"mode appeared on my message center along with the engine symbol in amber.It appeared while attempting to use the J-Gate shifter and was in limp mode home. Turned engine off after 10 minutes symbol and message dissappeared. However when attempting to re-use "manual J-Gate" the message and engine symbol reappeared. Note vehicle only has 5000miles and unfortunatly I live 3 hours from nearest dealer. Please advise Andy
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    From my experience I would call the 800 Jaguar roadside assistance number. They should send a flat bed to pick up your car and take to your dealer. The dealer should also flat bed you a loaner ( a comparable vehicle) and then swap the vehicles at your convenience. You shouldn't even have to leave your home. My car has been serviced numerous times, at my discretion I've never been inconvenienced. The dealer will send a loaner and pick-up at my home or office. For an emergency like yours Jaguar roadside assistance will coordinate a pick-up
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    J.D. Powers' 2003 dependability study just came out, and interestingly, Jaguar was the top rated European car company. It was ahead of BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and every other European marque sold in the United States.
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    Actually, Porsche was the top European make (#4 overall). Wow, look at Buick making #3! Lexus and Infiniti were #1 and #2 respectively. Jaguar came in at #11. Here's the link to their news release:

    In the Entry-Level Luxury class, of which the X-Type belongs, the top three are:
    1. Lexus ES300*
    2. Infiniti I30
    3. Acura TL

    No Jags to be found in the top three of the Mid-Luxury or Premium Luxury rankings, either. For the complete rankings, you have to pay for the report, or find it leaked somewhere on the web.

    *Just another reason why I'm not an X-Type owner any more. ;-)
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Oh, you're right. I forgot - I was just thinking European luxury marques, forgot about Porsche. Jaguar is the top rated European Luxury-Sport car maker.

    *Glad to hear it. We're just as happy in cars that actually handle and have styling ;-) Does your new dealer take care of your notification of insurance? :-P
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    An X-type modified by Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations Group was spotted recently. It is thought to feature a beefed up 3.0 liter engine (not the R) and huge wheels along with redone air intakes and a host of other performance upgrades. If the car makes it to production, it should be out early next year.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Jaguar has now begun placing "AWD" badges on the trunk/bootlids of the X-type, to announce the car's superior capabilities in dry and wet conditions. Many people still are unaware of the car's standard AWD, and are quite pleasantly surprised to discover it. For many owners, it was a deciding factor in selecting the car. This will allow more people to be aware of the standard permanent AWD.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Jaguar is now racing X-types...

    ...go to the link below for more info, as well as a photo of the lean, mean, (British Racing) green machine! id=70664&language_id=1
  • drumm01drumm01 Posts: 97
    The X-Type (2.5 manual, Sport) is on my list of possible next car I want to look at, but I am concerned about it's reliability.

    We all know the PLUSES of this car. Beautiful exterior, interior, AWD. But the latest edition of Automobile magazine (where they compare convertible autos BMW, Z, Porche, S2000) gave it a very bad review after having the car for one year. In fact, it was a plain horrible review. SO bad was the X reliability, that they had to install a new transmission at only 28K miles.

    Obviosuly I am a little concerned in dropping that kind of cash in an auto that (as beautiful as it may be) can be problematic.

    Any thoughts out there? Should I wait a few more years before I consider an X?

    Here is something interesting to consider. When the S-Type first came out, it was not necessarily loved by the media. It got some pretty bad reviews about the relibility and it's Fordness.. but if you look at the S-Type now, it is one of the most desirables autos in the mid luxury class. And it has some very good reviews.

    This lends me to believe that maybe the X needs a few more years (like the S) before it comes into age? It's still such a good looking machine!!

    Any thoughts?

  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    Mine may not be typical, but I would reccommend scanning back the past 20-30 pages for post bemoaning and praising reliability
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11
    I understand your dilemma. I just bought a 2.5 automatic in late June and I too considered the reliability issue. In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.

    I read, after the fact, the article in automobile magazine to which you refer. It is not heartening that the transmission had to be replaced and I have heard similar anecdotes of woe elsewhere. My hope is that the 2003's have some of the bugs worked out. I believe Automobile Magazine have an '02. In some respects, though, I found the article to be overly critical in a somewhat predetermined way.

