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2013 Nissan Altima



  • Thanks a bunch for a detailed response. I look forward to buying new altima soon.
  • Thanks a bunch for a detailed response. I look forward to buying new altima soon.

    Amazed to see noone has a definite answer on when it will be rolled out to dealerships
  • victomofnissanvictomofnissan Posts: 7
    edited August 2012
    I got mine three weeks ago (2013 Altima 2.5SL). I love the car except the mpg I am getting. I have been getting 15 average mpg. I drove 50% in the city and 50% on the highway (filled up the gas tank twice so far). Contacted the dealer and am told it needs time to "break in". That's what my shoe sales person told me when I purchased my new pair of shoes. But when you buy a $30,000.00 car, it should drive as the ad said ( or close). Besides this major issue, I simply love this car.

    BTW, how many miles have you driven yours so far?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I'm going to tell you, it might improve in time but if your doing half your driving in the city I don't know how good the gas mileage is every going to get. I've found with my Maxima, that the CVT and driving in the city do not go well together and the mpg goes down considerably. Luckily, 80% of my driving is highway and the other 20% is rural city so my mpg is pretty good. But the couple of times I've driven my car in Philly or New York, the mpg shoot way down into the teens.
  • I hope so. Can't wait for the day when it starts delivering atleast 20mpg. will post the update.....
  • soham3soham3 Posts: 1

    I just bought the 2013 Altima 2.5SL but without the navigation for out of door price of $28,088 with floor mat and Splash guard in Atlanta. I went to almost 7-8 dealership around the area and spent almost 3-4 hrs at each dealership negotiating on the price. Nobody was offering me price below $28,500(out of door)

    Then I went to a relatively small dealership and first thing they asked me is where I work and when I gave them my employer name they said I qualify for VPP program and this is what they offered me:

    26,200--selling price (250 below invoice price)
    No doc fees
    total out of the door I paid 28,088

    which I think is quite a good price. Plus the salesperson was very friendly to me and they did not engaged in any pressure tactics whatsoever.
  • perunestperunest Posts: 42
    I don't understand why people post OTD prices. Since sales taxes vary from state to state it makes comparisons difficult. The same can be said for tags and title, although these are smaller charges. It would be better to give only the list price, including destination charges and options, along with the equivalent negotiated price. Tags and title should be listed separately to show the dealer is not inflating these charges to make up for a low negotiated price for the car.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Drove a '13 Altima tonight with cloth seats (my typical preference) and was impressed with the "zero gravity" seats from a comfort perspective Only back was soaked with sweat after a 20 minute test drive. I have cloth in my Pathfinder and never have an issue with "hot" seats (one reason I dislike leather) but I noticed the Altima seats really hug you closely. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this and/or maybe it was just a fluke? This model had the black seats and was sitting in the sun all day....I will be buying the tan interior regardless. Otherwise a nice driving car. Skeptical of a first year model....I drive 25k a year and really don't need teething issues...
  • haulthault Posts: 124
    I bought 2013 2.5 SV. So far I love this car. Hope the MPG's are good.
  • Just bought 2013 altima sedan 2.5s i really like it only have it 2weeks.Can someone tell me how accurate those gauges are as far as average mpg is.I am right now driving locally and i only had it couple but avg mileage it shows is not close to what epa rating.the best i seen by the gauges is around 20.5 but its around 19 now.are these gauges accurate or is it to early to get a good read on mileage.
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 51
    edited September 2012
    Not enough people own it to write reviews on the MPG. Reading all the magazine writers on Bing & Google It seems that they are recording close to EPA numbers. I suggest the next time U fill up make a note of the mileage(#A). When U fill up again make a note of the mileage( #B) Then Subtract #B from #A . U wil also make a note of how many gallons of gas u filled your tank on your 2nd fill up. DivideThe difference between #A and #B by the number of gallons on your 2nd fill up and that will be your real world mileage. I did that for one year on my 02 Altima on an Excel worksheet and that was my personal MPG. Some weeks were great, others were really bad. BTW how does the car drive? Do U hear a lot of enine noise on the highway?
  • 2013 Altima 2.5s, I bought new, drive 800 miles so far. I feel drifting & wandering, move side to side. It happens when drive high speed 60-75 miles on highway.

    I search Edmund review found several owners have the same problem like me.

    One owner post said "it cause by steel rim out of round".

    My questing is if cause by out of round rim, then I cange to alloy wheel will solve the problem?

    or this drifting problem is cause by other parts not the out of round rim?
  • I test drove multiple 2013 Altima 2.5SV's with alloy wheels and they all required constant steering corrections on the highway, so I don't think changing to alloy wheels will solve your problem. Good luck on finding a solution.
  • Thank you for your respond. If not cause by the rim then should be other parts.
    The drifting problem is only complain about this car so far.
    The mileage is good. 32.6mpg combine 40/60city & highway for my first 1000 miles.
  • The constant correcting is a gift of the new electric steering.
  • I have been driving my newAltima 2.5 SL since August 1st. I am getting 18 mpg. I have contacted nissan consumer service and they will send a specilist to look at this low mpg issue. I don't know how the system calculates the Average MPG but I have calculated manually 4-5 times and I am getting 17-18 average. I am little disappointed with this low MPG. I had purchased this car solely based on its good MPG ads. Lets see what happens.
  • aatishaatish Posts: 2
    Anything they were able to do? i m getting 21 on new SV 2013 that i got last week! dont know what to do!
  • this is my second tank and I'm getting 28 mpg. this is exactly what my trip display shows and this time I am also calculating manually and so far my calculation is bang on with what is displayed in car. I've 13 altima 2.5 SL with tech package and more than 90% of my driving has been in city, will be checking out the car soon on my first highway trip
  • aatishaatish Posts: 2
    What should i do, abt to finish my first tank, average still 22
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