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Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Accessories & Modifications



  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I just did a quick measurement of the tip and, sure enough, the OD of the original tip is around 70mm and the OD of the chrome tip is around 88mm. If you're seeing only 60mm, there could be a problem. I didn't take the tip off to measure (didn't have a hex wrench handy), so it was a rough measurement. Can you confirm the OD on your stock tip is only 60mm??
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Thanks - glad I waited, and appreciate you checking yours! Just measured mine again: 60 mm exactly on my metric ruler, from outside of pipe wall on left, through centerpoint, to outside of pipe wall on right. Must be a difference between Canadian vs. US or your '01 vs. my '03. Too bad . . . now I will have to sort through the myriad of aftermarket finishers . . . aargh!
  • 60 mm here too !!!

    I think it is a 01 vs 03 issue. Now we would have to see if Nissan has a chrome tip for 2003 that fits 60 mm pipe.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Wanted to report in that the WeatherTech product (called "Weatherflectors") is truly awesome. The quality of the plastics in the Nissan 3M exterior stick ons was terrible, so I returned after two different sets. Found out that all that plastic comes from the same main company. The exterior 3M stick ons from the other after-market companies (e.g., Auto Ventshade, etc.) appears to be no different and the same product. The plastics were so poorly cut and not finished well - plus I knew being a perfectionist would drive me crazy trying to line them up and stick on evenly over the side windows.

    Thanks to this board, ordered the WeatherTech product on a gambit. Can I say: "oh my god." What a difference, the plastic fit and finish was beautiful. No wonder - made in Germany. They are a light smoked high-end plastic that slide into the window tracks - no 3M tape and perfectly lined. I slid the first one in on driver side and was done in 2 minutes flat. Pinch control no problem; auto windows went right up, no interference. Looks beautiful and integrated into the window versus stuck-on the exterior types.

    Now, I must admit, passenger side was more difficult. In in 2 minutes, but then pinch control would kick-in every time it tried to go up. Fooled around more about an hour taking in and out, pressing it into track, etc. . . . then I read the directions again: "once window is up, let it sit for 24 hours." Ahhh!! So, I let it go overnight and presto: this AM, no pinch control problem. Played with auto window up and works like a charm every time (20-40 tries on way to work!) - no interference. Plastic apparently bends into place and sets; plus brand new '03 vehicle with window seals just breaking in.

    So, I highly recommend this product. Ordered straight from manufacturer at for $54. [Only wanted for front windows where I will use them; didn't like looks of doing rear as well; overkill IMHO.]
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Wanted to pass along a couple other pieces on info on floor mats and hitches:

    On the mats, per my previous posts, the Husky Floor Liners are the best bet on the market and the part numbers I gave (i.e., #3611x front, #6611x second seat) will work in an '03 LE per Husky. Almost all the auto sites sell the front and rear liners for $70 each. Some less, but then they add on more in shipping. Some for $70 but with free shipping. All end up about the same. However, sells them for $52 each with free shipping on orders over $100. I placed my order today as I came up with no better price. Search engines would not find this link - it was a post on the main board from someone who buys all their Nissan accessories from these guys. THX!

    On the tow hitch: narrowed it down to Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch Class III round tube hitches. Very similar: former no step, latter has step. I liked the look of the "in-between" Putnam brand hitch product (round tube with mini-step), but no one on any of the SUV boards had even posted on it. I ruled out the Nissan $300 product (that's the cost without wiring and without ball mount!) after looking at it yesterday in the Nissan Parts dept: the quality of the hard plastic on the Nissan-logo "rubber" (not really rubber, more like hard plastic) mat looked inferior and appeared it would eventually crack from UVs and a lot of use . . . definitely not worth $161 just to get the Nissan logo on a plastic cover for the step. Rumors were anyway that it is made by Hidden Hitch which sells at for $139. The Hidden Hitch product may in fact be the same as the Nissan, as the metal step has two holes where the plastic "stubs" of the Nissan-logo mat insert would appear to go. In any event, I ordered the $139 Hidden Hitch and will install myself. I will get some Craftsman "real rubber" diamond mat, surfboard rubber/foam "trac top," or equivalent and mount to surface of Hidden Hitch metal step (better than grip tape in the snow, etc.). I think I liked the reputation and name of Draw-Tite better, but because it was so similar to Hidden Hitch, and because the damn' spare is so close to the bumper and this thing was going to stick out so far, I figured I might as well make it useful and get one with a step so that I can use it while loading Thule racks, etc. Also, according to the boards, both have had feedback that in some cases they rattle into the muffler, and in other cases they do not. So, no difference there. The part # on the Hidden Hitch is 70609 - that is the # for an '02, but Hidden Hitch says it should work on '03. I'm not doing the wiring until they have had time to identify Part # - some issues there regarding plug-in-play style versus converter, etc. [Even Hoppy Trailer Wiring has not done it yet for the '03.] I'll let you know how install goes - supposed to be less than an hour. And I hope the damn' thing does not bang into the muffler after all this!!!! ;>