    I imagine that the '04 model year will be out in a few months. You may wish to wait for that.

    Do take a look at the JD Powers link supplied by Jagboyxtype supra. The Japanese present the only great alternatives from the standpoint of reliability. The rest of the Europeans look a trifle shabby compared to Jaguar.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I can only tell you that my XType with a build date of 10/01(one of the early ones) has had no problems except for the weeping windshield washers in the 18 months I have owned it. You should remember that on a board like this, you always will get a disproportionate share of owners asking about problems. This is true for ANY make on a car board. Owners who love their cars and have had a trouble free experience seldom post.
  • drumm01drumm01 Posts: 97
    Thank you for your thoughts on this issue. I am aware that all cars, no matter how reliable they are, will run into problems at some point. Some small and some big.

    I am seriously leaning into purchasing the X-Type in Spring, maybe Fall. I have a very easy drive to work and back, so I don't predict being too hard on the X (if I purchase one)

    Personally, I have known X owners that have been happy with the car, even thought they have openly confessed that the car had a few bugs and perhaps is a little overpriced for what you get.

    Well anyways, thank you for your thoughts guys..

  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    I know you've heard me say this before, and it's almost to the point of preaching, so I'll try to refrain from it in the future, but Jaguar's reliability - despite the tarnished reputation and some problematic cars at every new model launch - is actually very very good. Now that the X-type has been out for almost two years, the car is proving to be one of the better built Jaguars in years, and most 2003 models have had none of the early build problems that seemed to plague certain early cars.

    You'll read some horror stories on the Internet, and stories about how great the cars are, and stories about how Jaguar fixed or replaced problematic cars. These kinds of forums have been created to help people with problems with their cars, or just to answer questios about certain models. Many times, an unhappy owner will use the net to flame a company or their car for problems they may have had, and then other people without problems or who had the same problem solved will try to help. But let's see, the largest single forum for Jaguars is the JagTalk site, which has about 5,168 members, a majority of which are X-type owners. The X-type sells anywhere from about 2,200 - 3,000 cars per month, making the entire membership of these Jaguar forum sites to be at most, equivalent to about two months of sales of the car. Yet Jaguar has sold over 100,000 units of the X-type (which is actually very exclusive compared to mass market competitors who sell into the half millions every year). So only about 5% at most of all X-type owners actually participate in these kinds of message boards. My theory is that with such a low number of people on these boards, it means that most people have been pretty happy with their cars and would just assume drive them than chat about them on the net. Those very few people with serious problems will flame and rant on the net, but they only make up at most half of the 5% of X-type owners who actually are on the net, about 2.5%. That says to me that most owners aren't having as much trouble as a few loud unhappy people have.

    Then, there is the issue of what I call bogus problems. One list of problems an owner posted somewhere included items such as a seatbelt that had become slightly twisted in the clip of the buckle (well then use your hand and untwist the darn thing!) and too much brake dust on the font wheels (ever wash the car?) - and that was why he had to try and file a lemon suit with the car company! There was a certain person here who was angered by Jag and his dealer that they didn't manage his insurrance for him! How dare they! I guess some people's idea of Jaguar ownership differ from my own, but my perspective is that you get a sleek, stylish car that has Olde World British luxury and character mixed in with some of the most cutting edge technology of today, and the very best balance of performance handling and a luxurious ride out there, and with the X-type, actual useable interior space and a huge trunk to boot! Have any problems? Well, Jaguar takes care of them under the 4-year 50,000 mile warranty which includes free services. Well, I don't see much to complain about right there.

    I've had my X-type since March 9th 2002 - I remember the exact date - and since then there have been no problems with my car - period. With such an early build, I've experienced the evolution of the car first hand, as Jaguar constantly refits every car that comes in for service with the latest computer coding for the engine, transmission, lighting, and every other system on the car you can think of. This essentially keeps all the cars up to date, so 2002 cars get the codes from the 2003 cars and beyond, thereby allowing every car to perform to the standards of the new ones.

