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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    My sister has an '02 PF with 60K miles and a manual transmission. There is a scraping noise when accelerating in 2nd gear only, and the harder you accelerate the louder the noise is. I have an '01 with an automatic trans, and have never experienced anything like this. Anyone have any ideas what the noise might be?
  • I have a 2005 SE, with 25,000 miles on it (about 45,000 KM), I've had it for 20 months. When driving on the highway and I hit 75 mph (120 km/hr) it suddenly feels like the front end of the truck is driving on winter tires (studded tires). When I hit 85 mph (about 140 km/hr) it feels like I'm driving on loose gravel - the vibration is that bad. This is on dry, smooth, newly laid down highway asphalt.

    I have had the wheels aligned and balanced twice in the last 2 weeks by Nissan to correct the problem, but the vibration has not gone away. Nissan tells me that my OEM BF Goodrich tires are damaged and have become "notched" due to the condition of the roads, and that they will need to be replaced to eliminate the problem. These are 16" SUV tires with only 25,000 miles on them! Tires that have never been off pavement for more than 4 seconds...and...heck...this thing is an SUV, it can take a few potholes can't it?

    I haven't started to [non-permissible content removed] and moan yet to Nissan - but I'm aiming to soon. I wanted to get some of the 2005 owner feedback before if I could. You may want to get out on the highway and open up the throttle and see if you feel any difference once you get past 75 mpg. Nissan did have some big issues in 2003/04 with front end suspensions for a number of their models. Let me know what you come up with - this may effect your Pathfinder down the road.

