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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    I've read the numerous posts over the last few months regarding the SES light, and I am experiencing a new version of the problem. I have an '01 PF that now has 80K miles. My SES light came on 13 months and 20K miles ago, and the dealer where I lived at that time replaced what they called the "Intake Timing Control Valve/Solenoid". Everything was fine for a full year until a couple of weeks ago when the SES light came on again. I kept driving the truck, because given the miles on the truck I was hoping that it was an intermittent problem with a weak O2 sensor as others on this forum have described, but the SES light has been on steadily for 1000 miles now. Yesterday I had Autozone download the stored DTC's, and there were two of them: P1140, which according to the Equus website is the Intake Timing Control Valve Position Sensor (bank 1), and P0420, catalytic converter system efficency below threshold (bank 1). It sounds like P1140 is the same problem I paid $300 to have repaired a year ago. Can I assume that there will be no warranty in effect on the repair done 13 months and 20K miles ago? I now live 2 hours from that dealer and don't want to waste the time driving all the way back there if it won't be covered. Am I risking damage to anything else if I don't have the repair made now?...I don't have to have my truck state inspected again until July '06. Finally, is it likely the DTC related to the catalytic converter is related to the P1140 DTC? Is it likely the repair related to P1140 will resolve P0420, or is it likely that my driving the car for 1000 miles after the SES light came on has damaged the converter? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • laurielaurie Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for the response on the armor all dashboard issue!
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    My 01 LE pathy had IVTC and O2 SES DTCs. It comes and goes. Usually comes up after filling up with cheap rural gas stations(89 octane). After that tank is down to 1/4 left the light goes away or resets. In my previous posts, I tested and retested numerous times at Autozone. Thought about replacing those parts but waited and the light went away. Now I try to avoid those rural gas stations and the light remains off. We will see when I go on another long trip and have to fill up in the counrty...

    I don't think running with a "bad" IVTC sensor will damage your Cat. Converter. I do not think they are related. It may be just a sensitive ECM.

    IMHO, my pathy is sensitive to the quality of gas. The gas brand or gas age(sits for longer period in rural stations) I do not know for certain.

    Check your dealer about service warranty or give it some time and good gas.

    Good luck!
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    i had an 01 Pathfinder SE with 80k miles and recently traded it for 04 Pathfinder LE platinum edition.

    i felt i'm getting lot of noise from the engine overall. Looks like i'm not the only one feeling it.
    Also i'm getting 12mile/gallon which is strange as my o1 PF gave 16+ consistently in city and even got 20s on the highways
    Any input is helpful before i take it to the dealership

  • 01pfle01pfle Posts: 4
    mj - I've got similar woes. Looks like your reply was over a year and half back.... any luck?.... I just had my '01 LE in for service and they gave me the old "I don't hear it mister". When I called BS ~ they admitted ther was a technical bulletin outlining a housing that needed replacing that may cause the problem. They claim to have replaced the housing, but I still have the rattle whenever the ac or heat is on. The higher RPM I run the noisier it gets.
  • 01pfle01pfle Posts: 4
    any luck with this? I have 01 LE - same dealio - dealer replaced housing which supposedly is the problem - no joy........ rattle is constant whenever heat or ac is on - higher the rpm (uphills & just booting it) the wose the rattle / whir gets.

    I know it's a pretty minor thing but I'm developing a tick all the same
  • Went out to dinner sat. Valet takes truck attempts to start it when it is already on,not happy gave him the angry look. Now when i am driving i get a strange sound as if i was adjusting my mirrors or zooming in and out with a camera that occurs infrequently. Sound seems to be coming from dash or right up under the hood because i can hear it also with my window down. I looked under hood everything appears normal but i am certainly not a mechanic. I am also getting the dreaded pathy shimmy between 50-70mph and noticed while checking fuses that RAD FAN FL30a was missing, ETS MTR 20a, and power socket 15a. Can someone please give any input regarding "the noise",and what are the importance of the missing fuses. also this vehicle was purchased used from a nissan dealership and it also has an aftermarket alarm with remote starter that cranks but does not turn over the engine. Any input is welcomed since this is the vehicle that i use to take my 3yr old to school every morning. 2000 path se 4x4.
  • jawcpajawcpa Posts: 1
    2001 LE - remote controls both fail (with new batteries). Nissan lists a TSB requiring reprogramming.

    Also, power front seat won't move - forward & back. TSB requires new motor.

