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Jaguar X-Type



  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Anyone here have links to some larger and higher quality digital photos of the interior than you can get from the Jaguar website and most online reviews of the X-type?
    It can be of you own personal X-Type or not.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I suggest you go to They have many shots of the interior on different cars. The first listing for instance. You can blow the thumbnails up to larger size by clicking on them.
  • I need some opinions, advice and help in deciding which car to buy. Here is my story. I'm 42 years old, male and I've decided it is time to buy a really nice car. I have always been very practical when it comes to cars (Toyotas and Fords). I keep my cars for eight or more years. Right now for my business and personal use I drive a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan.

    My wife drives a 2001 Lexus ES. It is a wonderful car.

    I decided that 2004 is the time for me to get a nice car so I saved up $35k. Here's my dilemma.

    All my life I always wanted a Jaguar. I love the styling of the 2004 Jaguar X-type 3.0. I have rented Jaguars in the past and I must say you definitely get the VIP treatment when you pull up in a Jaguar. I like the X-Type because it is unique. You don't see too many on the road.
    I was all set to buy a 2004 X-Type 3.0 and BAM, along comes the Acura 2004 TL.

    I have never been a fan of the styling of the Acura in the past but the 2004 model is fairly sporty (It looks like a BMW 5 Series).

    I want a manual transmission with the navigation system. The technology and features on the 2004 Acura TL blew me away. The Acura TL will probably come in around $34,000, the Jaguar X-Type 3.0 will probably come in around $38,000 but I think you could probably get a deal for around $35,000 because of low demand. The Jaguar with a 5 speed manual transmission is not easy to come by.

    Here's what I love about the Jaguar: Styling, AWD, the prestige, folding real seats, hood ornament and leather and wood interior. Here are my concerns about the Jaguar: price, build quality, reliability, and availability of parts.

    Here is what I like about the Acura TL: the price, the features, the technology, the horsepower, 6 speed manual transmission, the many standard features. My concerns are as follows: Looks and I’m not sure you will get the same VIP treatment with the Acura as with the Jaguar.
    Edmunds really likes the Acura TL and is lukewarm about the Jaguar X-Type. I think the looks of the TL are pretty good but the Jaguar looks really unique. The Jaguar makes my heart beat skip (Pure emotional appeal) but I want a car that is sporty, fun to drive, super reliable, super safe, practical, luxurious and reasonably priced. I know that I'm asking for a lot but for me $35K is a lot of money, so I want to make the best decision possible. My wife’s Lexus ES is the perfect car, it is not very sporty but it really excels in every other area. The build quality of her car is outstanding.

    I don’t want to spend more than $34,500 for my dream car (With sales taxes and other expenses added to this 35K number, I'm well into the high 30's, my goal was to stay in the low 30's). Please help me by sharing your thoughts and opinions on the two cars that I mentioned above. What car would you buy and why? What are your thoughts about Jaguar and Acura?
    When should I buy my car to get the best deal?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I don't know much about the TL as I have never been that interested in the car line. Like you, I have always thought the styling was Pfffft. Apparently so do most other folks as the sales have not been terrific although the car gets good overall ratings. I have heard on another board that do to supposed demand for this car there will be little discounting at first.

    I think you have answered your own question with your likes of the Jaguar. It is an emotional thing as well as pragmatic. There is just something about a Jaguar........ There is no comparison of course between the front wheel drive and rear or AWD. I have an early build 10/01 XType 3.0 and couldn't be happier. It has been dead reliable and my wife absolutely adores the car. I assume you posted the same question on the Acura board so that should help. Also, your profile doesn't say where you live. If you get snow, the AWD is awesome.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I'm thinking about getting an 04 X type 3.0 and I had a question. I was looking on edmunds board where you can build your own car, is it true that the alpine system is 320 watts ? my second question is, is how is just the standard stareo, does it sound good, At the end of this month I'm going to either be purchasing a X type or the G sedan, but I'm just wondering about the X types radio... I need a cd player but I'm wondering if the sound is that much better to justify getting the upgraded system. its comming down to teh deadline, but I'm getting excited about getting either one of these cars thankx
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    You can build your car officially at the Jag website It has the build your own tab. The 320 watt system is new for 2004 so I doubt anyone has heard it here. I would go to a dealer and compare it to the standard system. I have the upgraded Alpine system that was offered in the '02 model with the 6 disc CD changer. I like it very much.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    ok refraze it.... just use the 03 model and compare between those two options
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    well its been a long strugle, but its offically over, this weekend I've made my decision. as much as I like the X, I drove the 5 series this past weekend and feel in love with everything about it, everything felt perfect, and come to think of it I can't think of a thing I don't like about the car. next weekend my father and I are going to look for a dealor and haggle prices on a 04 525 with an auto. thank you for all your help though and we appriciate.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    The TMV price shown by Edmunds for the 525i is $46000 with common options such as prem. sound, auto, and prem. package. They don't do much "haggling" at BMW dealers either. And this is for a 2.5 engine!
    That is at least $10,000 more than the Jaguar 3.0. You have been comparing the wrong car if you can go this price. You should have been looking at the SType Jaguar; price wise and rear drive only wise.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I understand this, I've looked at both and I don't know why, but the lease prices come out nearly the same; the 5 comes out to be roughly 30 dollars more a month than the other cars I've looked at leasing. I'm also not looking at the 46K model, I'm only getting the auto added to it, which brings it to roughly 40 list price, but my fathers already talked to them, and so far they've been really great. he started argueing prices, and its gone rather well, they haven't given us that speech of "this is a new model and its selling fine we don't need to discount it.. " so on and so forth. I'm optimistic that my father can get the lease prices to match the ones we've argued out, he's extreamly good at getting his way when it comes to this.
  • Are you getting AWD with your BMW 5 Series? If you live in an area that has harsh winters, you may want an AWD car.

