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Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Accessories & Modifications



  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Use a mag. mount with the antenna I suggested, then. Get the JBC mag. mount (it's magnet is lower/thinner, and therefore it works better - try to keep the base of the antenna as close to the vehicle body as possible). That's a JBC model CMAG/SAP with UHF adaptor and NMO CB antenna with spring. These mounts will not blow off (in my experience).

    Drawbacks to mag. mount antennas -
    1. Cable may move in the wind and scuff the paint.
    2. Antenna is not as efficient as a proper through body type (poorer ground at antenna base).
    3. Cable is suceptible to damage where it passes through the door.

    Advantages -
    1. Not a permanent install so you can use on several vehicles.
    2. No "damage" (hole in body), so some may consider resale higher. I dispute this, as the antenna mount (NMO type) can be used for any antenna, such as buisness, cellular, ham, CB, etc. and therefore represents about a $100 asset to the vehicle. Without the antenna screwed on, the mount is almost invisible on the roof (sticks up 3/8") and is weather proof.

    After scuffing the paint on my previous vehicle (4Runner), I now always install a proper NMO antenna mount.

    Just my opinions.
  • longdaylongday Posts: 8
    As part of the purchase of my new 2001 Pathfinder LE, I had the dealer add in 4 window rainguard visors. When I went to pick up my new car two weeks ago, I was told the ones they had would have to be cut in front to fit around the mirrors, so they did not put them on. Instead they said they would order genuine Nissan ones and do it in a week. I had them put on yesterday and when they were done, although the Nissan name was stamped on them, they were all chopped up around the front mirrors and I pointed out that if I drive on the highway, these would cut into the soft window rubber seal as well as my paint. Incredibly they told me, "Nissan does not make them, they are aftermarket and with the Nissan name stamped only." I told them that somewhere in America, some 2001 (or same size) pathfinder owner has rainguard visors that fit.
    If you are out there, please let me know anything you can about where you got them and what brand they are. All I want are ones that fit!
  • longdaylongday Posts: 8
    Problem solved. The General Manager acutally put them on himself after pointing out to his mechanics that the front of the guards slip under the side mirror so they should not be chopped off. You would think a Nissan dealer mechanic would have a clue!
  • After "wetting" my seat a few times with ocean water, i've decided that purchasing water resistant seat covers would be a good investment.

    Can anyone tell me if there are neoprene seat covers available for the PF? do the ones from the Xterra fit the 2001 pf seats?

  • Hi,
    I'm not a hard core audio enthusiast so I think the stock system is good enough for me. I have kept the trebble and bass settings at mid-level for fear of blowing out the speakers if I set them too high. My cousin just handed me two 8-inch subs (MTX brand)from his accord. I rather get one big box but these are free and I get the chance to improve upon what I already have. My question is....what type of amp should I get to hook up with these subs. I don't need top of the line but something to get the job done as far as getting the bass to the subs. Can I attempt the "amps/subs for dummies" installation or should I leave it up to ppl at best buy or circuit city??? I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks.
  • I have a 01 LE and find this board to be extremely useful. Love the truck.

    I was wondering if i could replace the stock rigid antenna and replace it with a QX4 retractable one? Anyone done that? Should be an easy and cheap mod...your insights please.

    Unrelated - anyone else feel that the legroom for the right leg is sort of "pinched" because of the large transmission tunnel? Can get pretty uncomfortable after long drives, imho.
  • Anybody have any experience with grill or brush guards yet? I go offroad about one weekend a month and those blasted painted bumpers are very delicate!

    I am preparing to purchase some type of guard for my '01 LE in a few weeks. The goal is protect the front end as much as possible without compromising payload & performance too much.

    The Nissan one looks pretty good (I like the color), but it doesn't appear very robust. This one is aluminum (vs. steel). Pro: color, weight, stock option. Con: strength & durability are unknown.

    The WAAG one looks like better design that protects front end better. Color is black powder coat finish. Pro: design, strength, durable. Cons: weight, maybe color (can't decide).

