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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Dtbaj, is your truck a V8 or V6? Does anyone here have a V8 model? If yes, how many miles do you have on it, and does the trans shift smoothly? Are you happy with it otherwise? Why or why not? Thanks.
  • I got a postcard on friday saying to bring the 08 in for recall, but it doesn't say what the recall is? Anyone?
    I am taking the car in Monday and going to drive v8. Going to try and make a deal to trade up. There is 3,250 in incentives on v8.
    I could have gotten the v8 for less monthly pmt, but since I felt my 05 was awesome, didn't even drive the v8 or the v6 before purchasing.
  • dperadpera Posts: 2
    Hey! That is EXACTLY what happened to me also! I thought for a minute I might have pushed the antenna off when cleaning off my car but it is still intact! I contacted Sirius and they said to check all connections and if still not solved to bring to my dealer. This is not convenient at this time so I am hoping you might have found out what the problem is!

    Any ideas / solutions!!???
  • emonemon Posts: 2
    1994 Pathfinder 2WD - I just finished a DIY remove and replace of the thermostat and the 3 belts. Car was overheating but no loss of power. After putting it all back together, I started to have a new problem. It idles fine and when i give gas in Park/Neutral it revs up like normal. it drives great for the first few minutes(5-10), just like new, accelerates fine. After those few minutes, i loose all acceleration and engine knocks and finally stalls. Also after that initial 5 minutes once I put in it Drive/Reverse the idle drops so low it sputters and knocks and stalls but once back in Park/Neutral it idles fine.

    I was afraid I tightened the belts too much or not enough but staff at Checker/Autozone say that isn't it. The manual says only 1/4 inch play halfway between pulleys and mine is a little more than that.

    After reading some forum answers, i noticed one about smoke out the exhaust and a possible catalytic converter issue, i do seem to have a higher level of smoke out the exhaust (although i have always noticed this a little on this truck)

    Thanks in advance!
  • emonemon Posts: 2
    Added note to orignal entry - After reading my repair manual, i remembered i broke the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor lock when i tried to unplug it. That sensor sends the PCM a voltage signal that affects PCM control of the fuel mixture, ignition timing, and EGR operation.

    There is another sensor right next to that i dont see documented in the manual. Any ideas what that might be? They are right next to each other.

    This might explain my problem. it looks like a pain to replace. i will try electrical tape for a quick fix.

    I am going to look for a cheap scan tool to get a reading from the PCM.
  • I took my 08 in today to discuss the transmission at the 30-40mph range discussed here.
    One guy tried to tell me it was CBT (I know this car is not CBT) another guy said it was a deacceloration retarder which I also think isn't the case.
    Another guy said that it is drive by I understand it, the car controlled electronically and as you get into higher speeds you don't notice the downshifting etc.
    I don't totally get it..anyone? He said that one of their service managers and other consumers have also noticed this weird drop at 30-40 and they have had many bring it back. I don't know sounds like it is what it is. BTW, service mgr has v8 and he says it also does it same as v6
  • so, i looked into drive by wire and the 2005 was also drive by wire.

    WTF, I am so sick of being jacked around by these service techs. The one today goes into this condescending lecture about CBT. I smiled and said, cut the BS. I know what CBT is and the Pathfinder is NOT CBT. Another mgr came out and said that it is an accelorator retarder and I'll be happy that my brakes will last longer. I was like f the brakes, I'd rather replace them every 10,000 miles than drive like this.
    Then another guy who actually seemed to know what he was talking about said it was the drive by wire thing. I accepted what he said, but looked it up and the 05 was also drive by wire.
    We need to keep talking about this and sharing...I have a $42,000 car sitting in my garage that I would love to drop at the dump.
    I think there is a production problem and we're just going to be miserable the entire time with this 08 model.
  • dtbajdtbaj Posts: 9
    I feel your pain. We are dealing directly with Nissan now and I suggest you do as well. All the dealerships are going to do is tell you nothing is wrong with the vehicle. This is because they have no solutions. It is obvious that the transmission is faulty but they don't know how to fix them. This will be the last Nissan we ever buy. It is a shame that a company would let a vehicle go to market that performs this way.
  • dperadpera Posts: 2
    me again! My Sirius radio miraculously just started up again! I did have a prob with my battery (original one) which apparently was low on fluid (not sealed) and it went dead Monday morning (2/25). When a new battery was put in - voila - I had Sirius back after doing nothing!

    Coincidence or related? I don't know but I am glad I have it back!

