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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • pftroypftroy Posts: 1
    I have a 95 pf. At high speeds or when it is hot (engine temp) the engine runs rough and looses power. If I run it at high rpms the problem goes away. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be the cause of the problem? Thanks Troy.
  • rlargrlarg Posts: 1
    I ran autoscanner on 1997 Pathfinder, code was P0340. I checked fuses,connections, then replaced distributor with new factory distributor. I still could not get any result and ran the scan again,I got the same code. I need some suggestions.
  • rabi504rabi504 Posts: 15
    I just want share my experiance with nissan. I won 2003 Pathfinder and have about 60000 miles on it. I have not experience any trouble with it since I bought it new.
    Recently I have noticed that when I start my car it makes a funny noise. I took it to tthe mechanic, and he thought it maybe may be my muffler or catalytic converter. So i go to meineke they told me my catalytic converter cracked and I can feel air comming out of it as I placed my hand around it !! It made me very sad since it is only 4.5 years old and I took care if it like a baby. Any how per meineke it should be covered by warrenty, and I veryfied it by llooking at the warrenty book let.

    I took it to the nissan dealer. They call me about 3hours latter that it is not the catalytic converter rather down hose? which is not covered by warrenty. So if I want to fix it, it will be 300.29. So at this time I am out 90.00 since dealer will not look in to the car unless I pay the service fee, incase it is covered by warrenty they will not charge me the fee. so I told them to fix the car.
    I go to pick up my car, I look under the car, all they did they patched my catalytic converter. So from my knowledge all they fixed the catalytic converter but calling it down hose. I go to the service manager argued with him for 30 minuites result is nothing.
    I call NISSAN !! A day latter Joston Gustove calles me back from nissan, she is telling me the same thing what dealer told me . Here I lost trust On nissan SHE HAD NO INTEREST IN LETTING ME SPEAK OR LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. I even offered to send her a picture of the work they did. She just keep ignoring me and was very rude.
    dealer may be rude or may not care for customers concern, but when the central treats customer like dirt that makes me sad and not to buy their product any moor.
    So be very care full about their customer service, in future I will definately take my 30000.00 some where else, even though I love my pathfinder very much.
  • I had a similiar experience with "nissan north america" re: my 06 Pathfinder, bought in March 06. It had a serious (I considered it so, seeing as I stalled in heavy traffic x1, and on the freeway) problem with (basically) the "DTE feature not functioning properly". The gas-level-meter would say I had 1/8 tank gas, I was on my way to get gas, (twice) when the DTE flashed ----'s and I flat ran out of gas right then and there.
    I did end up getting the problem fixed at the local dealer (it took 5 - count'em 5 - visits) but the fact that Nissan North America wouldn't /couldn't help me was laughable. After awhile I started to enjoy the game.
    * In September 2006, NNA sent a satisfaction survey. After waiting while my various problems with the vehicle were addressed. I sent it back with lots of feedback involving customer service. I felt, having paid 32k+ for this car, that I deserved better.

    *before sending it back to NNA, I cc'd the local GM to see if he would take care of my issues and make it up to me (free oil changes maybe?)

    * I was never contacted by the GM. After being ignored, I sent the survey back to NNA.

    *I did get a response, from “KEISHA”, who said a file had been opened and she would be in touch.

    * She did get in touch, but the end result (December 06) was that “there was nothing Nissan North America could do”. The GM at the dealership would not respond to her. I said "How Sad" that someone who works for you, should be so flippant as to not respond to a customer, let alone! "corporate".
    I also had a "braker calper" problem; fixed under warranty. And some other problems involving the fog lamps being knocked out of alignment and they wouldn't fix those 'under warranty'. Needless to say the customer is not their first priority.

    The 06 Pathfinder, after those initial problems, has been pretty much fine. Was going to go for the Honda Pilot but I do like the features this car has.
  • Anyone experiencing downshift or upshift roughness around 35-42 MPH? If so - any ideas how to rectify? Also, steering is very difficult, ie. steering wheel jerks back and forth after passing either front wheel over minor pavement flaws! Anyone know if there is a fix or recall yet.


