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Jaguar X-Type



  • vckvck Posts: 7
    Thanks for all the helpful comments on this board.
    I bought the 2004 3.0 X type w/ sport & premium pkgs today! They have to ship the car from elsewhere bec none in stock at my dealer so it'll be a week or so before I get it, but I can't wait!

    I'll check in again after I pick it up and have driven it for a couple weeks....
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Do keep us updated - and have fun! :)
  • nferrnferr Posts: 32
    Have fun with the new car. I leased one last October (2.5 manual) and it now has 8800 miles. Not one trip back to the dealership yet. Its been a great car and has a unique combination of smooth,luxurious ride and tight handling. And its a great looker too.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Does anyone have a link to stats on the X-Type-specific rankings in intial quality and and long term dependability?

    I have seen some numbers broadly covering Jaguar as a whole, but not broken down by model.
  • vckvck Posts: 7
    I looked for the JD Power info, but couldn't find anything model-specific. At the dealership, they are, however, flaunting the overall #3 Jaguar rating in IQS for 3 of the past 4 years. Big jump up for them.
    You can try this link:

    Incidentally, I posted a ? on another board, but didn't get any responses. Maybe you guys have some thoughts --
    What do you think about the clear protective films for the hood that are out there? There are several brands - Xpel, Stongard, and some 3M product. I've read mixed reviews about all of them in terms of wearability long term and issues of bubbling, discoloration, etc. I'm thinking about getting one for my new car bec I hate paint chips, but don't want to spend $500-$1000 just to see it do more harm to the car than good.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I heard that some results are skewed because of a high percentage of elderly owners. That may explain some of the brands in the top 5 (Buick, Mercury (and even Jaguar)).
    Apparently older drivers don't complain about small problems and may not notice rattles and other relatively minor problems younger drivers would have had fixed under warranty.
  • jack154jack154 Posts: 10
    I am trying to make this decision. I really like certain things about both of them. I wish there was a car that just had the aspects I like about each in 1 car! I have ruled out the BMW, passat, maxima, acura, lexus, toyota, and volvo for various reasons. So here is my jag vs. saab analysis. Any thoughts would be appreciated:

    saab v Jag x

    (s+) softer more comfortable seats seats

    (s+) bigger interior feel (though tech specs say I only have 1 more inch of headroom and everything else is the same... this is weird. I guess it's the positioning in the saab which is more comfortable and upright than the jag which is kinda low and tight)

    (s-) front wheel drive feels slippery...what will this be like in the rain & snow (jag did amazing in big puddles - couldn't feel or hear them)

    (s-) no nav

    (s+) little road feedback... i can't stand bumpy cars

    (s-) handling is airy and not heavy...not as in control as the jag

    (s+) automatic gear shifting not noticeable at all - like the whole car is in 1 gear

    (s+) seat back heats up too - not just butt like jag

    (s-) blah interior with bad cupholders

    (s+) can use ipod. no chance w/ jag.

    (s+) probably wont be mugged in a saab but may be killed in a jag (live in a gentrifying part of the city)... (despite the small 2k price difference, jag screams "im loaded"... saabs are more nondescript to most)

    (s+) better stereo than jag

    210 hp 4L turbo vs. 227 hp 3.0 L V6
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    ... Why not the TL? Except for the lack of AWD (the reason I would not get it), what is it lacking that you get in the Saab?

    Besides the AWD, the specs alone blow away both the 9-3 and the X-Type.

    (btw, my current car is an X-Type)
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 223
    Do yourself a favor and get the 9-2 Aero with the Scooby WRX engine. Youll thank me later.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    do you have any experience with the new TL to lead one to believe it would be a mistake? A random comment suggesting that someone buy a WRX with a $2-3K premium so it can be spelled S-A-A-B is not as helpful as providing reasons for the advice.

    I can think of several why the 9-2 is not on my shopping list and the TL is. Can you provide a few (other than lack of AWD leading to torque steer) why the TL shouldn't be?
  • jack154jack154 Posts: 10
    I didn't like the TL mostly cuz it was WAY too fast every time I hit the accelerator - not just from 0-10, but 30-40, 40-50, etc... I was getting motion was hard to control and I drive a front wheel drive car now. I wouldn't feel comfortable if I were driving that in the city down narrow 2-way streets with bike riders on one side of me... and people with their hazards on on the tiny pedal tap and everyone is dead. That's just how I felt about it. I realize a lot of people like that power though. Not for me really.

