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Jaguar X-Type



  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I've usually shutoff the Auto climate control having the same concern about the AC compressor using extra fuel. Not sure if it does - does it run or is it sitting "ready" in the winter?

    And yes I have put some 89 octane in, but never a full tank. I pu 1/2 a tank in, as the previous was 93 octane, so it should be an average of 91 octane, which I believe is what the manual recommends. Next gas will be 93. It's probably not worth trying to save a $1 and causing a problem though.

    I'd think the best thing you can do for mpg is shift at no more then 3K rpm, in normal driving. I don't drive the Jag as a sports car; I have an '01 Firebird if I want a "speed experience".
  • Gotcha, Thanks for the response....
  • OK, I'm cheap, but still want a good quality entry level lux. car with AWD. I'm thinking strongly about the X-type, but am concerned about size. I'm 6'2" and 240lbs, and have long legs the nearest dealer is 200 miles away and there are no used ones for sale in my local area and the local rental agencies don't stock this car (Medford, OR) Any feedback about the size issue?

    and I'll probably have to buy off Autotrader or maybe Ebay to get a reasonable deal or have any kind of selection of color. Feedback on that would also be appreciated....
    Thanks in advance!
  • First, don't get the sport version as the sport seat backs will be too narrow for you.

    Second, I wouldn't get a Jag at all if you don't have a nearby dealer.

    I bought my XType in So. Calif. and subsequently moved to the Midwest where the closest dealer is 90 miles away. Not a good thing when you need service plus the dealer owes you nothing since you didn't buy the car from him.

    Third, if you really have your heart set, get a Jaguar certified car from a Jag dealer. It is called Select Edition. and will cover the Jag for 6 year or 100,00 miles. Included is maintenance and 2 years of roadside assistance which in your case is a great benefit.

    Lastly, I would try for a 2003 or newer since many of the bugs in the '02 model were worked out. I have an '02 and had no problems but I consider myself fortunate.
  • Hey, with all the incentives on new X-Types and new ones going in the mid 20s, what would you guys expect to pay for a used one? What's reasonable on a 2002 2.5 X-Type Sport (manual) w/ close to 50k miles on it? I see some on dealers lots in the low 20s. Has anyone been able to negotiate them down a lot?



  • I have just purchased a new 2004 X-Type 2.5 Manual. I have read several reviews, which pointed out the pronounced wind noise. However, I personally think the car is managing the wind noise fairly well, but there is a drive-train noise I can hear above 60 mph. Do you hear the same thing or is it just me?


    By the way, I also have the "humming noise" coming from the steering column area, which some of you referred to. I assume it is normal and comes from a computer cooling fan.


    I am curious what is your experience with oil consumption in the X-Type and how often do you change oil?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    In my '02 3.0 auto, the wind noise is not intrusive at all. I use no oil between changes. With the change intervals @ 10K miles, and free for the first three, I still change the oil myself at 5K intervals. It takes me a year to get 10K and I just can't make myself keep that oil in there that long. Could well be a waste of money.
  • Has anyone any experience with aftermarket performance parts for the X, especially the 3.0?


    What did you do and how did it turn out?
  • I understand that you don't want to keep the oil in your engine for more than 6 months and that's why you change it every 5K miles. That makes sense. I will probably follow the same oil change interval - 5K miles or 6 months.


    It snowed yesterday in Chicago, so I had a chance to test the X-Type on the slippery roads. At first, I wasn't that impressed as although the car took off with authority, it had a tendency to fishtail a bit (pointing to its rear-drive bias). The ABS worked well and cornering was still surprisingly good. Then, for comparison, I drove my wife's Daewoo Leganza, which is a front-wheel-drive with traction control. I was stunned as could barely move forward! It was wet snow turning into ice, so the roads were exeptionally slippery. The AWD is absolutely awesome and makes a HUGE difference in the snow!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    A Jag X-Type and a Daewoo Leganza sharing a driveway - talk about extremes!!
  • I know what you mean robr2. However, despite what everyone says about Daewoos, ours ('99) with over 63K miles has been the most reliable and least expensive vehicle we ever owned. Luckily, my wife doesn't know how to drive a stick, so my Jag is safe for now (ha, ha).
  • I recently took delivery of a new X-Type. I'd like to know if anyone has made any modifications to their car, who supplies performance parts for them, and what you did or plan to do to yours.