    P.S. Simple round chrome finisher search is a nightmare. Nothing easy on the Net at all. Guess I need to just call Pilot Exhaust Tips and ask for a round and rolled chrome finisher for 60 mm pipe. Phil 47, can you tell me the length of your finisher so that I can give them the exact dimensions? THX!
  • Mjohnr99 - Thanks for all the information on the aftermarket parts you have been providing. I for one appreciate it. I'm probably going to pickup the front and rear liners due to your recommendations (I own an 02 LE).

    I need a cargo liner that is more of the, stop dog hair from wrecking the carpet variety rather than one that is fully spill proof and prevents use of the tie downs. In your research have you run across any of this type?
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Since exhaust tip issue appears to be an '01 vs. '03 issue (i.e., your Canadian '03 Pathfinder has a 60 mm tip like mine), any interest in checking it out with this Canadian dealer to see what the "deal" is on getting a rolled tip that will fit our '03s? I gave him the Part # that Phil47 used (which I'm guessing is the '01 Part # for a 70 mm Canadian exhaust pipe finisher) and this is what he sent me:

    99998-259909 Extension tip
    Rolled edge 88 mm
    Canadian part only for Pathfinder
    $75.51 Canadian
    Can ship - We require a Credit Card along with how you would like it
    Also the shipping address.
    If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to call.
    Clarence Airy
    Parts Manager
    (403) 284-4611

    Let me know.

    P.S. Can't wait for my Newsweek International "Interview with a Disappointed Gen-X" to come out . . . looks like that 4th Gen Runner cladding is killing everyone! [And by the way, those new commercials are WEAK compared to the ones that came out for the H2 debut.]
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    - got you completely covered (do you think I would leave anything out! ;>>): see posts 283, 288, 290 etc. sent to my 4Runner defecting pal world_traveler . . . it has my assessment. I think the Black Armor product I describe is the best for non-spill dog hair type mud stuff. Full coverage and was able to easily slide all sorts of hardware and wood in there the other day. The only issue I wondered about was would the pooch be sliding all around in there - so far, our 88 lb. English black lab hasn't had any complaints! :> As far as tie downs, there are flaps for the cargo net which I broke on one side and secured with electrical tape on the other: easy flip up/down now. As for cargo hooks, previous posters have cut flaps when/where needed. [I have not done so yet though.]

    P.S. For any dog owners, I came up with a plastic coated steel wire, spring lock and seat anchor/tether deal, completely secure, that I put together from Home Depot and that is working like a charm. When Diego is in back, I can cruise around with the window popped and no worry about him jumping out when I stop and especially when I open the hatch at the dog runs/hiking grounds we go to and he is rearing to go. Easy to make, the problem was the trial and error of coming up with exactly the right length such that he had window access without getting his paws up on the sill or over the edge of the bumper when hatch is up. [There's a "funny" story about how I got my first scratch on my new '03: his first time in back with the new liner and my temporary leather leash idea resulted in him (after arriving home and being thirsty and familiar with whereabouts) jumping through the popped open hatch window, breaking the leash mid-air with all his weight, hitting his front paws above the license plate garnish as he sprang off . . . there he was, broken leash from collar, tail wagging, nice toenail scratch on paint . . . was at Home Depot the next day!]
  • JcWhitney lists that Black Armor cargo liner for Pathfinders that are 1996-2000 models. Does it still fit the 2001-2003? (I have an 02)

  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Yes, that is the one I ordered and it works fine on my '03 LE. Nothing has changed inside and I think the website has just not been updated. I only shopped a few minutes on price for that one as I needed the liner same day as I picked up the new ride. I think JC price is reasonable, but I just don't want to vouch for it as the lowest like I found on the Husky liners. FYI.

