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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • Lance, what type of squeak did you hear. When I pull out of my driveway I hear some kind of noise as well, but then again any time when I first start to move after I start my 02 PF SE i hear it....

    I will try that even though it sounds as though its coming from the front end...
  • I could definitely tell that the squeak was coming from the rear of the vehicle, almost like a squeaky bushing. It was a low-pitched squeak associated with almost any medium bump, but I couldn't make it squeak when I bounced the rear of the PF by hand. Glad I tried that instead of taking to dealer for diagnosis and treatment.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    If you choose to ignore the light, you could be sorry.

    Read this message about my experience after ignoring the check engine light:


    If that link doesn't work, go to the main Pathfinder comment area and in the "MSG#" field, enter 5568 (even though the message # really is 5351 - go figure!)

  • shimdgshimdg Posts: 3
    In point 2 you mentioned a squeak definitely from the inside when you turn the wheel. I had a similar experience on my 2001 SE when turning the wheel at very low speed such as pulling in or out from a parking spot. It was definitely from the inside from the lower left corner of the windshield. I thought it was an improperly mounted windshield. Took it in and the tech said it was coming from the outside! This apparently is a known problem since he immediately diagnosed it as bearing strut/ bracket problem on the left side. Seems some were installed improperly and resulted in wear causing the squeak....creak whatever. The part numbers of the components replaced were .....................
    54320-2W100 (insulator), 54329-0W000 (spacer-front), 54322-0W010 (bracket-front),
    54325-5V000 (bearing-st). The noise went away! Your squeak may not have the same cause, but I'd have the dealer check it out. I hope I helped.
  • johnskevjohnskev Posts: 98
    I also had a squeaking issue. Mine occured in the rear, but I couldn't tell which side. It sounded like some slight movement from the hatch, the seal maybe. I couldn't fix it let alone find it, so I brought it in. The service rep said that a service bulletin existed for the problem: a poor seal around or near the struts/shox, a small rock was lodged in there somewhere. They removed the rock, put some filler or a better seal on, and solved the problem.
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    Does any one know how to get the for light to turn on without the head light on? I noticed that some car was able to have the fog light on with the parking light on only. I like to have the fog light on when it dusk/sunrise, when you do not really need the headlights.
  • Can't do it on the PF. What you saw was probably an aftermarket fog lamp install. Can probably burn the fog lamps with the high beams on too.
  • johnskevjohnskev Posts: 98
    I know that people have mentioned it in this forum before. It required some rewiring or playing with the fuses. I know the search in these forums is hard to do. Maybe someone else knows the post number where the procedure is explained.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The trick mentioned about wiring the fog lights doesn't let them activate with the parking lights. It lets them activate AT ANY TIME - even if the truck is turned off. Some people who have made this mod have accidentally left the lights on after parking their truck and killed the battery, because the mod makes no "headlight is on" warning beep.

    FYI, in California, I think there's a law that states that the headlights must be turned on one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise, and it's illegal to drive on the road with the parking lights on if the headlights are not also on... I've been pulled over and warned about this in the past.

    Headlights aren't just to help you see when it's getting dark- they're for other drivers to see YOU as well.

    Just a thought...
  • kzc2kzc2 Posts: 14
    I re-wired my fog light to come on with parking light only. I send instruction to 3 people but never received any reply from them. Only thing I can say is that it works fine on my 99.5 LE. Auto head lamp works just fine and high beam doesn't burn fog lamp bulbs. Only time you will be draining battery is physically or manually turn your lights on when engine is not on. Otherwise, if you forget to turn off your light, pathy will automatically turn off your lights when you shut off ignition and open the driver side door.

    Basically concept of re-wiring is same as any other car. The way you wire is look for positive 12 volt wire from fog lamp which is connected to right side head lamp, you need to disconnect that and re-wire to hot wire when your engine is engaged (such as parking light). All this need to be done in Relay box, which located under the hood.

    Let me know if you want the instruction,

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I stand corrected...
  • asalimasalim Posts: 2
    I have a 97 PF and when I change to 4x4 mode recently I have noticed a grinding/stopping even
    at normal turns. At larger angled turns it just tries to stop. Dealer is saying it is normal. But I did not have this grinding problem before. Also
    when drove a 01 PF it has the grinding issue but
    to a much manageable degree. Anyone has experienced this? Any comments?
  • dupersc1dupersc1 Posts: 11
    Because your '97 4wd system is part-time, means that it is not designed to be used on drive pavement. When you engage in 4x4 and turne, the inside wheel will rotate at the same rate as the outside one create a gear bind, hence the grind.

    Do not use 4x4 on drive pavement, especially when turning, you can damage your truck's differentials very easily this way. Hopefully you have already done so.

    Hopefully someone will give a better explaination than I do.

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Yikes! image As dupersc1 mentioned, you're not supposed to use 4H or 4L on pavement! The grinding you're hearing is actually the tires scrubbing on the pavement as they try to relieve drivetrain binding between the front and rear axles. And you're absolutely right- the truck is nearly impossible to turn (sharply) in 4H or 4L on pavement because the front wheels cannot turn faster than the rear wheels as each tire makes its own arc in the turn.

    So, if you want to know if anyone experienced this? My answer: Hopefully not! But the dealer is right - it is normal when engaging a part-time 4WD system on a high-traction surface.

    May I inquire why you're doing this?

  • asalimasalim Posts: 2
    Thanks for the comments.

    I rarely use the part time 4x4, only during wet weather or when I am driving in snow. Last time when I engaged the 4x4 in wet weather I noticed
    the grinding was more than what I had experienced before.

    So the increased it a sign of some problem in the differential or transfer box or something ? Apprecitae any help.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    If this happens only when turning, but not when driving straight-ahead, your 4WD system is probably operating normally.

    Did you recently get new tires? Bigger tires or different tread design or rubber compound could change the behavior and make the issue either more or less noticeable.

    As for using P/T 4WD in wet weather, don't do it. Wet pavement isn't slippery enough to let the driveline slip. If you're driving on a completely snow covered road, it's OK but not on a mixed snow/wet pavement road. It's best to either keep it in 2WD or switch back and forth as needed. Unless your tires are bald, you'd be surprised how well your truck will drive in 2WD with sensible use of the go-pedal. image

  • kzc2 , could yo please email me the instruction? for this re-wire the fog light, my email is Thanks
  • Can anyone tell me how to remove the '02 SE titanium (colored) roof rack?
  • Late input regarding noise from rear. My LE 01 had an occasional squeak/bonk from the right rear area that on the last drive had developed to most of the time. Noise was traced to the RR shock, the nuts were not tight enough and allowed a slight movement. Removal of the shock showed shiny areas where there shouldn't be any.
  • My 2002 le, 4500 miles, bottoms out with a normal load. 4 adults in the seats and a picnic basket in the back caused bottoming out on bumps...same thing happened with 4 guys in the seats and 4 golf bags in back. One of the guys owns a 2000 and says this does not happen to him. Any thoughts? Do I need to go the after market air bags or ??
    thanks for any help you guys can give me
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