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Jaguar X-Type



  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    it wasn't a dealer brochure rather a mailer from jaguar with a small comparison chart. My neighbor the jag lead tech has eluded to a switch to the 6 speed ZF tranny along with an increase in HP or displacement. Probably an ongoing change with the second production run. Still no definitive word on an x-type R which is what I would really like to replace my 02 with
  • It is well known that despite 80 years in business jaguar still does not know how to make a car. They are still learning!
    Among the approx. 45 brands in the market today, jaguar would easily be in the bottom 5.
    However, it would be interesting to know others' opinion of ways to improve jaguar's notorious quality. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I don't think Ford can do much to improve quality that they haven't done already.
    Maybe things are getting better though because there are good reviews for the new XJ.
    Too bad Lexus didn't buy Jaguar instead. Jaguar styling with Lexus quality would have been great.
    While the exterior looks great, the X type interior actually feels and looks cheaper than the interior of a Lexus ES330 and even some VWs.
    Maybe the complete redesign of the X-type in a few years will make it the way it should have been from the beginning.
  • " the X type interior actually feels and looks cheaper than the interior of a Lexus ES330 and even some VWs." Huh! My interior has wonderful leather seats, much higher class than the Lexus ES330 imo. The real burled walnut dash adds to the class as does the solid switch gear. I also have a 2003 Volkswagen, and while the interior is superior to most Japanese of the same price class it is way below the XType.

    cindyroderick in the preceding post must be stuck in 1988. The quality has improved greatly since Ford took over. One has only to read the latest J.D. Power quality surveys but then Cindy thinks J.D. Power's ratings are suspect.
  • Desertguy, I have read your posts over the last month or two and you seem to have more intimate knowledge, informed knowledge, about the x-type than any other post/critic I have read. One past complaint I have seen is the vehicles needing an immediate alignment. Do you know if this problem has been addressed in the '04. Also, have you seen any problems with your seats in terms of either a squeking noise or of them being loose?
  • Hi 320jag (what does that moniker signify?) I have not heard of any problems with the XType wheel alignment. At least it is not a prevalent problem. The seat was a known problem with the early XTypes. They call it a rocking seat, i.e. when you corner it tilts a little bit. Very disconcerting for spirited driving. :) I was lucky enough not to have the problem but the fix is a simple spacer kit they install. I believe this has been fixed in the newer models. BTW, the SType did have some alignment issues which were discussed on another board.
  • Thats not how I would put it. JD Power is a business organization and its goal is to make profits and for that we must please the manufacturers. I do not find anything wrong in that. After all we all want to be successful and profitable.

    On the other hand I think CR is least biased and most accurate for vehicle quality/reliability.
    Deseret guy: Kindly read CR and find out where the Jags are. Then you tell me who is in 1988 or 1929, me or you?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    You say that: "JD Power is not suspect. That is not how I would put it." But, on another Edmunds board you said:

    "unlike JD Power which is a self-proclaimed global marketing firm always working for the manufacturers interests."

    To me that sounds like you think they are suspect. I guess we can play semantical games but it is a bit boring. As for CR...their worth as a guide to cars has been hashed over so much on these boards that I refuse to even get into the poor job they do.
  • My wife is wanting a Jaguar we will more then likely get a used one if we do.She likes the s-type best but likes the x-type too.My billfold like the x-type our nearest dealer is 70 miles away so we've not try any out but read alot about them.I was hoping to get some REAL feedback
    from some people who owns them and what I need to look for.
  • 320jag320jag Posts: 2
    The moniker was chosen because I a trying to decide between the Benz C320 4matic and the Jag X-type. Again I appreciate your input. I am set to test drive each vehicle within the next week. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  • I'm planning an X-type purchase in the next one to three months. I’m in no rush but wouldn’t mind it being sooner rather than later. I know the $3000 dealer support just expired. I would think something else is coming soon in the way of incentives. The local dealer doesn’t appear to move X-types very quickly and all of a sudden he has gone from 10 to 12 in stock to 28.
    Anyone have a comment on the incentives?
  • Do not pay more than invoice price. There are hidden dealer benefits from Ford and if you stick long enough there is no reason why you cannot get an X-type at or below invoice.
  • I'm going for a second test drive Wednesday. I last drove one in October. The dealer is next door to BMW so I will try a 325xi also. I expect the X to be superior in most ways important to me.
    I agree that invoice is probably a good baseline or lower if the incentives come back. If the other dealers are as loaded with x-types as mine, it should be only a matter of time.
  • The dealer incentive is $3250. Can I realistically expect to get this off the invoice price?
  • You may not be able to get 3250 $ below invoice, but knowing this kind of dealer incentive, you can start 1000$ below invoice and then go up to invoice while negotiating. Good Luck!
  • I though it was way to low....But it should make below invoice easy.
    I also posted on Jagtalk and will see if others have an opinion.
    Thanks again
  • Took delivery of 2004 X-type 3.0 (automatic trans, premium package, heated seats, reverse park assistance) on December 13 and so far have been very pleased with purchase.

    Have driven car 1800 miles including trip from Chicago to Cleveland over Christmas. Car handles very well in snow and is fun to drive.

    My previous car was 2000 Lexus GS400. My wife's current car is 2003 Lexus ES300. We have had a Lexus in our household for last ten years. I didn't go Lexus this time because they did not offer AWD sedan.

    My wife and I both like the Jaguar. In my opinion, the X-type compares favorably to my former GS. I like the way the X handles and I am getting more comfortable with the tight European ride. For a 230hp V-6 it has nice acceleration compared to my 280hp GS V-8 and much better than wife's 230hp V-6 ES300. I don't intend to push the X until it has at least 3000 miles, but, the few times I have "hit the peddle", it responds very well.

    The dealership, Patrick Jaguar, is located in a two year old modern building with well equipped service department (including body shop) and they are a class act gaining a great reputation in Chicago area. Already they have sent me a sales followup letter, dealer satisfaction survey, service department welcome, thank you letter from dealership, thank you letter from Jaguar, survey from Jaguar, and a dealer gift packet that included a Jaguar coffee mug (for home or office) and a Jaguar travel coffee mug for car use.

    The treatment we have received thus far from Jaguar is much like the experience we have expected with Lexus.

    As to quality, I have found nothing to complain about. To date, I'm a happy owner.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    bigguyjer... What was the MSRP? Did you buy or lease? If you bought, what did you pay? Get any special financing deal?
  • My purchase was for an X-Type 3.0 with automatic trans, premium package, heated seats, and reverse park control using Ford Motor Company X-Plan PIN
    program which enables purchase of most Ford family products at a fixed price formula over dealer cost.

    My boss is a former Ford Motor Company executive and receives several of these X-Plan programs annually that he allocates to members of our firm.

    Purchase price,(no negotiations involved) set by Ford Motor Company, was $31,154.64 plus tax, title and license. MSRP on car was $36,290.00.

    I shopped price at two other Jaguar dealers, without using X-Plan to see what I could do on my own, and the best I could come up with for identical car, was $32,847.00 plus tax, etc.

    Hope that this information helps.
  • I've had my 2003 Jag X-Type since August with no problems at all. The car is super tight, the fit and finish inside and out is flawless, and a lot of the guff you read on these boards are not from the masses. Most people don't want to get on a message board and talk about how great their new car is, they only log in when there is a problem. But when I see buyers of other marquees trolling and posting false information with no relevant source material, I have to speak out. These cars are solid and there isn't anything better out there in performance, quality, or style at this price point.
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