    It's a great looking car though.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    I see what our saying. I for one would never complain about performance, so the TL sounds better all the time. If only it had AWD...
  • zoo_bzoo_b Posts: 18
    I know what you mean. The TL is just fast, other than that, maybe just nice styling and nice materials used in the interior. The driving is rather "personality-free" and not very involving other than trying to keep the car from soaring past the speed limit. I can understand you probably want something like the Saab 9-3 or the X-Type. I love both of them but haven't driven the 9-3 yet. I'd say just go with whichever one you prefer driving, cuz that will always bring you back to drive the car again and again
  • thumatithumati Posts: 1
    I haven't driven the new TL yet, but your impression of it being too 'fast' may not really it actually having too much power (though 270 hp is plenty), but of how fast the throttle opens up. It's a common trick that was present on the last TL too. Think of it this way: in a car with a progressive throttle, you push down the accellerator 20%, you get 20% throttle. In a car like the TL, in the first 20% of accelerator travel, the throttle opens up far more, say 40-50%. Flooring it is obviously 100% in both. The end result is that if you take a 200 hp car with a TL-like throttle and a 240 hp car that has a progressive throttle, within the first inch or so of travel, they'll feel just as powerful. Obviously, when you floor it and open the throttle to a 100%, the 200 hp car won't have as much throttle left to open and lag really quickly.

    My parents have both a 1996 Q45 (about 280 hp or so) and an E500. The Q in no way is as fast as the E- maybe even 1 second slower 0-60- but because the throttle opens up so much more quickly, it seems like it is much faster than the E, which has roughly 20-25 more hp and weighs about 200 lbs lighter.

    The result of this increased throttle tip-in is that the car is harder to drive smoothyl than otherwise. To me, that's a big negative
    The only real benefit I can see for having the throttle open up real quick is that it makes it a bit less tiring to drive long distance, because you don't have to press as far as you otherwise would. For me, it doesn't outweigh the negative though.
  • j3studioj3studio Posts: 27

    Are there any catalogs for X-Types or new Jags in general for the United States?
  • tbirdtonytbirdtony Posts: 2
    I purchased a new 2004 Jaguar 3.0 AWD X-Type in April. I traded a 2003 Acura 3.2TL for the Jaguar. The Acura was a good car but it didn't feel like an entry level luxury car. It seemed to be a Honda Accord with a trim package. The Jaguar has been great. I feel special when I drive it. The fit and finish are perfect. The AWD, power, interior, placement of gauges and controls, exterior style are great. I did have a whine at 70 MPH and my dealer replaced the rear driveshaft with a new version (aluminum vs composite I think) and the whine is gone. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a XJ but for now my X-Type is fantastic.
  • jagdeucejagdeuce Posts: 7
    Great Choice. I have a 3.0 myself. (2002) Did you get the manual or automatic? Sport Package? What size wheels? What color car? C'mon, give up some info. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • j3studioj3studio Posts: 27
    Newly purchased (one week) 2004 X-Type [3.0, Sport, automatic, 17-inch wheels, premium, BRG] is great...except, during highway driving, but otherwise not predictably, the "DSC System Fault" warning comes on in the trip computer. Less frequently, but also on the highway, we see "Cruise Control Unavailable". We're taking it into the dealer tomorrow - any ideas what might be happening?
  • cwpostcwpost Posts: 11
    I am interested in buying a X-type in about two to three months. Edmunds has a Dealer Cash incentive at $5000 to $5500 on the X-type. Has anyone taken advantage of this discount? Edmunds says it is going until September 30, 2004 which is a long time for a discount.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033

    I just went to and looked at 2004 2.5 with every available option including the extra-cost metallic paint and their price for zip code 90210 was $27,028.
    Several thousand below invoice and cheaper than what some ask for a used 2003.
    Guess resale value just took another nose dive.
    If they also apply that same $5000-5500 towards a subsidizing a lease, it might be a good deal there and then the resale will be the lease-company's problem.
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