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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • Hey THe Fix for your Problem is real simpal. the drane tube - avaperrater is cloged with junk from the Road. Might have to Put a little screan at the bottam of the bumper that is your problem dirt gets in there Grate Truck. I Hope the dealer cleaned it should be ok for now. any mor questians pleas ask Just trying to help out I no quite a bit. Thankyou Marco.
  • Hey Do you still want to keep this Alarm or do you want to get rid of it. If you want to keep it the cause of your problem might be cause the alarm sensor is to sensitive and may nead sum ajusting. if You dont want it anymore you can just cut the wirer and wont work anymore Hope I can help you out it is a grate truck How menny miles do you have on your Truck Marco. thankyou for reading my posting sorry about the spelling Marco
  • Hey I hope I can help you Out. Whell that might just be the abs systim testing it selfe. does it do it every time you start off from a stop.. Or just when you Put it in drive. Or it also could be one of your diferanchials for the 4wd system I would not worry about inless it gets alot worse. bring it to a nother dealer if you can to see what they have to say about this sound. I Hope I helped you out The Pathfinder is a grate truck no car is problem free you no. Thankyou for reading My posting have a real grate day Marco sorry about my spelling.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    Oh, now it makes sense! I was missing both of mine on the 05. I thought someone stole them! LOL
    I ordered my new ones from dealer.
  • whitepathwhitepath Posts: 2
    Do you recall how much they cost?
  • krcarr30krcarr30 Posts: 6
    Where can this bulletin be found?
  • you should be able to find it on this websight Nissan I have not bin able to look yet for you I have had not mujtch time to look but I no there is a bulitin out on this problem. Call a few dealers as whell if you would like. Hope I was able to Help you thankyou Marco. SOrry about sum of my spelling.
  • notorious2notorious2 Posts: 4
    I just noticed a day or so ago whenever I start my '02 6cyl. 85600 path. there's thick white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. This only happens when I start but never during driving. During short trips you hardly notice anything but after a good run on the highway and the engine cools off once you start up again there's the smoke. Any idea what could be the problem and is there a solution? :confuse:
  • notorious2notorious2 Posts: 4
    Over the past winter my A/C only functions on high. The other levels don't seems to function at all. When I'm driving the vehicle, whatever the setting, is you feel it coming thru the vents even when the A/C is off. Could it be a compressor not working, a failed sensor or something I really don't know about? Any solutions to this problem. "02 6cyl. SE PATH.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Is there a lot to smoke, or a relatively minor amount? How long does the smoke last after starting a completely cold engine? How many miles does it take your engine to use a quart of oil? Are you the original owner? How odten have you changed the engine oil since you have had the truck?
  • notorious2notorious2 Posts: 4
    It depends, if I'm coming home from work then there's a lot of smoke but if its a short highway trip then the smoke is minimal. The smoke only last but a minute or two but again its heavy. I also smell an odor that's not sweet nor like steam. There's approximately 85700 miles on the engine and I'm the second owner. The maintenace on the vehicle is kept up to par every 3000 miles. But not sure as to how many quarts the engine burns per mile.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    There is a bulletin on the site. It says that the ECM needs reprogrammed.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    It's difficult to diagnose without seeing it in person, but it's possible your engine may need a full rebuild at some point. If it's no worse than having to add a quart every couple of hundred miles, you may find that it's much more economical to buy oil by the case than pay for a major engine overhaul. It's hard to say how long it might be before you are using so much oil that it's no longer feasible to go without the engine could be today, or it may get no worse for years. It could be worth paying a shop an hour or two of labor to have a look and see what the problem might be, including compression testing each cylinder. I have an '01 that I have serviced religiously since now, and I now have 122K miles and it burns about a quart every 3000 miles. My sister has an '02 with 70k miles that has only been serviced "by the book". Hers burns a quart every 500-1000 miles, and she sees some smoke, but only when the engine is cold. I advised her about a year ago to carefully monitor the oil level, and the oil burning does not seem to be getting much worse.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    sorry, I don't. I can't see the receipt in my folder either.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    I may need to swap the alternator on my wife's 97 PF with the 3.3 (I think they all have this engine). I've changed a few alternator but never on anything with a serpentine belt. If anyone that's been through it can tell me what I'm getting into, it would be very much appreciated.
  • munnymunny Posts: 10

    did you ever resolve the heating problem - I have the same issue with intermittent overheating. I can drive all day without any problems but every once in a while ,especially going up hills, it gets really hot.
  • wli1wli1 Posts: 1
    I took my 2001 Pathfinder LE to the dealer and was told that the rear endlinks (also known as sway bars?) need to be replaced. They gave me a quote of $1190. Is this right? (well, let's safely assume that anything from the dealer is inflated to begin with) The parts seem to cost little so I am wondering what a reasonable service charge would be. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    I can't imagine that the labor would be more than 2 hours in the flat rate book...
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    Have you resolved this yet? I found a service bulletin that seems to address it. Taking in today. We'll see.
    Just curious.
  • I was driving down the road in my 97' pathfinder when my radio died... Shortly after that my ABS light came on steady.. Then my ABS light started coming on and off.. Then my TACH started fluctuating I pulled in the driveway and shut the car off.. Now it wont start at all... Any ideas? PLEASE HELP! My only other mode of transportation is my bike and thats busted too!
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