    Whip, New Member
  • I have 2007 SE loaded AutoV6 15000 miles. Shaking steering, after going over twig, bump, stone in road since new. Dropping in and out of gear at 40 mph, when I momentarily remove foot from accelerator & then re accelerate, since few thousand miles on clock. Dealer says both are normal. My truck has multiple annoying problems, when pulling away from stop a creaking noise from rear right side, front window rattles when half open. Rattle on back door when closing. Dealer has not fixed any of the problems, "Normal or can't find" that’s their answer.
    Forgot, the noisiest windshield wipers, “clonk clonk”, back & forth.
    Tired of it. For Japanese not well made. I need to try new dealer.

    Reg. Frank R.
  • Do you know where the switch is for the hatch? I have been struggling with this for about 2 years. It has been in the shop several times and it is not fixed yet. And no one seems to know where the sensor is for the hatch.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Before you spend that kind of money, talk to your dealer (or other repair facility if they have access to Nissan TSB's). Nissan issued a TSB several years ago that instructs the dealer to re-program the engine computer so that it does not prematurely think that the converters are worn out. My dealer charged me a couple of hundred dollars to do so. Sure beats the price of new converters! That was 3 years/30K miles ago, and the problem never returned. But there is a problem...what's really rotten is that Nissan should be making this repair for free irrespective of the age or mileage on the vehicle, since obviously there was something amiss with the software program the day our trucks left the factory, even if it did not reveal itself until after the warranty period. I wrote a letter to Nissan pointing this out and asking for a refund, and guess what...they never even responded. After being treated like that I hope they realize that I'll ever consider buying another Nissan product again. Anyone know of a plantiff's attorney specializing in class action suits? I'd be willing to be the lead Plaintiff in the matter.
  • dtbajdtbaj Posts: 9
    We currently have our 2008 Pathfinder V6 at the dealership for the second time because of the rough up/down shifting. We are getting the "that's just normal" routine from the service techs. It's not normal. I think we made a big mistake with this purchase. You live and you learn.
  • How do I remove the starter?

  • lensamlensam Posts: 1
    I have been getting the same problem with rough up and down shifting between 35 to 40 mph. The dealer says there is no bulletin out yet, but after showing him 12 posts on the computer from various areas of the country and calling nissan they say a fix is coming but they have to make sure it will work. They do admit to the problem and are working on it. When is my question, it is very annoying and I'm also not a happy camper. Keep on posting.
  • On a 2001 Pathfinder with the 3.5 what is the service interval with the timing chain?


  • mehstmehst Posts: 2
    I have a 98 4wd Pathfinder SE. It makes a loud clunking after coming to a stop and needs a new final drive (the term for the rear differential on the P-finder I understand). Dealer says the gears are worn out and wants $3100 to replace it ($1300 for the entire final drive).

    I was looking to get a remanufactured final drive - Jasper Inc. doesn't have any but 4x4 parts does: ( d=ccf6e8ad62e6ee964eaf951a3e82ccdb&ps_session=703035c25c2e3ae3780cb472e8dfc2c0)

    I'm not sure this is the same as the stock final drive. Does anyone know if this is the correct part to fix the final drive???

    Thanks for any help!

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Tom, what do mean by "service interval"? The timing chain requires no normal maintainence.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    I've never heard of the term "final drive", but these would be wild prices for rebuilding a rear differential on a Pathfinder.
  • I mean when do you replace them, I know belts generally last 60k.


  • mehstmehst Posts: 2
    shark715 - thanks for the reply. I think these prices are way out of hand.

    After more investigating, I think the final drive on a PF includes the differential and assembly (meaning ring and pinions, and bearings). I may be a bit confused still.

    Looks like I can get the labor done for about $500 at a good shop (vs. $2000 at the f-in dealer!!! (Brown's nissan, Arlington, VA ;)) and I'll probably go with a used final drive to save another $500 or so on the part. With my fingers crossed.
  • kris2kris2 Posts: 22
    I have a 2001 LE and the digital clock goes off sometimes and comes back with no obvious reasons. Its been off most of the time these days. I have read some posts where they said the clock needs replaced and possibly look at junkyards to save some money. I wanted to hear from anyone who actually got it changed at a dealer or did it themselves so I know how much time and money I need to spend.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • kris2kris2 Posts: 22
    By the way I found these pictures when I did a google to figure out how to pull the vents/clock. There was another post with a link but that link now requires $4.99 for the instructions. Thought some of you might find this useful.
  • wayn6wayn6 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 PF LE with 100,000K miles on it. At times it will start and stall. Sometimes I have to re-start it 5 or 6 times. This happens both cold & hot.
    When it finally keeps running, it runs fine. Any ideas?
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