    Finally, there have been some reviews that scream of horrible quality, such as the Automobile long-term review - and if the car needed two transmissions, etc. under my watch - I would have given it even lower ratings myself. However, I find that usually such results can be attributed to the drivers of the car. In another review I read, the idiot drivers plowed their X-type into a high curb at a high speed, and ended up breaking some pieces under the car. Jaguar replaced the broken parts for free under the warranty, yet the reviewers gave the car a bad writeup because without the warranty, the car might have been very expensive to repair (I love speculation, but the facts and reality of the matter are they got their car repaired for free and it didn't cast them a dime, despite all the damage being their fault). In Edmunds' own long term review of a Vanden Plas, they nearly totalled the car once, and then crashed it again, finally giving the car a bad review because it was "never the same again" after the two devastating crashes. My gosh! These are the people writing the "professional" reviews for the cars, and yet they still need to learn how to drive! I suspect in many cases that more is going on and the fault of the reviewers when their cars have failings than they write in their reviews - wouldn't want the world to know you can barely drive the car with out hitting curbs or other cars. Another example: the so-called professional reviewers of Car and Driver recently did a review of their CVT transmission Audi. The CVT normally would have no engine "creep," but Audi programmed one into their CVT equipped cars to make them more like traditional automatic transmissions. You can easily find this information in a brochure for the cars - I have one of the brochures to prove it. Yet somehow this escaped the auspicious eyes of the C&D reviewers, and they said that the Audi had some horrible problem that must be inspected, since a CVT car should not have an "odd creep"! They sure are knowlegible about the cars they review - time to get more edumacated!

    So more on topic here, Jaguar has been exceedingly reliable despite the bad reputation that arose back in the 70's and has haunted them ever since. Yes, there are some problem cars in every batch, but the overwhelming majority are problem free, and the 2003 cars and the surveys are showing it. The average age of a Jaguar on the road in 2000 was just under 20 years old - the cars last a long time and are very solid (X-type has the most rigid structure in its class, in fact) when not driven off cliffs like some reviewers seem to be doing to them. Latest reviews (three that I know of and have saved copies of) have even been saying things about the "Lexus-like" build quality of the X-types they've tested, so I think it's a pretty sure thing that the cars are just as reliable (or better according to the big surveys) than anything else out there.

    From the JDP survey results:
    "'Conventional wisdom said that dependability was the property of the Japanese and Europeans,' said Joe Ivers, partner and executive director of quality/customer satisfaction at J.D. Power and Associates. ->
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    'While that’s still true for automakers like Toyota and Honda, it’s no longer the case for many of the Europeans. Porsche, Jaguar, Saab and BMW perform well above the industry average in dependability, but many other European brands are bought based on a reputation for long-term quality and fall far short of even the average. This is in stark contrast to the results of the first VDS, conducted in 1990, when Mercedes-Benz led the industry...'

    Other notable performances in the 2003 results include Subaru and GMC, which both performed considerably better when measured at three years in VDS than when they were measured at 90 days of ownership. At the other end of the spectrum is Mercedes-Benz, which experiences the largest quality gap between initial quality and long-term quality measurements. Also deteriorating more rapidly than the average vehicle are Audi and Volvo."

    You see, Jaguar has the bad reputation, but performs "well above the industry average" in quality and long-term dependability. However, marques known for being solid with vault-like build quality, such as Mercedes and Volvo, have been deteriorating faster than most anything else on the road. Look at the facts, and Jaguar has more good qualitites than most anything else out there.

    P.S. - I drive my car pretty hard, racing around everywhere I go, and the car takes it easily. They are not fragile or delicate and can pretty much take whatever gets thrown at them.
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11
    You ought to consider a cross linked index of your essays. You could save yourself a tremendous amount of time by citing to them when you post. Nonetheless, impressive zeal.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Eh, it's just a little cut 'n paste! Goes pretty fast using ctrl+x and ctrl+v keyboard commands ;-)
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11
    You ought to consider a cross linked index of your essays. You could save yourself a tremendous amount of time by citing to them when you post. Nonetheless, impressive zeal.
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