    The long-term test Pathfinder that PBS's Motorweek had also had this exact trouble with vibration - check out their review at
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    The difference is that it sounds like Motorweek was able to correct the problem by re-balancing the tires and wheels, but your dealer was not successful. I have an '01 PF and there is a well documented problem with wheel/tire balance on that model year (as I recall the same issue afflicted '02 models also). The only way to properly balance the wheels and tires on my truck is to use a Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancing Machine, and the operator has to be patient, apparently the wheels/tires on my truck (stock, not aftermarket) are very difficult to correctly balance. Perhaps this might solve your issue, too. To find a garage or dealer with a GSP9700 machine, go to, and click on "locate a gsp9700". Please take the time to let us know how you are able to have the issue with your truck corrected.
  • Shark715 - Thanks for the quick reply. I am trying to get in touch with Motorweek to see if in fact if they have solved their problem. Reading their review, your are left to assume that it is solved because they don't mention it again after they balance the wheels. In fact, with me, the problem got worse after the first balancing and wheel alignment. Initially, the vibration only kicked in at 85 mph, now like clock work, it's there at 75 mph. I will search out for your recommended equipment, hopefully at dealer/warranty coverage. Thanks again.
  • Sorry, me again. What are your thoughts on original BF Goodrich's needing to be replaced after 25,000 miles? I know you can't see them, but honestly these things look brand new. They have 80% to 85% wear remaining and have no visable sign of any damage across the tread whatsoever. I know Goodrich is not the top of the line tire but is Nissan trying to pass the buck to this tire manufacturer?
  • pwlong19pwlong19 Posts: 3
    I talked to a mechanic at the local Nissan dealer and he said it might be the starter. He said a simple test was to whack the starter with something like a broom handle the next time it wont start. Ive tried it once and it worked! Im waiting for the next time it happens to be sure before I go out and buy another starter($150+). FYI
  • pwlong19pwlong19 Posts: 3
    Second time now that the car wouldn't start and I banged on the starter, took three times, but it started. I'll be installing a new starter soon and I'll repost if the problem doesn't go away. :)
  • jack0565jack0565 Posts: 6
    Hi all
    I'm having problems with controlling my rear windows from my drivers side control switch. I'm sure it's the switch becuase I could reach to the rear and move them. Can someone tell me the best way to remove the control switch. I've ordered a new unit ot replace it. Thanks in advance.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    I don't know the answer to you question, but if the problem was the the master switch would it not also affect your ability to operate the front passenger side window too?
  • jack0565jack0565 Posts: 6
    I don't think so. I think the whole unit consists of separate relays for different functions. I'm just changing the whole unit because I have one on hand.
  • eddie97eddie97 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE , all 4 of my windows go up and down very slow , took it to the dealer and they said is was the cold , so low and behold it's summer now 90' degree plus and i'm still having the same problem . So before i spend a couple hundred to get this fixed , is their anyone that can tell me if they had this problem & how did they get it fixed. PLEASE HELP !!!
  • sdnissan1sdnissan1 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, my Pathfinder is 2002, with 135k miles. The dealer has had the Nissan Technician looking at it, but they cannot find a solution. They have told me the timing is not advancing to 22degrees btdc, instead it is only at 10degrees. Have you had any luck with a repair?
  • chefcschefcs Posts: 1
    Hi, my name is Chris, I have 2001 nissan pathfinder. I have problems with my temperture gauge rising to hot zone. I took it a mechanic, he told me it was my clutch fan. Had it replace, but still having the same problems. I hosed out the radiator from the back for any debris, but still nothing. Also my dashboard lights go out from time to time, anyone having the same problems, any advice? Please help. Thanks,
  • keeferbkeeferb Posts: 81
    I had this problem with my '01 - but only the front drivers side. Probably because that was the only that I really used with any frequency. It was much worse in the winter when it got the point where the window wouldn't go down all the way. The dealer told me that the guides got gummed up easily. They cleaned them on two different occasions and it did make a difference. Luckily they didn't charge me for it, even though the warranty had expired.
  • coreydcoreyd Posts: 9
    I'm new here and have a rather serious problem. I wrecked the front end of my 01 SE 3.5 and now am trying to fix it all. The problem spawns from the need for a new front cross-member. It runs across the front of the frame, and is welded on (at least on mine.) So far I have yet to be able to find ANYTHING pertaining to this part. If you have any ideas, sources, or information, then I would be appreciative. Thanks.
  • coreydcoreyd Posts: 9
    in response to the window problem... i've had the same one on just one window. however i did have the door taken apart and a new motor installed. then we cleaned the guides out. it was all under warranty.
  • Neither of my cigarette lighters in my 2000 Pathfinder LE work. I got the vehicle used, and the lighters have never worked. I tried looking for a blown or missing fuse, but cannot make heads or tails of the diagrams beside the steering wheel or under the hood. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • The CD player in my 2000 Pathfinder LE won't accept CD's. It doesn't seem to skip, but rather holds the CD's inside for a few seconds, then spits them back out. I got the vehicle used, and the CD player has always done this. Any ideas?
  • ken_dken_d Posts: 3
    My boat trailer lights worked fine at first, then, after trailering 300 miles, only the running lights worked - no turn signals or brake lights. After setting out at 6:00 PM, I turned on the lights when it got dark and nothing on the trailer worked. I've never seen trailer light function go out piecemeal like this. When I stopped for gas, I checked the manual and the found the fuse box in the engine compartment. It has what appear to be flashers for left trailer turn, right trailer turn, trailer running lights, trailer brakes, etc. This would explain the sequential failure of the functions. There is also a 15 amp fuse that was blown, but it couldn't have been the sole cause because of the way the trailer lights failed. I have a friend with a 2005 Pathfinder and he has had no trailer light function the first 2 times he tried to hook up a trailer. Has anyone else experienced these problems? I haven't been to the dealer yet and can't check the fuse replacement until I hook up my boat again. This fusing/flasher set up looks overly complex - usually one fuse handles everything with the trailer. BTW, I really love the Pathfinder in all other respects. It's the best towing vehicle I've ever used.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    ken, does the pathy have a 4 pin or a five pin harness? if a four pin, how do you handle the brake lock out solenioid. thanks. rr70
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