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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • I'm trying to find where the wiring for the horn is located under the hood. Can you help?
  • migvmigv Posts: 2
    My 2000 Pathfinder makes a "CLUNK" noise when i depress the gas pedal from a complete stop. It only happens when accelerating the vehicle from a complete stop. Can this be the brakes ? Anyone with this problem?

    suggestions will be appreciated.
  • cmdrtucmdrtu Posts: 2
    Hello, i have the same problem with my LE 2002 as well, when you got yours fix, will you let me know as well ? Thanks

    tuan :(
  • cmdrtucmdrtu Posts: 2

    I just replaced my 2002 Pathfinder OEM 's horn. It locates right in front of the radiator at the approx 10-12 inches from the hood latch.

  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    On my 2001 PF the low pressure AC refrigerant hose that runs from the compressor to the cooling unit is leaking where it attaches to the metal piping. Does anyone know what type of clamp (for lack of a better term) this uses? I can't figure out how to tighten it or what to replace. Thanks...
  • trbochrgtrbochrg Posts: 7
    Ugh, had my 05 Pathfinder for 5 days (250 Miles) and today it is pouring out. Whenever i take a right turn water leaks into the passenger side. Looks like it is coming from under the dash. Anyone have any ideas? I have called the dealership and they are treating it like it's nothing. They wanted me to bring it in next week!! I told them it is supposed to rain all week and that i wanted it fixed ASAP. They won't even give me a loaner. Anyone have the leaking problem and know what was done to fis it?

  • kaoskaos Posts: 2
    I'm guessing that this is water draining from you AC. (are you running the AC when this is happening?)

    PROBLEM: there is an area underneath your vehicle, in the firewall where there should be a hole, hose, or pipe coming out. This allows the water off the AC to drain outside. It can become plugged (somehow) and the water has nowhere to drain. When you make sharp turns it spills out of wherever it is into the inside of the car.

    SOLUTION: Find this drain and unclog it.

    Hope this helps!
  • trbochrgtrbochrg Posts: 7
    HI Thanks for the reply, that is the first thing the dealer asked me. The AC has not been running, we picked up the car last Thursday and we have only run the AC once or twice just to figure out how to use the climate controls. IT was raining and 60 degrees out yesterday so we had not been using the AC when this was happening.

    Hopefully it is something as simple as a clogged hose. I am just upset with the way the dealer who sold me the car kind of brushed it off. This is a ~$30,000 vehicle, brand new, and he made it out to be something trivial (granted, it isn't a blown transmission, but it is an annoyance)
  • jambo05jambo05 Posts: 7
    I too had a problem with a 1980 Toyota Corolla and found that whenever I would turn right, water would come gushing from under the dash. Found out later that it was the drain tube from the A/C which was clogged. Needless to say, it was an easy fix and a headache relieved. Check it out! :)
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    If you selected the "defrost" or "demist" function you also turn on the A/C. It's used to remove humidity in that case. If not, then there is a leak - possibly a drain hose for the sun roof (on many vehicles the hose runs down the "A" pillers). Also check the cowl vent - it's possible something has fallen inside and that could cause water to pool and flow into the air intake for the cabin.

    Or it could just be a manufacturing defect - sealant gap on windshield or body.

    It's the dealers resposibility to find and correct and the manufacturers resposibility to pay the dealer to do so.
  • timothyltimothyl Posts: 1
    Did you have any luck correcting this problem? I have 60K miles on my 01 LE and replaced the OEM tires with Bridgestone Alenzas and then Goodyear Forteras because of the vibration that 3 separate tire dealers cannot resolve. I am about to go back to the OEM Dunlops, but it doesn't make any sense that that will correct the problem. However, I did not have the problem until I replaced the tires.
  • trbochrgtrbochrg Posts: 7
    Nope, i wasn't using the defrost or demist. This is day three without my new car (i bought it last Thursday) They now tell me that they found that there is a leak (duh) and that there is water in the blower motor?, and in the in cabin filter. But they don't know where it is coming from. :mad:

    The FINALLY gave me a loaner. I understand that they are trying to fix it, and that it really isn't their fault, But it was the lack of pleasant customer service on their end that is making this agrevating.
  • trbochrgtrbochrg Posts: 7
    OK, leak was found. It appears there was a bad seal in the wiper cowl. They tell me there was no component damage behind the dash exceopt for the waterlogged pollen filter. I should have it back today. Thanks for all of everyones input. :)
  • reidcreidc Posts: 1
    I really can't answer for the wheels of the LE, but the SE wheels are problematic for balancing. The re-designed for 99.5 used the same wheels up to 2001, and need an adapter plate to be mounted to most balance machines. Most tire dealers do not know of this- when I bought my first and second sets of tires you would have no idea how many places I tried.

    Two options: The first being take your Pathy to the dealer for balancing- they should have the equipment- they are pricey at $15 a wheel. The second option is to find a tire dealer OR a car dealer that has a Hunter 9700 balance machine- it is also called a "RoadForce" machine. I found a Cadillac dealer in my are that had one and charged me $8.00 a wheel.

    My shimmy was always over 40 MPH. DO NOT let a tire store tell you he can balance anything- without the adapter plate, or a Roadforce- it isn't balanced.

  • rs4rs4 Posts: 25
    The problem was resolved. They put a new part for the parking brakes
  • caleb2caleb2 Posts: 3
    I have a 94' Pathfinder that runs perfect if you can get it to start. The problem started about a month ago and I tryied to start it but it won't it stalls just when it begins to idle up.If I turn the vehicle off and try again it would start but the problem has got worse.After starting it runs fine, perfect idle,acceleration,etc.The pathfinder is a manual stick- shift. Its my only transportation! I replaced the fuel filter,fuel relay,the fuel pressure regulator but no change. It's got to the point that it acts like it's going to start but it sputters and chugs while very low idle and black smoke out the tail pipe but stalls. Sometimes you try it and it starts perfect!! HELP PLEASE!!! V6 3.0 manual trans.
  • trbochrgtrbochrg Posts: 7
    Oops, spoke too soon. Dealership has not been able to correct the leak. They though the water was coming in from the wiper cowl, but when they replaced the seal, the leak still occured. I have now owned this car for 12 days, and for the last 6 of those days the Pathfinder has been at the dealerhip. Maybe a :lemon:

    I really love this car, i can't believe this is happening to me.
  • I'm curious if anyone has had a similar problem...

    Bought an '05 LE last week...tried to hook up my utility trailer, and after hours of checking and diagnosis, it appears that two of the trailer wiring nodes are not wired properly.

    There are four nodes (green, yellow, brown and white) is right side brakes and turn signal, yellow is left side brakes and turn signal, brown is running lights and white is ground.

    After hooking up my trailer, the side running lights worked, but nothing on the rear did. I used a circuit tester, and the brown wire was hot, but the green and yellow were dead. The brake lights and turn signals on my Pathfinder work properly, so I don't think it is a blown fuse.

    Any ideas? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  • jambo05jambo05 Posts: 7
    If you don't mind telling me, what was the part and number, if you have it, that the dealership replaced? I'd be interested in knowing.

  • welshyboywelshyboy Posts: 9
    My 02 pathfinder has a trouble code P1167, my mechanic is not sure what it is.
    any thoughts
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