    I hope yours is working now also!
  • nutsnuts Posts: 9
    Hello all,

    I've had this code on the ESM for quite some time and just got around to having it fixed. I bit the bullet and had a repair shop (not Nissan dealer) 'try' to fix it. After 3 days of back and forth they have diagnosed that the problem resides in the cam on the right side. When the engine is revved up it has a whine very similar to that of a standard fan belt. They have assured that the sound is not from the belts but rather coming from the cylinder 1 cam sprocket. In spirit of 'trust but verify' I'm asking if anyone out in forum-land has seen or heard of this before and if so how much am I looking at for a repair cost.

    Thanks in advance!
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    I also have an '01, and have had it since it was new. The Intake Valve Timing sensor is a well known problem. If you do a search on this forum, you will see much discussion about it. There are two sensors, one for each cylinder bank. Based on comments on this forum, the sensors seem to have a life of about 50-80K miles. My truck has 120k miles, and I've had to replace one of the sensors twice, and the other once. I had the work done at three different Nissan dealers, and the problem is so "typical" that in each case they were able to diagnose it in minutes, and the replacement itself seems to take about an hour. And each dealer had the part in stock, so that indicates it's a part that often needs replacement. In each case I've never heard any noise associated with the problem...just the Check Engine light being lit....the engine always seemed to be running fine. I would suggest if it took your repair shop three days to diagnose the problem, you need a repair shop that has more experience with Nissan. This is a common problem that's extremely easy to diagnose.
  • Hi,
    I am late to this game with the Err1 messages. I just inherited my wife's 2001 Pathfinder LE and you guessed it the CD player is broken. Did Nissan every provide a final fix for this? Is it reasonably priced?
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    i have the same problem and it was replaced 5 yrs ago by nissan warranty. this is about $300.00 plus
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    So, did you call Customer Service at Nissan Corporate? I have a contact of a newly retired Nissan exec who may be able to help me.

    I also believe this is a production problem. It is so disappointing because the Nissan Pathfinder has been a solid, well built vehicle in the past. I have had 4 prior to this one.

    What are they telling you from Nissan Direct?
  • nutsnuts Posts: 9
    Thanks for the info shark.

    I guess I should have provided more information with my initial post.

    They diagnosed the problem correctly and changed out both banks the first day. I spent 20 minutes with the mechanic and he went over the diagnostic tests he did and told me the problem had been fixed. A day later and the SES light is back on so I take it in again and they look at it for an hour or so and they check & clean all of the connections in case of a bad contact. They reset the SES. Day 3 and the light is back on, I call and drop the truck off in the morning and don't get a call until late in the day (a good eight hours laters). I stop by and talk with the mechanic again (this time for 45 minutes). He explains that the problem isn't the sensor but rather the cam timing that the sensor is picking up is off. He then proceeds to start the car and rev the engine. There is anoise that sounds like a soft whine of the belt that he says is not coming from the belt but from the right side cam. The sounds is definitely coming from that general area. He also mentioned that he spent the day working on it an had a friend who works as a mechanic at the Nissan dealership helping him diagnose th problem. When I look up info on the cams on this forum it appears that there is a guide or tensioner that helps keep the cam chain tight I wonder if the guide is worn and the slack is causing the fault.

    Another interesting thing that may or may not be related is that the warning light for the parking brake turned on after I washed the truck today. It wasn't as bright as if the brake was on and changed in intensity from time to time (the further I drove the dimmer it became). I've seen this before with my 4 wheel drive indicator lights after a car wash they would stop working then after they seemingly dried out they were back to normal.

    Thanks again for the assistance.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    sorry typo...CVT, not CBT.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    Does anyone know about or understand CVT?
    When I discussed my problem with relative at nissan, he first thought maybe it was CVT. Then, he checked with the Nissan tech guys who said there is no CVT on Pathfinder.
    I posted earlier about telling off the service guy and saying there isn't this feature on Pathfinders.
    I looked on the specs at and sure enough, it shows CVT. I'm trying to find specs on the 05 to see if it also had it.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    When the '95 LE was given a full test, the reviewed noted it had a 5 speed automatic transmission. link. The First Drive talked about sharp shifts, which doesn't sound like a CVT. (link)

    When Edmunds lists transmissions on the Styles pages, the choices are Auto, Manual and CVT and the Pathy has an Auto listed there.

    The 2005 owner's manual doesn't anything about a CVT, but it doesn't say much about the transmission at all from what I can tell.

    The 2008 Pathfinder does not have a CVT based on the Styles page info. link
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    I did some research today...CVT is not a feature of Pathfinder it is on the Murano.
    I confused CVTCS with CVT. CVTCS is a function of the engine not transmission.

    I am meeting with GM at the dealership tomorrow to request that he allow me to drive a 2008, and a used Pathfinder 05-07.
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