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2012 Hyundai Sonata



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    I like the long Hyundai warranty also--my 2004 Elantra is eight years old and it still has two years of factory powertrain warranty left. I suppose though that Honda, Toyota, and Nisssan owners (I am leasing a Nissan also) could say something like, "the best warranty is the one you don't have to use". ;)
  • Let me start by saying, other than my one serious unresolved issue, I love my 2012 Sonata 2.0T. Great exceleration and even better gas mileage in a great looking and comfortable car. I have a 1-1/2 hr commute driven at 70-80 mph and I get 32 mph. The low-profile tires and torquey front wheel drive make it lousy for winter driving in Youngstown, Ohio - but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I have had the car 4 months and it has 8,000+ miles.
    My issue for which the dealership has found no solution is the strong odor of gasoline/exhaust in the cockpit and outside the car once parked and prior to restarting. First the dealership replaced the gas cap after testing found a loss of pressure in the fuel tank. After that didn't work, they replaced the high pressure fuel pump after finding it was cracked. (Note: the replacement fuel pump was also found to be cracked in the box, supposedly the result of damage during shipping due to poor packaging.) The air filtration filter was also replaced and it smelled of gas as well. Once, the service manager kept my car for two days and drove it home and claimed he could not duplicate the issue; yet the service writer could smell it inside my car during a recent oil change. The car stinks up my entire garage once parked after driving. I am embarrassed to have a passenger because of the smell and I am concerned for my own health from inhaling the fumes. The service department has thrown up their hands and Hyundai has been no help to them with an answer. I am considering invoking the lemon-law. The crazy thing is I would just want a replacement Sonata. For what it is worth, I have had Blue-Tooth issues as well, but that has been the least of my concerns. If anyone has a possible solution - please write. Thank you. :lemon: :(
  • ems1ems1 Posts: 48
    I don't know anything about the lemon law in your state. I recently went through the lemon law process with my 2012 Sonata in Pennsylvania. I was pretty much forced into it due to an incompetent dealer service department and do-nothing Hyundai Customer Service. I got a cash settlement instead of a buyback or new car. I took the cash and trade in value of the Sonata for a new car from another manufacturer. I'm very happy with the new car and relieved to be rid of the Sonata that was making my life miserable. It cost me a few hundred to get a new car but it was well worth it.

    All manufacturers turn out lemons on occasion but when it happens to you it can be an extremely stressful experience. Good luck.
    Due to the fact that they had to remove your back seats to replace the fuel pump, they did tell you that you may still smell fuel inside the vehicle. If it hasn't cleared by now than they need to recheck it to make sure their is not another leak somewhere.
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    You have to take these forums with a grain of salt..... These forums are a medium to complain about cars........ Go to any other forum and you would think nobody knows how to build a quality automobile.
    My Sonota is 1 year old and has about 20,000 trouble free miles and get GREAT gas mileage. I don't think you can find a better value with a fantastic warranty.......... Even Consumer Report check rates this car
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Yes, I wish I had a dollar - heck, I'd even take a nickel - for every time I saw a post from a member vowing that they will NEVER buy X brand again. I bet there's one for every make/model.

    Most of our maintenance & repair discussions have quite a few dissatisfied owners posting in them. The higher the volume of sales, the more active the M&R discussions are, in general (there ARE exceptions, of course). So, if Hyundai complaints have picked up, my first thought is that it's because there are more owners than there were previously.

    Each vehicle seems to have its own issues - for example, you'll see a lot of complaints about the transmission for one of the BMW sedans. There's one that's experiencing "pull to the right" issues too. Accord/Civic owners have complained about premature brake wear. I could go on & on. The smart shopper will just do a LOT of reading using different resources about different makes/models, and decide what seems the best overall risk for themselves.

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  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    edited February 2012
    hic: We have posted on the Buick Lacrosse forum that one of the frequent complainers listed 20 or more "serious" complaints with TWO of his GM brands. Total bashing that had to leave him little time to drive either car.
    The collection of parts on a car are manufactured for minimum cost not maximum life. The parts are then assembled by semi-skilled labor in the US or Mexico or another exchange rate friendly country. It is truly amazing that we receive such high quality dependable vehicles - but we generally do. We bought a 2010 Buick Lacrosse that cost 11% more than our 1998 Pontiac Bonneville. we bought a 2012 Sonata GLS that cost 19% more than our 1990 Honda Accord EX. About 1% per year more for much more in features, safety, fuel economy, driveability, and overall value for each example.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    I have a friend whose '00 Sentra also had a gas smell in the cabin. I've emailed him to find out what the fix was. If nothing else you can suggest it to the service manager.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Agreed. I figure it this way: Never say never. If I wind up with a poorly designed/manufactured product (cars, electronics, whatever) I won't ban future purchases from them. But I will put them at the bottom of the list. They'll have to do something extra special to garner my business but I won't rule them out.