    The weight is only an issue if the delta is significant. Nissan claims 50%, but is that 20 pounds or 75 lbs? I figure anything less than 25 pounds is insig. Fuel economy, suspension, & payload should not be affected.
  • I recently added a Blaupunkt DVD-ME1 DVD/CD/MP3 Player to my 01 LE. It's connected to the audio/video inputs on the VCR and for power I ran a cord to the rear power outlet. The wire for the infrared remote was run under the rear seat, mat and then tucked-up under the left side the center console where the self-stick sensor is attached. The unit comes with a bezel for dashboard mounting so I used it to build a box out of 1/4 inch plywood to which a piece of dark gray rug was contact cemented around. It lays neatly next to the left rear wheel well and you can't see any wires. The piece of ribbed runner material from Home Depot I used to cover it seems to keep it in place quite well. There is a seller on eBay listing them every day for $240. Brand new.

    I really bought it to add MP3 capability to my Pathy and I am very pleased with the performance and sound quality through the Bose system. I can now carry 10 CDs and have 75 hours + of music choices. It's really great on camping trips and for Tail Gating.

    However, there is a problem with the DVD. The audio works fine but the picture fades in and out consistently every 20 seconds or so (causes the LCD screen to go blue). The unit comes with both 12 volt and 120 volt adapters. The DVD plays fine on my home TV so there must be some compatibility problem with the Pathfinder system. I occasionally connect a Playstation through the system and it works fine so I'm really puzzled. I sent 2 emails over the last month to Blaupunkt USA Tech Support but they haven't responded. Any of you audio/videophiles out there have any ideas?

    Here a link if anyone is interested.


    7000 miles and loving my LE, Joe

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The problem you're seeing is a result of passing the DVD signal through to your VCR. It's not a Pathfinder problem.

    Basically, it's the copy protection that's built into every VCR. The idea is to keep you from illegally copying DVDs.

    (You'll note that nearly all home DVD players must be connected directly to the TV, not to the VCR, then to the TV, for the same reason.)
  • Now that I have to park my PF under trees that like to drop little pieces of nature all over my wax job, I figure it's time to get a car cover. I think the factory one is about $130 and I've found more expensive ones online, but I only really need something to keep the dirt off the paint and the UV/heat off the leather. Anyone found one that'll do the job cheaper? My local auto parts store normally has them for ~$70, but the entire chain in out of stock right now. So, anyone got leads on a cover for me?

    Owner Notification Date: 9/11/2001
    Number of Units Potentially Affected: 31,000
    NHTSA Campaign Number: 01V282000
    Description of Recall Campaign:
    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles. 2001 model year Nissan Pathfinder
    vehicles manufactured from December 20, 2000, through June 8, 2001, and 2001
    model year Infiniti QX4 vehicles manufacturer from January 8 to June 8, 2001.
    Some of the brackets used to attach the two gas struts to the rear door (hatch)
    may not have been made to specification. At high ambient temperature, the
    increase in gas pressure in the strut(s) may cause one or both brackets to bend,
    resulting in the struts detaching from the bracket(s) when opening or closing
    the rear door.

    If both struts detach from the brackets, the door will rapidly fall down and
    possibly strike someone, possibly causing serious injury.

    Dealers will replace the brackets for the struts free of charge.
    Owner notification is expected to begin during September 2001. Owners who
    take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and
    do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Nissan at
    1-800-647-7261. Hawaiian residents should call 1-808-836-0888. Also contact
    the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at
    1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).
  • Hello,
    I just bought a set of "nissan" rainguards.from the local nissan dealership, but am not really sure that they fit. Do the rainguards for the 99.5 PF fit the 01 PF. The part number i have is "nissanVV3 092199". Also, did you need to remove any of the molding from the mirrors to make the front flange fit under the mirror cap?

