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Jaguar X-Type



  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I agree that the tranny and the engine improve with age! Cornering is almost perfect.

    The only thing I like about the G35 is that it is scary fast and it is fun to blow almost every BMW (3 and 5 series) off the road. With a few minor and inexpensive modifications, the G35 can be taken to over 300 rwhp. This is not bad for a vehicle in the low 30K range. Other than that, the current X-Type wins hands-down.

    Regarding the gas mileage, mine is getting better with age. The Super tends to run better than the plus imho. The engine is tuned to accept a certain octane. I once ran 87 octane and found a noticible performance degradation and a lot of engine pinging.
  • alefouralefour Posts: 6
    i have been reading this entire board on extended warranty and still confused. we just bought a new jaguar x-type and know jags have always been expensive to work on. i have been reading everything i could find on extended warranty for the car and can not get a clear breakdown on it all being a scam or good protection. i would like to know who has a jaguar with warranty and if i should protect myself or save my money. the prices i have gotten have ranged from 1800 to 6000 for 7yr 100k mile. the service managers at several dealers have told me it is not even needed for the first 4 yr 50k miles.

    help please especially previous jag owners
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    alefour - I personally do not think these dealer sold warranties are worth the price. Of course you do not say how long you intend to keep the car. If you buy a 7 year warranty, I guess you realize that you are really only buying a three year warranty since the Jag is covered for 4 years or 50K by the mfg. The dealer makes at least 50% on the selling price so they are always eager to sell them. There are some requirements in small print about required service you must have performed and by whom so that you could make a claim under the policy. There are tales of some of these outfits refusing to pay for nebulous reasons or going out of business etc. To me it isn't worth the hassle. OTOH, you may feel the peace of mind is worth it.
  • I have a 2003 Type X with 8900 miles. I recently took it to the dealer for the annual inspection and 10,000 mile inspection. I advised that the car was fine, but was able to hear a sound from the wheel that sounds like a shifted belt on the tire. The dealer advised that two of my wheels were bent, said that I must have hit a pot hole. I am the only driver and never hit any potholes, he rotated my tires and put the worse of the two in the trunk, thus leaving me only one bent wheel on the left rear position. I still hear the tires, the road/tire noise is so loud that I can not hear the radio unless I put it on very loud.

    Has anyone else had a bent wheel problem that just happened without hitting anything?

    Can these wheels be straightened? Could the dealer be wrong and I have a slipped belt on a tire or two?

    Any input will be appreciated. The car will be one year old next week.
  • I have a 2002 Type X Jaguar, 3.0 Liter, Sport Package with 17" wheels. The car has 9000 miles and during my annual NYS inspection I advised that I heard what I thought was a slipped belt in the front right tire. Upon inspection the dealer advised that I had two bent wheels and that I probable hit a pot hole. I am the only driver of the car and know that I did not hit anything, there is no sign of damage. Does anyone else know of this type of problem?
    Can the wheel be straightened? Can the dealer be wrong and I do have a problem with the Continental Tires?
    Any input will be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I don't think everyone is ignoring you Larry; they probably just have never had nor heard of your particular problem. I know my 3.0 non sport with 14K on it does not have any wheel problems. The Conti tires are considered noisy (you can check Tire Rack) and I feel I have too much road noise (depending on the surface of course) You're tires are the 45s aren't they. They have much less sidewall than the non sport and are easier to damage. It doesn't take as much as you might think to dent a wheel. There are outfits advertised in mags like Autoweek that specialize in fixing bent alloy wheels. Good luck.
  • Sorry to hear of your bent rims if they are bent. I doubt that they can be straightened if they are bent to a noticeable degree, being aluminum wheels. However, if the dealer is wrong and they aren't bent, it is probably the Continentals. How frequently do you hear the sound? The Continentals can be pretty noisy - Pirellis are much better despite being higher performance tires.

    Did you hear the sound while cornering quickly? With AWD gripping all the time, any kind of traction loss, such as a turning wheel at high speeds, can create a sound. All wheel drive cars are more prone to this as they hold the road all around. But you wouldn't hear the sound unless you had a window open since the car's sound insulation is so good. That's the only time I ever hear anything and it is always very quiet if it does happen.