    This is a great, highly under-rated car. Thaks for your responses!
  • Axiomlover,


    I live in Maryland and we have not had snow yet - it was about 70 degrees on New Years day. However, I will have the X-type out for the first snow storm to see how if performs. Ideally, I'd like to have it out in the fresh snow and then get it in the garage before the salt trucks make their way to the side roads.


    The X-type is some what of a paradox for me. It's geared for foul weather driving, i.e., having good traction in snow, slush, etc., yet it's a Jaguar with fine paint and thus must be sheltered. By the second snow storm I'll probably cut the apron strings and let the big dog eat.


    - SnowJag
  • Pfoglia,


    I'd like to make mods to the car but the 4 year 50K mile warranty was a strong buying incentive. Back in the day, cars had a one year 12K warranty and guys could do stuff after a year of thinking about what would be cool to do with out warranty consequences. Is this a new downside of these longer warranties?


    -- SnowJag
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    You can make modifications to your vehicle if you want but keep the following in mind:


    the dealer does not have to do warranty repairs if they can prove that the modification was the direct cause of what you want repaired under warranty.


    The dealer does not have to restore the modification if it needs to be removed in order to do a warranty repair - ie the OEM head unit died through no fault of the aftermarket sub and satellite radio installed by an aftermarket shop. But the aftermarket shop spliced into and customized the OEM radio harness to install the equipment. It'll be out of your pocket to have the aftermarket shop hook it up again.


    The dealer does not have to do factory paid maintenance on a component that was installed aftermarket - ie replacing K&N filters, lubricating aftermarket suspension components, inspecting/adjusting aftermarket brakes, etc.


    These things were issues when warranties were shorter - it's just an issue for a longer time. BTW, how long has it been since you bought a new car? 12/12 warranties have been history for over 10 years now!! :)
  • Hi Everyone,


    This may have come up before, and if so my apologies. We have had a couple of major cold snaps here lately and my wife's X-type's side windows refuse to unfog. It's an early build '02 3.0 purchased last summer so this is our first winter with the car. She tells me she's tried "every" climate control configuration and that the windows still refuse to clear.


    Has anyone else encountered this problem. and if so solved it? Thanks.


  • Dear Snowjag:

    Thanks for your insight. My last new car was a 2000 Mercedes and I did some mods(K&N, exhaust, wheels, brakes). They also didn't involve the other issues with the car. The dealer recognized these modifications didn't impact the "problems" (a/c and electrical) and the ignored them .


    It's my understanding that under Magnuson-Mann Act, only those items directly effected by the alteration/s are non-warrantable/serviceable, like if I change the exhaust, the new mufflers won't be warranted by the factory but the cat is still "theirs".


    That's the premise I'm working under. Hopefully it will fly...


    Best regards!
  • I noticed the same issue with my '04. When it is cold, the side windows do get foggy. There are two things you can do, which worked for me. You can direct the heat at your dashboard vents or windshield vents, but make sure your A/C is on and your fan speed is set pretty high. It doesn't take long to get rid of the fog, but it will get foggy again unless you keep the fan speed pretty high. I think the problem is that the side dashboard vents do not swing far enough towards the side windows. Let me know if you find a better solution. In the meantime, I will try to modify the vents to direct more heat directly onto the windows.
  • It broke my heart to see my new Jag leave the showroom floor and enter the super salty streets of Chicago. However, I couldn't let a perfectly capable AWD machine stay in the garage all winter long. We got 12 inches of snow yesterday and the X ploughed through unshoveled driveway with an unbelievable ease. I went searching for large parking lots before they got ploughed to test the car's take off and braking in heavy snow. Needless to say, the only way to get stuck is if the car were to get suspended by its body. As long as the wheels are touching the ground, you can pretty much go through anything. I only wish I were able to switch off ABS as it takes much longer to stop in slippery conditions. I think the tires do a very good job in the snow, given their all-seasonality.


    As soon as the temperature outside rises, I will wash the car from salt. Does anybody have any suggestions as to preventing car wash scratch marks short of never taking it through an automatic car wash? What's your best (proven) technique for washing and drying the car without damaging the finish?
  • Thank you Axiomlover. Closing the center vents, sending everything to the side vents and keeping the fan speed up does help.


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