    Outside of that, if you can get a 5 series for the same price as the X-Type and you're happy with the look of the Beemer, go for it.

  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    no... so far as I know the 5 as of yet doesn't come in the AWD yet; which I wouldn't get anyways.
  • I think I get it now. You would not want an X-Type if you have no interest in AWD. You would be paying for AWD since it is standard.

    Have you driven an AWD car before? It will give you a much better feel of the road and will be more stable in heavy rain and bad winter weather.
    I don't mean to try persuade you. I feel that you would not have come to this board if you didn't have an interest in the X-Type. I've never driven a BMW so I cannot compare the two. I can only tell you that I'm very pleased with my 3.0 manual.
     IMHO BMW's are dull looking and there's so many on the road that they are no longer distinctive.

    I have the premium sound from 2002. 10 speakers, 180 watts. It sounds great and seems to fill up the car since the car is not very big. The new sound system must really be spectactular.
  • I used to have a Subaru.. most confidence I have ever had driving a car in inclement weather.. Scary actually... an quto bimmer? yuck... If you r going to get that car, please get a stick if u can..
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I don't know... the D series is nice, but I'm affraid that this month the so called specal lease rate, appearently the interest rates changed this month and the payment for a 5 seies shot up drastically by like 170$. if this holds true and I can't afford to get into the 5 then I believe that I will seriously debate between the X type and the G. I like them both nearly equally. the G has the power which I love, but the X has like you said the handleing and feal of the road thing. (I also like that its AWD standard) I like the 5 but I know that its really streatching the my limits so I 'm thinking that I may want to regardless of how I like the 5 , I may wish to get the X or the G and be able to live a bit easier. thanks for the help... oh yeah I was thinking about getting an stick, I'm 20 but I'm worried about stick in the winter, I live were it can get pretty hairy on some occarsions. ya'll said you had a stick on your 3.0 X, how do you like it.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    Just curious - How quick was the 5 Series with the 2.5 auto compared to the Jag X 3.0 auto (assuming you tested the Jag)? There's about a 40 hp difference between the two.

    It looks like you're still on your search. My advice is to take your time and get the car you want. I'd also recommend being carefull not to over spend on a car. Be sure to take into considerantion the insurance, maintenance, etc. on your car. Insurance for a male under 25 is usually high to begin with; a $40K BMW isn't going to help. You don't want to work just for your car.

    Anyways, good luck with your search. Let us know how you make out.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    yeah... actually the 525 with the way its tuned feals to excelerate a little faster than the X.. i've driven both... now the G out excells them both by a long shot ... but its interior isn't as good, but it shur can drive though... so if I can't work out the 5 deal then I'm gonna choose between the G and the X... they where my original 2 choices till I looked @ the 5. we're going to go and get prices and argue about everything this weekend... and if things don't do well...then I still love both the G and the X so it'll be one of them... I'm thinking about looking into the G 35 AWD and see if that drives a bit better... (live in a snowy area)
  • I don't know what you mean when you say you're "worried about a stick in the winter". Once you get the hang of it, a stick will give you as many or more options to get out of a ditch or dangerous situation than an automatic. Of course, before you spend that kind of money, try to do some extensive stick driving to see if it's for you.

    Like I said, I haven't driven the other cars but I can tell you that the 3.0 X-Type has a great deal of peppiness (is that a word?) and will merge on a busy highway with ease.

    Good luck with your choice.

  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    thought i would chime in as my wife and i are looking at the X type, and having had Silverado's for the past 4 years and have felt that they were pretty safe until yesterday..............took the drive in a 2.5 Xtype on a windy road north of town on a rainy day............couldn't believe it!!!
    this car is something else.........i felt so good in the car that i literally hated getting back into the Silverado.
    the dealer couldn't have been any nicer as well.........we selected what we feel we'd like (color and options) and they are going to bring one in so that we can decide if it is what we obligation to buy it, just make sure that it's what we want, or maybe upgrade even further.
    problem now is whether or not to go for the 3.0 package............any suggestions?

    BTW, we were at one time interested in Beemers as well, but no AWD?.........forget it.
  • seelig: I would upgrade to the 3.0 and not just because I have one. With the intro of the '04 model, they have dropped the price considerably since I bought my '02. It used to be 6-7K more than the 2.5 but now is more like 2-3K. I believe some options on the 2.5 are standard on the 3.0 as well but I have not been shopping for a new Jaguar for a while, just what I see posted. My wife loves our XType so it is hard for me to get seat time!
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