    If you do indeed find damage to the rims, Jaguar may help you free of charge, depending on your dealer. Look it up; I believe there is a 12000 mile warranty that covers most any damage that the owner of the car causes to the car. I hit a massive pothole/rock pile that chipped my rim, which in turn slashed my tire and caused my car to bottom out at about 50 mph - scary. My Jaguar dealer and Continental replaced everything completely free of charge, so they may help you as well. My rim wasn't bent though. It was only chipped with a jagged piece of metal shooting out of it. If they don't take care of the costs completely, they should at least help out a little bit. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the input desertguy and jagboyxtype.
    The noise slowly built up and sounds like a slipped belt in a tire, a whopping sound. The sound is quite loud especially around 50 mph. The noise is always there.

    Otherwise the car has been very good, the best feature is the steering, I can go onto a NYS Thruway on ramp at 60 mph with no sway or lean, the car has the best turning radius I have ever driven. I agree with most of the reviews on the car, the inside is too plane, I have never owned a car this basic in the interior.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I finally have attained a goal that started in 1969 when I had the opportunity of sitting in an E-type Jaguar as a teenager. I finally own a new Jaguar. I just took delivery of an Onyx White 2.5 Manual X-type. :)
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I'm sure you will enjoy your XType as much as I am enjoying mine. I hope it was worth waiting for.
  • Welcome to the ownership experience tincup47! As desertguy noted, it is a very enjoyable car to own and drive, and in my experience, the car gets better with time as the suspension, engine linkage, and other little things just seem to refine over time. Congratulations!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Welcome Tincup47. You will love the car's ride. Everyone is correct..the car gets better with age. Somehow the car's mileage is improving after 3,000 miles. The suspension is a dream, as well.

    It is not a chore to deal with Jaguar like it is with other manufacturers. There will be a Jaguar in my family for life!
  • This article was discovered by a Jaguar enthusiast at another site - he deserves credit for finding it; I'm just posting it here as it is the most informative article I've read regarding the upcoming X-type Estate. It is an autoexpress article as you can tell by reading the link so if you aren't registered with them, it will be available only for one viewing and one chance to enlarge one of the accompanying pictures. If you click the picture showing the new rear chrome plinth which is very similar to the revised one on the new X-type sedans, you can get a glimpse of the new trunk/Estate cargo door opening button.

    The cargo area is supposed to be one of the best designed in the sport wagon/shooting brake/estate class offering more space and real utility than rivals, and the wagon also looks to be the introductory platform for two six-speed transmissions into the X-type range: an automatic and a manual.

    The Estate will also be available with all of the new engines such as the Jaguar/PSA Peugeot-Citroen 2.0 D that have been introduced all the way up to the big powerful petrol/gasoline 3.0 liter.

    Some Notable Quotes:

    "While the front and central sections of the car may look similar to the standard saloon, the Jaguar is virtually all-new from the A-pillar backwards. The wheelbase is unchanged, but there's a revised roofline, new back doors and modified side skirts. Fresh light clusters have also been designed, while the rear bumper has been revamped to take account of the extended overhang."

    "The exclusive detailing doesn't stop there, as the X-Type Estate will also be equipped with roof bars and discreet badging. At the rear, it's obvious Jaguar has decided to produce a practical load-lugger, rather than a lifestyle estate. We can't show you pictures of the interior load space and don't yet have details of the exact capacity, but it's worth pointing out that the cargo area seems generous compared to class rivals."

    "In a further nod to versatility, Jaguar has developed a rear windscreen that opens independently of the tailgate. The rear seats also fold separately to offer a wide range of storage options. However, until the car's debut at Frankfurt, Jaguar is remaining tight-lipped about precise technical specifications."