    Has anyone had luck with an out-of-warranty adjustment for these problems?
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I had the same problem a few years ago with my PF 2001 LE. Dealer disconneted battery(negative cable) for ? minutes and some how it reset itself. It wasn't till my warranty expired that I found out there was a TSB issued. I haven't had a problem since. Give it a try...can't hurt.
  • tgeetgee Posts: 2
    But I just replaced the bulb with a brand new Xenon Bulb, could it be something else?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Swap a known good bulb with the suspected "bad" bulb"
     If the good bulb does not function in the "bad" socket, then there's a problem with the socket or the wiring. If the good bulb works properly, then the problem is the bulb. Plug the "bad" bulb into the known good socket to verify.
  • markxpmarkxp Posts: 4
    mikej: My clock does the same thing. It will luminate sometimes, then goes blank. I have the same vehicle as you, 2001 LE. It is really annoying. It seems to be off more than on now. It will stay off for weeks and then reappear for a few days, then off again. I talked to my dealer and they said the only fix would be a new clock for over $200.
  • My 2001 Pathfinder LE (47K) now has the dreaded ERR2 problem with the Clarion 6 Disc CD Changer. I called the dealership and they want >$500 to fix the problem. Are there any aftermarket CD changers that can work with the Bose head unit by direct connection (not through a modulated FM signal), and do I have to buy a special adapter? Any help on this matter is much appreciated.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Go here for more info. : They can repair the unit and claim the repair sticks. They don't appear to like changing out the unit for a non-stock setup. I have to agree staying stock might be good. On the other hand, some of the newest aftermarket stuff is pretty tempting. It is hard to get "standard" electronics to work properly with the Bose system. Bose puts the amps. at the speakers (a "good thing") and uses very low impedance speakers (also a "good thing"), but both are "non-standard". A proper replacement would require replacing everything (I've done this on an RX-7 Bose system). It can be an expensive alternative, but you can get a much nicer system.
  • I would love to purchase this 01' PathFinder LE @ 108,000Kms listed for $21000 CANADIAN + taxes with one year warranty (not bumper-bumper just engine) to be used for my family. I am very hesitant because of the listed price which sounds too good to be true though (is it?) that I may be making a mistake. If I was to apply the years of depreciations it seems to be just fitting and I am not sure I hope I am right. I will also be able to purchase an extended warranty for 3 yrs/30,000 kms. Right now it is the 108,000 kms mileage it has that bothers me alot. I did some research on 01' PF vehicles all seems to be leaning on the + side. Please HELP!. Much appreciated.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    I had the cd changer replaced once under warranty with a factory rebuild & one repaired by the place PATHSTAR1 is speaking of. Interestingly though, when I asked them what the chances of it breaking again I was told they can't insure it won't as they replace the entire internal mechanism, but with the same factory parts. They do warranty the changer for one year. Mine was repaired in 11/03 & I haven't had any problems since then.
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    you should try getting a replacement clock from the junkyard if possible. The link in message #1078 shows pics of how to pull out the vent/clock housing. I had to do this to fix my CD changer lockup. I saved $$ by pulling the CD changer my self.
  • My 04'LE 4x4 gives only 11 to 12 miles per gallon
    its less than 5000 miles. Mostly drive in 2WD mode. I do not have a supercharger or turbocharger
    My 01 SE 4x4 consistently gave over 16 city and 19 highway. i had over 80000 miles before i traded in

    Dealer says they cannot diagnose a problem unless Service engine soon light shows up. Is this true?

    what else can i do to check. I also feel more engine noise. Does anyone have similar problems

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    The exhaust pipe on my '01 PF recently developed a leak where the pipe coming out of the front muffler connects to the pipe going into the rear muffler. The local Nissan dealer quoted me $980 for the repair! Even though the mufflers themselves are in good condition, they told me I had no choice but to replace the mufflers because the mufflers and pipes are each one piece. On top of that they charged me a diagnostic fee of $42.50 to put the truck up on a lift and give me a price! My next stop was at a local Midas Muffler shop where they told me the same thing and quoted a price of $796, and they proposed using a generic rear muffler that would have had the extreme end of the exhaust pipe bending to the side (as in the pre '01 PF's with the 3.3L engine) rather than coming straight out the back as is the case with the '01 to '04 model years, so the installation would not have looked original. At least there was no charge at Midas to give me a price. Finally I went to a local Meineke franchisee that does a lot of custom exhaust fabrication, and his solution was to weld in a 6" long sleeve to replace the rusted ends of each pipe as well as the flange and gasket that connect the pipes. The cost?...$50.00. He told me that the problem is common to many Nissans, not just PF's.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    My '01 PF is going to need front brakes soon. Has anyone here had new front pads installed on their PF? What was the cost? Did you need to have the rotors turned? Anyone suffer from noisy brakes afterwards? I've heard that if you don't specify OEM Nissan brake pads that some of the aftermarket pads cause squealing brakes. Thanks in advance for your help.
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