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Jaguar X-Type



  • I have know clue as how well the jag will hold up to gravel roads most of its life, Mine for one has been a GREAT Jag for its smooth roads :)
  • Had the same problem last week on '03 withg 55k on the clock. Dealer reflashed both the TCM and ECM per factory suggestion. So far this week OK.
  • jed123jed123 Posts: 1
    My 2003 is haveing the exact same problem...... What did you do to fix it, and did it work?
  • '05 X-Type with 75,000 miles. Great car, love it, but recently tire edge wear has been a problem. Dealer says no one can balance tires. Jaguar does not recommend tire rotation to the best of my knowledge. Right rear camber is out of spec, and there is no adjustment. However, all 4 tires are showing feathering inside. Have Kuhmo tires and they are noisier than I like, but now the tire noise is worse, with only 17K miles. Is trauma the only thing that can throw the wheels out of spec? Why do all 4 tires show irregular wear? Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem. Insurance calls this a 'wear & tear' problem. Dealer will just start replacing parts to try and fix.

    Thanks, toner2
  • I have an X Type '02 with 73 k on it . The dealer just replaced the rear lower control arms. The tire stand up straight in the rear now. I have a 100k 8 year warrantee, The dealer covered the arms,says this will fix it. Also doesn't rattle over bumps anymore, nice and quiet..
  • I hv an '04 X-type AWD with 48000 miles with Falken 18 inchers that I hv rotated every other oil change with no probs it may be a compatability issue.... Good Luck !
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    I have that same problem (tire road hum) with our tires (OE Continentals) too. Which type of Yokohamas did you get? Our 2006 is getting close to needing a set and I'm looking for quiet! Anyone else have good luck with any other brands?
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I put the Yoko Avids on my Jag. They've got about 5K miles on them now. They're a bit noisy at low speeds because the tread is very aggressive on them. So far they've been very satisfactory in rain and snow for me.

  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Thanks. I am shooting for the quiet ride, so I'll keep looking. Many manufacturers say their product provides a quiet ride, but quiet to them may be different to me!!
  • I have the Pirelli P6 Four Seasons ,great tires in all ways :)
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Thanks. It sounds like you are satisfied and I did hear that Pirelli's do provide a quieter ride.
  • What would be the best OBD to get for my '02 X Type. I want to be able tom use it when the car is operating. I have a rough idle thtat shows up on heavy acceleration and decleration that remains til I restart the car. The amber and read dash lights come on but it doesn't store a code..
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Really want to buy a 2005 X-Type with a manual transmission, low km's and the VDP package if possible. Is there such an animal out there, or am I just dreaming? The manual seems to have so much more punch than the auto and a lot more fun to drive. We've been Jag owners for a long time now but have no idea what the new generation cats are all about. Lots of problems? Big repair bills? Do I need a live-in mechanic? Anything special I should look out for, or look for, when trying out used cats?
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    Since no one has replied to your request for information, I would offer this: From all the stories I've read concerning all Jag models, everyone says the same thing: buy the best you can afford, preferably a "certified" model from a Jag dealer, with an extended warranty if possible. When anything "goes" on a Jag, repair will be expensive.
    A Jag is a beautiful but expensive mistress.
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Thanks for the input but I'm sticking to my guns on this dream - in fact am now looking at a beautiful S-Type "R" - can't find a stick so will settle for the supercharger instead. Unfortunately, the Jag. dealers are asking upwards of $l0 grand more for their cars and I think I can get a lot of repairs done for that kind of money. If I pick carefully I should be able to get a fairly low mileage car that will last a while. I know about Jags and their problems, problems, problems so I won't be surprised. I've set aside a sum to handle unforseen problems - my eyes are wide open and I think a CAA membership will be in order too - remember they are mostly Ford stuff now and if they've dumped the Lucas junk problems should really be minimal, hopefully. Thanks again.
  • markviimarkvii Posts: 10
    I have a 3.0 with all the bells and whistles for that year. Purchased it certified and then the extended (still covered) warrantee. I was/am meticulous with the dealer. It is a great car.., but I agree, without a warrantee, it would be a bucket with a hole in it. Eyes open...acquire it.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Nice dream. I've owned 2 X-Types, an 03 2.5 and an 06 3.0. However, several months ago, a friend that works at the local Jag dealer gave me a heads-up that they had a nice 06 S-Type 4.2 VDP with Nav come in off lease, and, were putting it on the lot as a certified car. My buddy let me keep the S-Type overnight, and, the next morning I swapped my X-Type for it. My 3.0 X was nice, but, the S-Type V8s are muscle cars in tuxedos.

