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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • 05se05se Posts: 4
    Well, my truck is in service right now. My service manager called me last week, told me he was aware of the problem, and ordered the new intake manifold which came in yesterday. I'm assuming that the new part is the redesigned version.....we shall see.

  • HI,

    My noise was fixed. It isn't the intake manifold it is the plenum valve in the intake. As soon as I started it up I noticed the difference. No noise over 2000 rpm, sure is nice. No other problems other than the pesky noise in the A pillar on the pass. side. I'll wait for someone discovering a solution before tearing into or letting the dealer do it. Averaging 18mpg so far for those interested.
  • I'll post what they did to my motor and it fixed it!


    1 14010-EA205 Collector
    3 14032-EA200 Gasket-ada
    1 16175-EA200 Gasket-ada
    1 14510-EA200 Valve Assy

    Part# 14010EA205

    Per service manager-
    Called fix hotline and talked to Norm, said would ship out new updated plenum assy, was never sent. Called back and said was going to be a bulletin that week, checked asist for bulletins and still found none. Check asist the following week and still no bulletin. Ordered new plenum and control valve assy and installed new plenum. OK after repair.

    I should also note my brakes squeak after getting wet! They aren't offering any help at this time.
  • johnny thanks for posting the bulletin. I talked
    to the dealer today and my parts were in so, I
    have to bring in the 2005 pathy on wednesday and see what happens, I'll post too after.

    Azpathfinder, I have a squeaking front brakes when it gets wet, b/c has been raining here in
    northern california (silicon valley area) lately, dealer called hotline help and they were told to deglazed all the breaks and I was a happy camper after that.
  • I've noticed the brakes on my 05 LE squeak a bit too. But, my 99 Altima did that from the day I bought it so I assume it's a Nissan feature :)
  • '98 Pathfinder, Auto.
    After driving, running a quick errand and trying to start sometimes she won't start. The starter is turning the engine over but it won't fire. If I wait a couple hours it has always started the next time. When running there is no hesitation or problems that I can detect. I changed the fuel filter which had some interesting results but I don't know if they are pertinent. I purged the line by pulling the pump fuse and running the engine. It ran for over a minute and then finally died and I couldn't get it started again (as it should be). When I pulled the hose off the filter a bunch of gas sprayed out like it was still under pressure. I don't understand how there could have been pressure still and I can't deduce why it won't start sometimes. Sending it to a mechanic is dicey since the problem is not duplicatable at will.
  • I had a similar issue with my Isuzu Trooper that was corrected when I replaced the fuel pressure regulator. That could explain the excess pressure you are seeing.
  • Hi,

    They supposedly cleaned my brakes but it didn't help (well for a few days it did) and in fact when backing out of the garage they squeak real bad even if they've been dry for days. I'll keep bringing it up to the service manager as I've got to take it in and get a rear seat cushion replaced because a spring is poking up. Great find on the bulletin, this should really help! Still love my Pathfinder!
  • Hello,
    I have the same thing, front brakes squeaks when backing out from the garage and even worst when
    it is raining and get wet.
    I would suggest call nissan customer service
    and open a case, take down the name of the representative that you talked to and his/her
    extension and gave the info to your dealer when you bring in the car, this will bring your dealer attention.
    I did this one time and it works.
    Good luck.
  • I went to the dealer who luckily was able to duplicate the problem. Says it was the EGI Relay that controls the fuel pump among other things. It is a $30 relay that takes a half-hour to replace according to the dealer. I will post if this doesn't fix the problem but assume it fixed it if I don't post.
  • I have just begun to experience a problem with my dome lights(and door open light on my dash) coming on and off as I drive.. bumps , turns. I think I have tracked it down to the rear back door latch however I'm totally stumped as to where the switch is ?? inside the locking mechanism ?
  • rs4rs4 Posts: 25
    I had my appointment yesterday, but the ordered part was missing some of the components. I was told by the Technical Manager that there is a flaw in the software used by the dealers to order parts from Nissan. They have reordered the part. Just wanted to share the information so that people can confirm with the Service Manager and save an extra trip
  • carfan3carfan3 Posts: 27
    Apart from sizeand price, which car should i purchase?
    The o4 Armadas had alot of problems since it was the first time they came out with this size. But now, most of the issues, if not all has been addressed. Is the Pathfinder going through the same cycle? I thought since Pathfinders have been around for a long time that they would or should not have any problems such as what i read hear. I thought all Nissan did was redesign the body in and out, and tweak some minor things.
    If this all new design is gonna go through the whole cycle that the Armada did, wouldn't it be better for me to get the Armada? Help soon!!
  • The Armada is built at Nissan's new plant in Mississippi. The Pathfinder is built in the US for the first time with the 2005 mode, but it is built in Tennessee, which has been building cars and trucks for over 20 years - Altima, Xterra, Frontier, and Maxima (starting with the 04).
  • opiedogopiedog Posts: 9
    Thanks for your e-mail. I printed off the information from your link and gave it to the dealer. He ordered the parts and made the changes. Picked up my Pathfinder today and everything is sounding great.
  • Glad to help. My truck is in the serial range of the service bulletin but has yet to start making the noise. How many miles were on your truck when the noise started?
  • honorhonor Posts: 5
    I am so glad I found this site. I have been dealing with this problem as long as I have owned the vehicle. I love the truck but hate the noise. Three days after I got the truck I brought It in for the problem. They told me it was normal. I have been to three dealers since and have had no luck as of yet. Please help me figure out what the problem is. Does your truck make a vibrating sound when you drive it? That is what mine makes and it drives me crazy. I also noticed the sunroof problem but can only hear it sometimes. They changed some valve in the plentum but my rattling noise did not go away. Please write me back with what fixed your truck. Thank You in advance.
  • honorhonor Posts: 5
    two hundred or so. I only have 1200 on it now.
  • honorhonor Posts: 5
    trying to figure out how to see your reply. First time I have used this site.
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