    "The introduction of this car is a significant step for Jaguar, as it has never produced an official estate before. Historically, load-lugging Cats have been a treat for the wealthy enthusiast, as the cars were available only on a bespoke basis through exclusive coachbuilders. Lynx was one such company - it built the XJS Eventer in the mid-Eighties. However, this was a limited production run for the well heeled only - the new Estate is a far more affordable vehicle."
  • nferrnferr Posts: 32
    Yesterday I put a deposit on a 2.5 manual. I had driven a 3.0 sport manual and was worried that a 2.5 would be underpowered, but I drove one last night with the stick and was very pleasantly surprised. I wish it had the sport package but 2.5 sports are impossible to find right now.

    It came down to leasing the Jag or an Infiniti M45. The Infiniti was a great deal also but of course was substamtially more than the x-type. At 340 hp it was almost worth the difference but the overiding factor was the AWD on the Jaguar. Last winter here in Connecticut a car like the M45 would have been parked for plenty of days.
  • jeff5302jeff5302 Posts: 15
    Thanks for your postings of late June. I had originally had discounted the X type for my next car, which will be purchased in the next few months. Your writings helped convince me to do a test drive (I'm taking home an Infinity G35 tonight for a test ride.) At this point, do you (or other posters) think it is smarter to buy an 03, or just wait for an 04. My leaning is to do the latter. I would be looking for an automatic transmission and the 3.0 engine, etc.

    Thanks, Jeff
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Jeff -
    If it was me ready to purchase, I would go after the '03 because of the great dealer incentives being offered. There is no guarantee these will be held over for the '04 models. From everything I have read, there is little change in the '04s.
    I have a 3.0 auto which is now about 20 months old and I love it and have had no problems.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    Dealer incentives are huge on remaining 03's with sport package. $6k with auto and $8k if manual. Tried to trade my 02 but was unable to locate an 03 that had all the toys and was adriatic blue. The changes seem subtle for 04. Improved stereo, seats with memory and suede, new switchgear and subtle styling changes to the exterior. I have not been able to find out if any engine changes are planned. Rumors have a high output 3.0 being availablebut when is anyone's guess
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I have both the Infinity G35 (loaded) and the Jaguar 2.5.

    The ONLY advantage the Infinity has is the engine power. The car is a literal rocket....almost scary fast. Funny how the coupe has 280hp and the sedan has 260hp when they use the same engine with only one minor modification. The Nissan 350z (same engine) has 287hp while the 3.5 Nissan Altima has 240hp (same engine). Great Japanese marketing?

    The '03, G35 appointments are cheap and the finish is lacking. The front brake pads wear within 12K miles and the rotors warp. The ride is harsh and RWD makes it impossible to drive with snow. The CD changer jams CD's and many customers are on their 5th CD changer in a year. The driver's seat becomes dislodged from the seat track and rocks. Moreover, many a/c units need replacement and there is a serious brake switch recall. Customer service is downright terrible if you have a problem. It appears the Japanese do not give a darn about customers once they purchase. Check out the Edmunds G35 Problems and Solutions Board or the regular G35 Board.

    Now, this is the '03 Motor Trend car of the year? What are they smoking?

    The '03, 2.5 Jag has a lackluster engine (at best), but I love everything else. Your choice of the 3.0 is far superior to the 2.5. A stock Nissan Sentra out raced my 2.5 Flintstonemobile the other day. I needed to bore a hole in the floor and use foot power to keep up with the Sentra.

    The X-Type cornering is fantastic and the ride is so smooth. Service after sale is wonderful. AWD and elegant styling put icing on the proverbial cake. In my humble opinion, there is no comparison between the two cars. Forget what the Edmunds Editors say about the X-Type and listen to the people who own the vehicle.
  • Welcome to the Jaguar club! It doesn't have 340 horsepower, but what the 2.5 lacks in brute force, it makes up for in its natural agility and balance; it should still be an exhilarating drive every day, while at the same time being completely confidence-inspiring and comfortable with sure-footed AWD. The M45's a really nice car, but it won't outhandle an X-type and the current M is meant to be a place-holder in the model-line until a new one can be designed, so its lifespan will be significantly shorter than that of the current X-type, if having a new car that also looks new is important to you. Have a fantastic time with your new car!!!
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