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Wow - you're living my dream - the S-type R I'm looking at is a somewhat high mileage (116,000kms) 2003 - yikes as the reports say NO to the 2003's - but it is a beauty - in great shape - straight as a dye and original. It "calls" to me and fits my budget. The X-type was a consideration because of the all-wheel drive. We live in the country and winter driving can be a challenge. Any words of wisdom on after-market warranty programs for the S-R? I'm sure this cat will have some problematic surprises for us and I think a little insurance might be wise consideration in this case. Thanks. P.S. As they say in the horse world, I may be a bit "overmounted" with this cat, but I'm sure going to have a lot of fun. It's a lot cheaper than an XKE these days and a lot more comfortable - not the eye catcher, but our E was an exciting drive.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    My car had 48K miles on it when I bought it. Since it was certified, its under warranty for close to 3 more years or 100K - whichever comes first. I asked the dealer about extending the warranty out another year, and, they wanted $3K for that. I've contacted several other warranty companies, and, the prices were even higher than that. Haven't found a deal yet to my liking. One thing you might check on an 03 is the transmission. Jag stopped using the 5 speed Ford tranny, and, switched to a 6 speed ZF unit - because of excessive tranny failures. Don't know what model year the switch was made. I'm with you - the thing's an absolute hoot to drive. Even without the supercharger, the 4.2 makes 300 HP and 306 ft. - lbs of torque. The other funny thing is - My S gets about 4 more mpg than my 3.0 X did on trips. Never owned an E Type, but, did own a 1969 Olds 442 with the 400 CID/325 HP engine. I believe my S is the quicker car of the 2.

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Thanks for the input - the 03 R does have the ZF transmission and it really does fly. We've driven several of these cars now and keep coming back to the 03 with the higher km's because it is so much tighter and faster than the others. Can't quite figure out why but all the others just seem to fade in this cat's shadow, even though it has twice the mileage of the others we've tried. The 2 year p/t warranty has sealed the deal for us and the extra money we're saving will just have to go away for future possible required repairs - maybe we'll be lucky and just end up with some extra money and a really exciting car. In any event, we'll for sure have a lot of fun. Thanks to this forum and the one on S-type transmissions we are armed with lots of good information and warnings so there won't be any tears if things go wrong - we'll just be prepared - armed, shall we say and ready for the good and the bad. Thanks again. Happy motoring.
  • staz1staz1 Posts: 1
    i just bought a 04 x type and the driver side wipper is loud as hell makes like a thumpen noize when it wipes.... any ideas what can fix this problem... i hope this car doesnt break my bankrole i bought it with no warrenty but at a very cheap price 10k.... the sticker was 41k on it in 04 so i think i got a decent deal with only 48k miles on it.
  • jagsperjagsper Posts: 1
    Too cool! I just bought the same car 04 X-Type with 60k for under $10k. Wipper does not make a loud Thumpin sound, the bottom of the drive side blade for the wipper did skip a little. Heck, go out and get some new blades most people forget about their blades. They're only suppose to last for a couple months. I change them each time I get an oil change.

    BTW- I have four people in the car on hill at a light, I held the clutch out slightly to "rock the craddle" (as I have done for at least10 other cars I've owned) bad news, I burned the clutch. It was the strangest thing, smelled like a dead animal.
    Fair warning. :O
  • dad44dad44 Posts: 1
    I am currently evaluating a 2003 XType with 65K miles. Asking price is $9900. Concerned about quality of vehicle, maintenance issues long term, and whether its a good car. I can get the economics aligned, just concerned about the quality of vehicle. Sounds like you have some great insight. Thanks
  • Well from my Exp , One of the best cars I have ever owned. Just tripped 90k 98% highway miles oil changed every 5 k with Mobil1 no issues at all and just 2 sets of tires
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I didn't run either of my X's up to that many miles. From looking at the Jaguar forums - the major concern with the one you're considering would be getting the transfer case lube changed. Jaguar says they're filled for life, but, they've been known to fail and they're expensive. You can research it on the regular Jaguar forums.

  • petezxrpetezxr Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2004 X-type about 5 years ago and had no problem as of today. It still runs and looks like new. I've changed the tires to 18" (225/40ZR18) and I feel the road more now but it handles like a cat, love it. :blush:
  • alison4alison4 Posts: 2
    I had very dim headlights on my car, so I switched to GE Nighthawks. They have been nothing but trouble, shutting out coming back on when I hit a bump. Are they to high a wattage for the car?. What wattage should I be looking for. Does anyone have any recommendations??. I will have to take it in to get them changed, but I'd like to take the correct bulbs with me to ensure that I dont end up with the wrong type again.....
  • alison4alison4 Posts: 2
    You must have replaced the headlights by now?... What type of bulbs have worked for you?... I know the Nighthawks dont work

    Thanks, Alison
  • Seeing if anyone is selling an updated Navigation DVD for the X-type.
  • Navitech (sp) has them for 199.00 + shipping. Google it.
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