    P.S. They shipped it quick, just 2-3 days I think.
  • Thanks again for all your help, my husky liners f & r are on the way, as is my black armor cargo liner.

    Looks like I wont have to worry about all the rock salt, slush and dirt wrecking the interior of my new LE! For under $200 total I think its more than worth it!
  • jcla7jcla7 Posts: 18
    to world_traveler and mjohnr99, many thanks for the recent post on the "other side." All of the folks on this thread should know that you (both) have been a continuing source of great info and insight. Well done.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    mjohnr99: I just measured the length of the tip and it is 7". I noticed what the difference is between the 01's and the 03's. There is a stainless steel tip welded onto the 60mm pipe which exits the resonator. It increases the diameter from 60mm to 70mm. I suspect it was done for asthetics and has apparently been discontinued.

    You can actually see the welded transition quite clearly on the photo called "tiplow" here:

    Keep clicking on the photo until you get the largest zoom.
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    Is there a consensus on whether or not the wind deflector helps in keeping the rear window clear? Anybody that has added one notice a major difference?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    makes a huge amount of difference, mostly for driving through dust, rain, and snow.

    I don't have one installed, but I once went driving on some very dusty roads with a buddy who has one on his SE. My truck's rear was coated, while his was reasonably clean.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Thanks for the dimensions Phil47. Looks like the exhuast pipe on '03s is in fact now 10 mm smaller. Maybe to address some of the posts about the Draw-Tite/Hidden Hitch bumping against the exhaust?? We will see once I receive hitch.

    FYI, on that Canadian chrome exhaust part - from your Canadian dealer, they say it fit on the 60mm pipe on the '03 they tried. [see email below] However, I'm still looking aftermarket as I'm not sure about simply tightening the screws to compensate for the 25 mm difference between the 85mm tip and the 60 mm pipe. In Phil47's case with his '01, it was only 15 mm difference - which seems reasonable.


    Ext tip will work. It is held onto the tailpipe by three large set screws.
    The diameter of the pipe is 60mm. Inside diameter of extention is 85mm/
    We have fitted to new Pathfinder.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    You could certainly do it, and I've seen it on the new tips. As a matter of fact, the set screws I received with the kit were too long so I replaced them with some shorter ones I bought from a local hardware store. Those original set screws would have been perfect to compensate for the smaller diameter tip.

    HOWEVER, in my case the rolled chrome edge was flush to the OD of the stock tip (looked very OE). In the case of the 60 mm tip, you would have a 5mm gap between the chrome tip and the stock tip. It wouldn't look ugly, just not quite as OE. In fact, You could probably extend the chrome tip slightly (an inch?) which would hide the end of the stock tip pretty well. Just a thought.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142

    I have both the chrome exhaust finisher as well as a Hidden Hitch on my 2001 Canadian Pathfinder. I installed both myself and have had no problems with exhaust system rubbing the hitch. I ordered mine from a dealer here in British Columbia, and got the link from Phil47.

    Thanks again Phil!
  • Just drove 300km on wet roads in my new wind deflector equipped PF.The rear window was much cleaner then it would have been in my old Grand Cherokee without a deflector. It's well worth the money in my opinion.
  • Has anyone installed the plastic hood deflector on a 02-03 Pathfinder ???

    I got my first scratch this weekend just where the deflector would protect.

    But I'm wondering if the plastic deflector produces any side effects like wind noise, weird wind flow patterns, etc. On my 4Runner it would make the hood vibrate near the wippers, it was annoying.

    I'm hesitating between the plastic deflector and the nose mask. (Note: I do not like the 3M clear plastic you can also install on the hood and do not consider it).

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