  • I opted for the weathertech weatherflectors (aka climair and macneil) because they don't require sticking tape to the vehicle. They have a tapered flange that fits perfectly into the window slot and are extremely easy to install. The only problem I have had with them is they bind too much against the window as it's raised and activate a safety response of automatically lowering the window upon binding. This only happens occasionally and, I feel, will remedy itself as the seals break in. They only have a mild degree of tinting to them and cost about $80 for 4 and $45 for 2. In my opinion, this is a must-have accessory as manufacturers cut cost by eliminating the rain gutters traditionally put on all cars. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
  • Jeckles -

    For your purposes, forget any of those wimpy "brush" guards made in the US (unless it's a custom job). Not only will they seriously mess up your approach angle and impair your off-raod capabilities, but they will actually weaken your truck. If you ever hit anything, they will bend back and cause more damage to your front end than if you had never put one on to begin with. Plus, you should never trust any kind of protection device that you have to bolt together. Most (if not all) people who mount these do it pretty much for looks. Which is a legitimate reason, but not the reason you stated. You want protection, and these bars will NOT give you that.

    The only people making true front end protection devices are in Australia. The market there is for bars that can take animal impacts at high speed and not leave the vehicle (and passengers) stranded out in the middle of the Australian desert. These are actually complete replacement bumpers, so your plastic stuff goes bye-bye and is replaced by a solid steel front end, strong enough to mount a winch and take an impact from a 400 pound kangaroo at 50 mph! ARB makes their Sahara bar for the R50 Pathfinders. Costly (at around $1K plus mounting and painting if you desire), but well worth it. TJM is another good company, but they don't make a bar for the latest PFs. East Coast Bullbars also make an R50 bar, but they have very little sales presence in the US, so you may have to deal with them directly. Here are some links:


  • sabre66sabre66 Posts: 45
    Has anybody purchased one of those hitch mounted shelves/baskets that you can haul extra luggage on? I've seen some which will carry 500 lb and others that are rated at 300 lb. I was thinking about getting one, but not sure where to get the best model/deal. I'd also like one that folds up out of the way when there's no load. Anyone have any info on these?

  • Sabre 66, check JC Whitney for Hitch Haul carriers (or Hitch Haul web site). They offer a variety of carriers plus a number of accessories. I bought similar from local retail offered by Steel Horse. The item works great, holds up to 500 pounds and no lifting to top of vehicle (and scratching paint). You can open rear door and even stand betwen cargo carrier and vehicle to load/unload rear compartment. Great for hauling dirty loads you don't want inside. One of the accessories is a fold up receiver bar (2" receiver only) that lets you fold up behind when not in use, I just take mine off, weighs about 40 pounds. Bob
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The hitch baskets have different rating because they are designed to work with either Class II (300 lb tongue weight) or Class III (500 lb tongue weight) hitches. Check the hitch on your truck to determine its weight rating. It's probably a Class III with a 2" receiver so you can get the 500 lb hitch basket.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I'm sure many of you are frustrated by the fact that the 12v sockets in the Pathfinder go dead when you remove the key. I mean, how does Nissan expect you to recharge that dead cell phone battery? Wait in the car?!
    Well, here's a tip on how to get at least ONE of outlets (the one on the back of the center console) to be always hot:
    Under the hood, find the relay box (probably over the driver's side wheel well) that contains the relay marked "Power Socket 1". If you remove the cover to the box, the corresponding relay should be colored BLUE.
    Carefully remove this relay by pulling up on it while depressing its locking clip (on side facing the engine) with a screwdriver.
    Gently use flathead screwdrivers around the relay cover perimeter to pry off the cover.
    Inside the relay, find some non-conductive material to wedge inside to force the relay to be closed at all times. (I used a folded sliver of paper cut off a business card.)
    Reinstall the relay, and a 12v socket is always hot!
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    on 01 or 02 pathfinders do they still use the flat 4 prong elect for trailers or did they go with the new 5 prong round connecters on many new suv's?
  • The trucks only come with the 4 wire connectors. You will have to by a 7 prong connector if you are gonna use electric brakes. If you are only going to use surge brakes, then the 4 prong is fine.

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