    Of course, there are companies I refuse to do business with, but that has to do with the way they treat me and/or their policies more than their products.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    We had two cars that had that smell. Last one was a Nissan(1990 model) that had a flat run from the filler to the tank due to low profile model with a hatchback so no trunk to isolate the smell. Any over filling after the gas pump shut off would result in back flow and smell of gas.
    Another model (GM) had a problem with the return (overflow) line actually deteriorating and allowing the smell of gas to enter the car thru the trunk. the car was older and the failure was attributed to age not design. The connection to the gas cap receiver to the receiver tube tot he tank and the overfill bypass can also contribute. Hard to diagnose and easy to fix.
    good luck. Crankee
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    The inhalation of gas fumes is a serious health risk (both hydrocarbons and carcinogens), not to mention gas fumes are extremely flamable (more so than gas itself). I am assuming you don't continue to pump gas after the pumps cuts off automatically? Overfilling can cause the symptoms you noted. But probably not to the extreme that you noted. For sure, make hyundai honor their warranty by whatever means (lemon law, etc) you can.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    There is a canister/filter associated with the fuel filler neck. If the fuel tank is frequently topped-off or overfilled, that canister/filter gets saturated with fuel and will produce a strong fuel odor in the vehicle. Might want to look at that.

    On the 2.4L Sonatas, there is a known issue related to a hose in the engine compartment that goes bad and results in a very strong fuel smell in the cabin. Not sure if the 2.0T uses the same/similar setup.
  • Hyundai has a TSB out on the gas fumes inside the vehicle. It appears the PVC hose collapeses and causes it. The dealer will replace the hose and PVC valve as part of the TSB.
  • Like I said in my previous post, we haven't had any problems with our car (knock on wood) but then again it only has 4K miles on it too. Only time will tell if it will hold up as well as the Honda's we've owned. I thought forums were to say good or bad about a vehicle and help each other try and resolve issues and express good things about a certain vehicle. It seems that you don't dare say anything bad about a certain brand or you get flamed. I have a right to my opinion just like anyone else.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    My friend with the Sentra said he thinks it was from a cracked head gasket but wasn't sure. I'd follow sivicman's thinking and pursue the TSB.
  • piezonpiezon Posts: 23
    I'm VERY close to buying the 2012 Sonata Limited but there are so may posts that contain "problems" that I'm hesitant. However, I recently purchased 4 brand new LG appliances for my kitchen in spite of some of the negative reviews and, to my surprise, we haven't experienced any of them. we absolutely love them and i'm hoping the same will be true with the Sonata. Would you mind giving me your honest feedback on your Ltd. and let me know how many miles are on it & how long you've owned it?/ Would appreciate it. Thnx
  • We own a 2012 Sonata SE and while I don't have a lot of miles on it I researched the model in general A LOT before buying it. This in spite of owning two Santa Fe's (2002-2003) that were trouble free and a daughter owning a 2003 Elantra again trouble free + our sons 2000 Elantra that he sold at 193,000 miles still running fine. I guess I was mostly concerned about the "left pull" issue some 2011 models exibited. I fully believe Hyundai found and corrected the problem for 2012 (mine tracks straight) and retrofitted the updated parts to fix the 2011's affected. There aren't too many issues for the 2012's except the usual..."I don't get the advertised fuel economy and I am pissed"...the tires wore out at only XXXX miles (usually within an acceptable range for the quality of OEM tires) , and the various creaks, rattles, minor component failure and the occasional major component failure that could and does occur with any brand, Honda and Toyota included. Oh, I recently received a notice to have our Blue-Link telemetrics be updated/reflashed otherwise it runs fine and gets, I believe, great fuel economy. So, I say go ahead and pull the trigger, I am sure a disgruntled somebody here will be glad to tell you otherwise.
  • Hi,
    I bought a new Sonata 2.4L 2012, four months back with navigation package. I paid 32000$s just for Car. About a month back some how some water went into the engine thru air filter. No body knows how (not even the technicians). Anyways, Engine engine ceased. Hyundai dealer ask me to claim it with my insurance. I did, they replaced the engine with new engine. Now my Car is fine and working.

    Now I want to know three things:
    >> How can I check that the engine they fit, was surely new?
    >> And what will be the cost of this car, for resale and trade in.
    >> I don't want to keep this car, what are my options and which one is the best.

    Any help will be great :)

  • wnyhyundaiwnyhyundai Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    My TPMS light came on for approximately 10 minutes/went off for approximately an hour four times today on a trip from Rochester, NY to Hagerstown, MD. My past TPMS lights would illuminate only during extremely cold weather events and would only go off when the air pressure was adjusted. Any thoughts as to what may be causing this?

    Also, as an aside, I seem to be occasionally having a a slightly rough idle while at stop lights...fluctuations between 500 - 750 and it sounds as if something else is running in the background of the engine...MOST times at stop lights however, the engine is super smooth and the RPM gauge sits quietly at 750...

    Lastly, I have noticed that the driver side fabric seems to "puckering" after sitting in the seat...I had fabric problems with my 2009 and this appears to be similar, although not as's almost like the fabric wasn't stretched enough? Is anyone else experiencing this type of fabric issue?

    Other than these minor issues, the car is a pleasure to drive. I am getting about 36 miles to the gallon (I drive highway almost exclusively) with an engine that isn't fully broken in yet (only at 1600 miles)...I am very impressed with that.

    Thank you in advance for any advice anyone has. I have been a faithful reader (albeit, not poster that much) for MANY years and have learned so much from the numerous discussions.
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