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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • kraigpkraigp Posts: 2
    Meca2, I had Dunlop Grantec TG 35's put on. They are what came on it originally. The tires came to my mind first as well, however since the noise is present only when I have power applied and not while I am coasting I discounted the tire theory. It is odd that it didn't show up till after the tires were changed. I was hoping that someone else may have had the same problem. I am afraid that the Nissan Mechanic will blame it on the tires as well. I only have 1k miles left on the drive train warranty. If something is wrong in there I would like to get it fixed on their dime. Thank you for the input.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    kraigp: could be the differential. I have the Donlop tires and they are quiet. It might be a good idea to have the differential checked at the dealer. They can check the back-lash in the gears, ect. Have you ever change the gear lube? My PF makes a slight noise and vibration excelerating up hill from 10 to 30 mph. Steve
  • bloggs1bloggs1 Posts: 1
    The brake pedal is spongy and sinks to the floor. It has new master cylinder, vacuum booster, disc pads. Re-machined discs. It has been repeatedly bled thoroughly. The calipers have been taken off and checked for leaks and smoothness of function (not sticking or binding). There is no fluid loss and no leaks. The master cylinder has had the 3 lines disconnected and the ports plugged. The problem disappears (therefore no master cylinder bypassing). The brake hoses are OK. The only peculiar thing seems to be some flexing of the calipers themselves when the pressure is applied to the brake pedal. Whats wrong?, anybody.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    bloggs1: Did you do anything the the drums brakes?? Does your PF have ABS?
    If you "pump: does the peddle furm-up? Try adjusting the rear brakes. The procedure
    might not be in the manual.
  • azsazs Posts: 3
    I'm Wondering where the sensor for the odometer is located on my truck. I now its similar to the pathfinder. That is why I'm asking here. Is it located near the transmission. Or is it located some place else.
  • iveydudeiveydude Posts: 4
    I just bought a new PF 2001. I love it. One problem though. There is a strong chemical odor after you get where you are going and get out. Smells like it may be coming from under the vehicle. Any ideas ?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    azs: The PF speedo operates off the ABS speed sensors. I dought if
    the Frontier uses the same.
    iveydude: The New Car Smell several have commented about it. Will
    go away 1k or a month or so. Cheers
  • bobformanbobforman Posts: 13
    Is it possible to remove the cross members on the roof rack? Loosening the knob fully doesn't seem to release it.

  • Hi, I'm new to this club. Got my pathfinder LE 4x4 with LSD with bridgestone tires dwellers. When the dial is on auto mode and speed at 60mph the wheels are heard with a "woo-woo" noise. Is this normal or not. However when put on 2wd the noise is not there. Is there a break in period or not. I am trying not to go over 60 mph for the first 1000 miles. These tires are for mud and snow rated tires. p255/65r-16. Hopefully someone can give me an answer
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Make sure the 4 tires are inflated to the same pressure. If so, there may be a problem with one of the tires (those Bridgestones have a bad reputation).
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    Has anyone replaced their headlight lens cover? Mine had a chip from a rock which has now turned into a hole. Water and condensation is beginning to discolor the inside housing.

    The dealer wanted $130 for the lens and $200 for labor.

    I figured I could do it myself, it looks rather easy. Is it? Any suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
  • jambazijambazi Posts: 51
    Just yesterday I noticed a growing spot of oil under my PF, which wasn't there before I got the car. This leak must have been happening since I first got it (2 months, 4600 miles ago), because it's very slow. It appears to be coming from the rear seal (where the driveshaft exits the transmission). Service Manual says that the first step is to check the oil level to make sure it's not too high. After that, it's replacing seals and stuff. Anybody else notice this? Is it normal for them to overfill tranny oil at the factory, or do I have a bad seal?

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I also noticed a very small amount of oil? was leaking for a while under my 2001 PF LE. It was very early on and is no longer evident (I now have 6 months and 6000 km on this truck). I never figured out what it was...
  • iveydudeiveydude Posts: 4
    My 2001 PF SE is 10 days old and I just found out that my rear main gasket has something wrong with it. I noticed there was a problem when there were fresh oil spots on my carport where my PF was parked. 10 days old and leaking oil. I bought this sucker because of the RELIABILITY rating. They said they have to take down all kinds of stuff to get to it. Any input would be helpful.

    I guess now I know why I got this vehicle for invoice.
  • iveydudeiveydude Posts: 4
    I just read your message. I have the same problem.(mine is 10 days old). So I checked my oil level. It is just above the high mark. Since I have been leaking oil for ten days and the oil level is still high, the level must have been even higher when it was first driven. I will check with the dealer on monday to see what they say.

    Will keep you posted.
  • jambazijambazi Posts: 51
    What was the high mark that you were using to check your tranny oil? I'm curious. I still haven't checked it yet, but I'd like to compare notes if possible.


    P.S. You can e-mail me back directly if you wish.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    Are some having transmission or engine oil leaks? Or both? For the
    engine this summer could try 10W/30 instead of 5W/30. 10W/30 can
    be used from -18C ( 0 F ) and higher. jambazi: is this in your FAQ's?
    Is anyone with engine oil leaks using syn oil? Steve
  • mpg5mpg5 Posts: 68
    the side step rail on left side rusted through from inside. i have a hole the size of a dime. how do i patch this, or do i just let them go and replace eventually. is there an anti corrosive foam i could fill the pipes with to maybe slow down the rust process?
  • Meca2,

    Is it OK to switch back to 5w-30 after using 10w-30 during summer? Does the service manual says anything about this? Thanks in advance for your time.-AW
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    In your owner's manual, you should see the allowed temperature range for the use of various weight oils. The reason why Nissan recommends 5w-30 is because of the "effiency" it brings to the use of the engine. Most "energy saving" oils are either 5w-30, 0w-30 or 0w-20 oils. You can switch back and forth between 10w-30 and 5w-30 to your hearts content without detriment.

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